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Rune Page Sale Banner

Enjoy a 2-for-1 deal for two weeks during the Rune Page Sale!


Here at Riot Games we know the value of a good book – especially if that book happens to be loaded with powerful arcane runes. So to help you get the most out of your seals, marks, glyphs and quintessences, we’re holding a sale on Rune Pages.

Between May 23rdand June 6th at 11:59 PM PST you’ll receive two rune pages for the price of one on purchases made with either RP or IP.

You’ll find the 2 for 1 Rune Pages item in the Bundles tab of the League of Legends store, so don’t miss this chance to bolster your book while they’re on sale.

Please note: this is a pre-announced promotion, meaning that we won’t be offering partial refunds on rune pages bought between now and the sale. Please mark your calendars!



Lyte Chat Restrictions Banner


 Following the recent wave of chat restrictions, Lyte steps on the forums to explain this new automated system, its accuracy and benefits over banning players.



Q: Can you allow safe chatting for muted players, like “Let’s go fight the Dragon/Baron!”, so they aren’t completely incapable of communicating with teammates?


Lyte Button Rioter Lyte: This is certainly a possibility, and something we’ve discussed; however, we have a lot of initial experiments in mind that we want to test out first and see what works best. If we end up needing a way for negative players to communicate with their team that isn’t sufficient with the current chat restriction design, we can figure out a better solution.

I think many players forget that this isn’t a full mute. A lot of studies went into restricted chat design to determine what is the right amount of chat ‘resources’ to give a player, and if players used their chat resources only for team play, they actually can manage pretty well. The current design forces negative players to consider whether they value teamplay (and winning!) more than being verbally abusive.. and we find that most players opt to use their chat resources for positive communication and end up winning more games than they did before.



Q: Isn’t chat restricting an inaccurate punishment system?


Lyte Button Rioter Lyte: Happy to discuss the accuracy because after reviewing a large sampling of the initial chat restrictions, the accuracy is greater than 99.9%–meaning, we didn’t need to overturn or remove any chat restrictions.




Q: Are “wtf are you doing” and “noob” really grounds for punishing a player?


Lyte Button Rioter Lyte: There were other examples that I just didn’t feel like displaying. Calling someone noob or spamming report or throwing “wtf u doing” everywhere might not deserve a ban, but that’s why the player received a few games of restricted chat and can still enjoy the game. If a person was throwing death threats out, the penalty would be different.




Q: Are we able to see if we’re on restricted chat?


Lyte Button Rioter Lyte: Yes, you’ll get an in-game notification and see a progress update after each game.





Q: Is there a way to see where I stand as a player on the bar of toxicity?


Lyte Button Rioter Lyte: No, unfortunately progress like this makes it very easy for players to “skirt the line,” and be negative until the point they are close to the line then drop their act until they are further from the line.





Q: Do you monitor Champ Select chat?


Lyte Button Rioter Lyte: Yes, Champion Select chat is monitored and there’s definitely a correlation between level of communication in Champ Select and in-game performance of a team.





Q: How did you reach a 99.99% number in terms of restriction accuracy?


Lyte Button Rioter Lyte: Happy to go into detail about the numerous sampling methods that are used to determine the accuracy of a system. We often use methods that are far more stringent than scientists use in academia because every action we take impacts a player’s experience.

For the early experiments (even way back when Tribunal first started), we reviewed and used multi-party reviews for 100% of cases. We even had numerous test-runs where multiple people had to review cases independently, then debate the cases where there were disagreements.

Why assume that we ‘only reviewed a few cases?’



Q: Is it true the system is almost 100% accurate?


Lyte Button Rioter Lyte: There’s a lot of reasons why something might be close to 100% accurate. I didn’t say 100% because it’s impossible for a system to have no errors unless we hand-checked every single case.

However, let’s say that the system only hands out penalties to 100 people at a time, and 99 of those cases are reviewed by at least 1 Player Support staff each time. In that case, if there are no false positives, we can say that the system was almost 100% accurate… or 99.9% accurate.

Or, let’s say that we’re using a language analysis model that is highly sophisticated and analyzes millions of chat logs and determines the worst 1% of players that exhibited the most verbal abuse. If we then handed out chat game restrictions to the worst half (so the worst 0.5%) of the players, we can safely say that we probably did not have many false positives. 

There’s many, many ways you can have a system that’s close to 100% accuracy. It all depends on the methodology and the context.



Q: Are Rioters also liable to banning if their in-game behavior is inappropriate?


Lyte Button Rioter Lyte: Rioters are judged at an even higher standard, so if you see negative behavior in-game please report it. There’s been a few times we’ve had to penalize a Rioter but thankfully it’s been extremely rare.




Q: If you are so confident in the accuracy of chat bans, shouldn’t you then be banning players?


Lyte Button Rioter Lyte: I think you’re suggesting that if we were confident with our systems, we’d just ban players instead?

We actually use restricted chat bans because they are more effective than game bans. We find that game bans nudge a lot of players to create smurf accounts and simply shift their negative behaviors to low levels and overall, that’s a worst experience for the community.

During restricted chat design testing, we tested several variants to ensure that the typical player had enough chat resources to communicate effectively with their team. The current setup (with smart pings) is decent for team communication for most players, although we acknowledge that junglers have a bit more difficulty in the current setup. 

What’s interesting to note is that many restricted chat players are actually winning more games than they were before being in restricted chat; so, I’m not as convinced as you are that the mode is hurting the rest of the team as much as you might believe.



Q: Is this automated system the “new Tribunal”?


Lyte Button Rioter Lyte: New Tribunal is a ways out, we’re working on some experiments (like the ones mentioned here) in the mean time to test several ideas that may end up being incorporated into the new system.




Q: What exact penalties would a Rioter incur? 


Lyte Button Rioter Lyte: The penalties are more severe and there have been real-world consequences, but this isn’t the place to discuss these issues.





Q: When I was using the Tribunal before it was taken down, I was getting fewer and fewer cases where I could justify pardoning the accused. Was this the result of continued refinement of the algorithms that are now taking its place?


Lyte Button Rioter Lyte: Yes, and this is part of a design issue we’d like to address. If we kept improving the algorithms and who we funnel into the system, it became harder and harder for players to be diligent and review every choice meaningfully because they knew intuitively that most cases should be punished.

In the future, because you can review positive, neutral and negative behaviors, it’ll always force players to review carefully because who knows, they could be rewarding someone and making someone’s day.



Q: How would the new Tribunal be communicated with players?


Lyte Button Rioter Lyte: It’s a little too early to tell what we should do, but as you know, we love to have these discussions directly with the community so they can give feedback, have discussions of their own, and share the information with others.

So, I don’t know exactly what kind of Q&As or discussions we’ll have, but we’ll do our best to have some when the time comes 



Q: Have we come to a point where any offensive language is punished?


Lyte Button Rioter Lyte: It’s a great question, and one that I think needs more context. As others have mentioned, there’s a difference between “wtf” once in a game, and:

“wtf what are you doing”
“wtf this yasuo noob”
“report him pls”
“****, do you even know how to play”
“what the fuk, uninstall”

Secondly, those examples were just a very small (1%) of the things that were flagged. As much as possible and especially in recent months, we’ve tried not to copy-paste a player’s chat logs or their worst offenses because it creates a witch-hunt mentality. So, when I responded to the player with some general trends, they were an average chat log–players don’t need to see copy-pastes of the player’s entire list of offenses.

To the original point, what do we expect out of players? Well, 95% of players were not affected by Tribunal bans, and about 95% were not affected by chat restriction experiments so far–clearly, most players are perfectly fine in matches and have no problem staying within bounds.

We’re not out to get offensive language, and we don’t expect players to tip-toe around or offensive language. Many players say “****, missed that skill shot!” or “****, close fight, we almost had that!” and no one gets punished for such language. 

Everyone that got hit by restricted chat bans recently clearly crossed the line. Whether it was the repeated nature of the language or the severity of the language, something triggered the system way beyond the norm of what your typical “teen” game should have.



Q: How are these chat restrictions handed out?


Lyte Button Rioter Lyte: We’ll look into revealing some context and information around some of the experiments in the future. We’re trying a lot of different things while Tribunal is being upgraded, and “automated” was probably the wrong word to use.

By “automated,” we simply meant that it is possible for a penalty to be handed out more quickly after a negative action. Sometimes in the Tribunal a negative action would happen and it’d be a month before the player received a notification or feedback about it. 

To give you brief glimpse into what one experiment is testing, first, we have to understand that the Reporting system is different than the Tribunal system. The Reporting system’s sole job is to calculate a player’s report accuracy, and a lot of fancy math has gone into the system to make sure that a report is only taken into account when it is accurate. So, if a player is a consistently negative player themselves, their reports might be worth less because the system may consider them a bad judge of others’ behaviors. If a player troll reports and gets their 3 friends to troll report, the system will completely toss the reports out. All of the experiments that use reports benefit from the above system to make sure that players aren’t able to just abuse someone with random reports. 

Secondly, we have a system that’s been analyzing millions of chat logs, and become quite good at detecting whether a conversation in a game is negative or positive. I presented some of this work at the previous Game Developer’s Conference. It’s an interesting system because the more chat logs you feed the system, the more accurate it becomes at determining whether a player communicates more positively or negatively than the average player in League of Legends. 

As you can imagine, by combining reports, Player Support reviews, the chat log analysis and in-game metrics in different forms, we can do some pretty interesting (and accurate) experiments. In addition, when it comes to the player experience, we’re always quite conservative with penalties. Let’s say (for today’s example) that a player can have a score between 1 and 100, where 100 is super awesome and 1 is super not awesome. Even though we might all agree that players 25 and below deserve a penalty, we’ve set all our experiments to be very conservative initially and penalize players 5 and below (as an example) so that we can slowly gauge the accuracy of the systems before we expand the thresholds.

Anyways, happy to figure out with the team which experiments would be cool to talk to players about in the future but for now, we’re hoping that players are seeing an improved in-game experience.



Q: Is what you’re hinting at here an AI System?


Lyte Button Rioter Lyte: Machine learning, predictive modeling, sentiment analysis, etc.

That’s the most I can reveal without being kidnapped by our researchers.




Q: Will you publish these findings about controlling player behavior?


Lyte Button Rioter Lyte: This is something we’re debating a lot internally. We’d love to give back to the academic community and have done some collaborations, but we have to balance spending time contributing back to academics and making sure we’re always focused on making cool stuff for players.




Morello Upcoming Soraka Rework Banner


Soraka is slated for a complete rework this year, following her rising issues with solo-lane dominance and support role irrelevance. 



Q: What do you hope to solve with Soraka’s rework?


morellovatar  Button Rioter Morello: Valid feedback – I think the rework needs to solve “how does Soraka become healthy”, which is prioritized for this year unless all Hell breaks loose. These nerfs should be targeted at unfightable mid-lane, and hitting the things that make her particularly oppressive there.

One approach on these “busted” characters is the Kass/Grags approach we like. Nerf in the short term while we get the rework out as soon as it makes sense. Since we’re actively working on a shipping plan for Soraka, this would be part of that.





morellovatar  Button Rioter Morello: I’m excited to get this done. I feel this is getting to Evelynn levels of “oops”. I’ll be relieved to get this done, and intellectually I’m excited to look at the healing paradigm under a fresh lens.




Q: Why wasn’t Soraka left unchanged until her rework, like Kassadin?


morellovatar  Button Rioter Morello: Because this was something we really realized when working on Kassadin of how problematic it tends to be. There’s more here, LeBlanc, Talon, etc, but we’re trying to address them AS they become problems so we don’t have these “wait, wtf, why are you nerfing Talon?” issues.

Since we learn as we work on stuff, we tend to evolve our understanding of root causes on these issues over time – especially as player skill improves, and exposes things that were more manageable before.

As for the damage changes, I’ll have to ask Statikk – I only was really involved in the conversation around E. That might be to lower burst and increase total damage, but I do get that it risks TankRaka being insane.



Q: So, everything about Soraka should be changed?


morellovatar  Button Rioter Morello: In this, we agree 🙂





Q: Could you at least preserve her healer archetype?


morellovatar  Button Rioter Morello: We’d like to try to make healing work – this is extraordinarily difficult to make rich or interesting to anyone but Soraka. My stance on this is still really unhopeful, but we’re exploring that first.

I know of non-caster models in which healing can work, but feel that violates Soraka too.



Q: Did you intend to slowly make Soraka irrelevant in the meta?


morellovatar  Button Rioter Morello: It’s kind of hilarious to see what the “intent” argument is. There is a thing to call us out on here, and it’s that we’ve been chicken-shits (me included) about doing this rework because we know it’s not going to be “here’s a Soraka buff!” We’ve remedied that 🙂



Suggestion: Make Soraka use her own health to heal allies


morellovatar  Button Rioter Morello: “Infuse healer” is one of my favorite models (in GW1, this was the most interesting healer strategically). It creates windows and big moments while still feeling very “healer.”




Single Posts banner



Q: Is Urgot still on the line for a rework?


RiotScruffy  Button Rioter RiotScruffy: Just because Urgot isn’t currently in progress doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about him. It’s really the hardest thing having so many champs that need love, but we would rather do them one at a time and focus on quality rather than rush them all out too fast.

We will definitely get to him in time, keep reminding us.



Q: Are 3rd Party Skin website illegal?


Button Rioter SquidmoX: Hi everyone – just wanted to chime in here.

I work in Player Support and we see these skin sites all the time. I urge everyone here to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL before interacting with any of these sites.

Very often they are scammer sites and have acquired their skin codes through illegitimate means. We see cases all the time where players give sites like this their money and then never see the skin, or worse, provide their account to the scammers and lose it forever.

Use common sense, and think twice before giving your personal information to someone you don’t know. 😀



Q: Do you plan on bringing limited skins back on sale?


Button Rioter SquidmoX: With regards to bringing the old skins out of the vault, this happens periodically. For example, with the recent launch of the SKT skins, we brought back the TPA skins from Season 2. Ditto for Harrowing, we brought out the older skins to join Haunted Zyra.

We want these skins to feel exclusive and limited, that’s why they may only be available for a limited time. They celebrate a specific point and time in League’s history. Snowstorm Sivir or Lunar Goddess Diana wouldn’t feel as special if you could purchase them year round. Sure we may make more money by making them more available, but we aren’t about what makes the most money. We’re about what creates the best experience for the players.



Q: Will you make the VO for when Karthus ults globally heard?


Button Rioter C3Sound: Global dialog is something we don’t do very often, outside of say, Nocturn’s Ult. If he had a one word Iconic line like DARKNESS, then it may be different. However, he has many lines for the ult, and most are much longer than just 1 word. One thing to consider is that by allowing global VO, it would be subjecting other players to hear someone else’s full length VO lines whether they wanted to hear them or not. We definitely hear the feedback, and will give it a round of deliberation! Thanks for the feedback everyone!



May 23 TLDR Banner


1. Lyte has elaborated on the current system to restrict chat over banning players for toxic behavior.

  • The system is close to 100% accurate, meaning almost every case is reviewed and approved by Player Support for punishment.
  • Offensive language in general isn’t restricted and isn’t a cause for banning. Directed hate-speech, however, is.
  • Tribunal 2.0 will be communicated with players, regarding its features & improvements over the existing Tribunal.

2. Morello has shared his plans for a Soraka rework this year.

  • Soraka is too problematic, currently, and the nerf on her E in Patch 4.8 is a band-aid until her Rework comes.
  • The team would like to preserve her healer archetype, but it’s a difficult mechanic to implement in League.
  • Everything about Soraka will likely be changed.

3. 3rd Party Sites that sell Skins are illegal and will most likely scam a potential user.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo.



Red Post Collection May 22 Banner



Recent News


Karthus-VU-Banner RiotRepertoir-Upcoming-Nidalee-Rework-Banner RiotSeb-Upcoming-Champion-Updates-Banner2



Riotrepertoir Continued Nidalee Rework QA Banner

This is a continued discussion on yesterday’s announced Nidalee’s rework.

Nidalee Q&A Summary

Post Rework Overall Gameplay

Q: Isn’t this rework forcing a new playstyle on Nidalee players?

RiotRepertoirButton Rioter RiotRepertoir: While this does represent some playstyle changes to Nidalee, there’s nothing that ultimately forces players into using the new tools. AP Nidalee players will still be able to sit back and throw spears on cooldown from a largely safe range, it just won’t be as effective anymore. The combination of incredible damage and incredible safety is what makes them unacceptable, regardless of the cost. When it came to how to deal with Javelin Toss, I didn’t want to just nerf the ability to the point that Nidalee was just dead, which was very much an option. Instead, with the changes I also wanted to give Nidalee players full access to their kits so it wasn’t just a case of gutting Javelin Toss and moving on. Javelin Toss is an iconic ability that I think is pretty cool; it’s just that its reward for the amount of risk she incurs is way out of line. With these changes, to receive the maximum reward per Javelin Toss, she has to make a decision about whether to incur some risk.

Thank you for your feedback. I sincerely hope you like the finished product.

Q: Will Nidalee’s rework improve on her late-game?

RiotRepertoirButton Rioter RiotRepertoir: My goal is that with good decision making and using her spears and traps well to generate enough opportunities, she doesn’t just have to be a late game martyr. Of course, there will be games where she’s ahead and this is easier, and games where she’s behind and it becomes a harder choice, but the choice will be there nonetheless.

To elaborate, if she is able to generate enough opportunities to go in, she doesn’t have to choose the first one.


Q: Why did she need such dramatic changes?

RiotRepertoirButton Rioter RiotRepertoir: I fully understand that you and lots of other Nidalee players are really nervous right now, scared of having your favorite champion gutted. It may just be one of those things where you have to take my word for (which I know isn’t the best situation to be in) and hope for the best, but it is very important to me that she is not gutted. If you were playing Nidalee solely for 1500 damage spears, these changes will disappoint you. If you were playing her for other reasons, I think you will have more fun playing her.

Q: How will her laning change post-rework?

RiotRepertoirButton Rioter RiotRepertoir: She’ll definitely be safer in lane following the changes, but she’ll also likely participate in more aggressive, risky behaviors because she has more kill potential. It should be interesting to see how it plays out!

Q: Will Support Nidalee be weaker after this rework?

RiotRepertoirButton Rioter RiotRepertoir: It’s likely that support Nidalee is worse off following these changes, unless her all-in potential 1-5 can make up for some of her losses.

Q: Why are these changes necessary when recent releases like Yasuo & Braum counter Nidalee ?

RiotRepertoirButton Rioter RiotRepertoir: Yasuo and Braum are indeed strong against Nidalee, but I’d be hesitant to say we’re nerfing her into uselessness without seeing full numbers changes or playing her for yourself (which I know isn’t possible yet). I’ll agree hard engage comps are pretty strong against Nidalee, but that requires having champions capable of that and also not being behind, since you’ll probably just go in and get melted. We’re not looking to nerf spears into a 200 damage nuke here, just reduce the number of occasions where a single Javelin Toss hit removes someone from a fight before it starts.

Q: Will you update her Auto-Attack animation?

RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: We’ve made some small adjustments to the visual alignment of her basic attack in human form so that the timing feels a bit better.

Q: How will Nidalee’s new kit fit in teamfights?

RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: In a strictly teamfight scenario, she will still be a strong poker (just fewer instances of hitting 1 Javelin Toss and winning a fight), but she will also have opportunities where she can choose to engage.

The basic gist of things is that she sets up fights in human while waiting for moments to go in, and when she makes that choice, she goes into Cougar do execute good damage. As a fight progresses, she makes use of her low form swap cooldown to do whatever the situation calls for: hunt a new target, pop a heal on herself or an ally, trap somewhere for vision, or stay in cougar for damage.

I know that’s really general, but I think people will be able to pick it up really naturally once they get their hands on it.

Q: With Bushwhack no longer doing AoE damage, how will Nidalee be able to push pre-6?

RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: Keep in mind you will have Cougar form at level 1 to help with wave clearing, albeit less safely than a trap would have been.



New Mechanic Hunt

Q: Can the bonus movement speed from Hunt be stacked?

RiotRepertoirButton Rioter RiotRepertoir: I want to make the value on the Movement Speed high enough that it feels good without having to worry about stacking, so the two sources of Movement Speed toward champions on the passive (brush toward visible enemy and toward a marked target) will likely not stack.

Q: How do these “Hunt” stacks work?

RiotRepertoirButton Rioter RiotRepertoir: If I hit an enemy with a Javelin Toss, I have triggered Hunt on them. I approach them with my increased Movement Speed, and when I get in range, I used my enhanced Pounce to get on the Hunted target. I then enhanced Swipe to get my Pounce cooldown reset, and Takedown to deal the enhanced damage. At this point, I have used all three of my enhanced abilities, and if I want my next cougar ability against the same target to be enhanced, I have to hit another Javelin Toss or Bushwhack trap on them to trigger a new Hunt. Once I do that, my Takedown, Pounce, and Swipe are all enhanced against that target again.

Suggestion: Increase Hunt duration and return the 20 MS back to Cougar Form

RiotRepertoirButton Rioter RiotRepertoir: Yeah, feedback is pretty consistent that the Hunt duration should be longer. It’s possible it should, but I think people are also imagining much larger cooldowns on her kit than they’re actually going to get. To this, I’d say check her out on PBE when the numbers are much closer to final!

Overall, I wouldn’t worry about her ability to get to targets. My intention is that if she’s playing well, she’ll get to who she needs to get to. If she’s running away, she will indeed get caught more often. That being said, she still has Pounce and a decent brush passive (even if they’re nerfed a bit in this case), so she’ll still be strong in a fleeing scenario most likely.

Thanks for the feedback!


Q: How long does the Hunt last?

RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: We’re pretty settled on 3 seconds here.




Q: Why is the vision granted on a Hunted target given to Cougar Form when uses from it would mainly be in Human Form ?

RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: The vision given to Cougar form allows Nidalee to chase through brush or around corners, as well as access her longer ranged Pounce while Hunting.


Human Form Abilities

Update on Bushwhack [ W ]

RiotRepertoirButton Rioter RiotRepertoir: For Bushwhack, there is some stuff in testing that I didn’t mention about Bushwhack in the original post for fear of creating too huge a wall of text (too late for that now!), but I’ve now added them in. The first is that the ground duration of Nidalee traps has been cut to about half with the changes in cooldown, and they currently deal a percentage of the victim’s current Health per tick so that she can fight tankier guys a bit better, without them just losing all their resists. Additionally, the vision duration has also been cut to just the Hunt duration. These changes are to address the frustration behind potential trap minefields and what not.

Q: What does “adjusted” mean for Primal Surge [ E ] ?

RiotRepertoirButton Rioter RiotRepertoir: As for Primal Surge, I used the word adjusted because I don’t want to straight up nerf it in all cases, and I actually feel pretty similarly to you about bases and ratios. We’re currently testing a base heal that is slightly increased at max ranks, and an AP ratio that is reduced.

Q: How much worse will Javelin Toss [ Q ] be post-rework?

RiotRepertoirButton Rioter RiotRepertoir: I imagine that an AP Nidalee’s spear will now do about 70% of what they do on the Live environment. Even if the old spear would have done ~1500 damage, this will still do ~1050, which isn’t exactly bad damage.



Q: Will Javelin Toss still be a powerful spell?

RiotRepertoirButton Rioter RiotRepertoir: We’re constantly tuning things on this version of her, but I know I’ve received internal feedback on several occasions that the new Javelin Tosses are even scarier than on Live because of the potential for follow up on her end. That power is spread over a few seconds instead of a single instant, but the good thing about that feedback is that I know we can keep Javelin Toss scary without it dealing absolutely absurd damage or crowd control.

Q: Will spamming Javelins to poke still be a viable strategy?

RiotRepertoirButton Rioter RiotRepertoir: Nidalee’s sustained, single target poke should still be an important part of her strategic niche following the changes.

Q: Does CDR lower the Cooldown of Javelin Toss? What’ll the default CD be?

RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: CDR still lowers the cooldown on Javelin Toss. As for the cooldown, we’re still settling on numbers, but we’ve tried numbers as low as 5 seconds for the base cooldown on Javelin Toss with 4 ranks in Aspect of the Cougar.

Q: Assuming we adopt the “Hunt” system, do you think making Javelin Toss do more damage on Hunted targets could be a possibility ?

RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: We explored this and didn’t find it very satisfying. Basically, requiring a champion to be debuffed in order to deal meaningful damage to them with a skillshot just doesn’t feel all that good.

Q: Has the idea of a % Missing Health ratio on her Javelin Toss been explored ?

RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: We’ve tried a variety of damage paradigms on Javelin Toss, and it seems that there’s just an acceptable threshhold of damage an ability like this can deal, regardless of how conditional it is.

Q: Does Javelin Toss keep its increasing damage/distance tossed ?

RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: It’s a core element of Nidalee that is actually reasonable and meaningful to play when tuned properly.

Cougar Form Abilities

Q: Can Nidalee stay in just Cougar form and remain strong on the field?

RiotRepertoirButton Rioter RiotRepertoir: Switching forms regularly will likely be an important part of succeeding as Nidalee.

Q: Won’t having Cougar form at level 1 make Nidalee overwhelming in the early game?

RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: I do hope you enjoy the passive and having R at level one, but don’t expect her to be insane right away, since the soonest you’ll have access to all her cougar abilities is level three. Additionally, their damage will still scale with rank in R, so she will see power spikes at 6, 11, and 16 still.

Q: Are the QoL improvements to Pounce and Swipe a positive change?

RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: Even the best Nidalee players mess up their Pounces and Swipes due to pathing issues or character facing miscalculations. In my opinion, knowing which walls can be jumped at which points should feel like sufficient mastery in getting the intended result on Nidalee (jumping where you intend to go) rather than the weird facing changes she has to make on Live currently.

Keep in mind that a champion’s W/L isn’t the only reason to make changes to them. The primary motivator in changing Nidalee actually isn’t driven all too much by her win rates.

Thanks again for your thoughts!


Q: Why do Cougar abilities scale with Nidalee’s ultimate level, not her Human form ability levels?

RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: There’s a couple reasons actually. For one, it would feel pretty bad to have your Swipe be weak just because you leveled Primal Surge, or your Takedown be weak because you leveled Javelin Toss. Also, levels 6, 11, and 16 have always represented significant power spikes to Nidalee, and this is a good way to keep that intact.

And you’re right that it’s also just harder to balance a Javelin Toss and Takedown to be appropriately powerful both at level 9 and level 18. Heck, Javelin Toss alone makes this hard enough on Live Nidalee already.

Good question!

Q: How much are you increasing the cooldown on Pounce [ Cougar W ] ?

RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: Don’t expect Pounce to have an 8 second cooldown. I think we’re more in the 4.5-6 second realm; we’ve tested for quite some time with these numbers, and it’s actually pretty impressive how big a change 1 or 2 seconds can make to the overall safety that spell provides Nidalee.


Q: Why is Nidalee losing her 20 MS buff from Cougar Form?

RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: The Nidalee we know on Live is really really good at running away from people. We want to cut back on this a bit, but with the changes in the kit, she should have more than enough movement speed to function well in combat.

Q: What’s the base cooldown of Nidalee’s ultimate?

RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: At level 1, it will probably start higher than the 4 second Live cooldown by a bit, but by rank 4 in her ultimate, I’d expect it to fall between 1 and 2 seconds.

Q: Is the Takedown damage increase against Hunted targets a flat value or %?

RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: This is a percentage value so that Takedown is still about getting big numbers on low Health targets.

Q: What’s the base cooldown on Pounce?

RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: We’re not settled on an absolute final number, but we’ve been testing at 5 seconds (up from 3) and are pretty happy with it.

Q: Does consuming the Hunted debuff completely reset the CD on Pounce?

RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: A bit different from both. Say X is 1.5 seconds. If the remaining cooldown on Pounce is greater than 1.5 seconds when Nidalee Swipes a Hunted target or kills a unit, then Pounce’s will be reduced to 1.5 seconds.



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Why was Soraka’s E nerfed in Patch 4.8?

morello  Button Rioter Morello: The real pattern is “targeted silences that you can spam with no interaction are probably bad skills.” You see a big pattern on us removing unavoidable poke or limiting it through more aggressive mana costs.

Soraka mid or top or whatever is not a concern. Soraka getting free damage and poke that removes any ability to trade or react is the problem. In any lane.

Value of Reworks

morello  Button Rioter Morello: We’ve focused some of our reworks (Grags/Kass) on getting problematic champions fixed so that we can have them healthy, but still see play, but the other side of this coin is the weak/unusable champions who are either binary in power (overbearing when strong and worthless when not OP) or have major things holding them back from competing in today’s landscape.

Balancing these two approaches is one of the bigger focuses for the reworks team from a gameplay front. Some (Sion/Poppy) are basically “brand new champion” amount of work – but with the added difficulty of current expectations and how we can either meet or evolve those. Some need big changes to provide anything meaningful to the game that you can leverage (Shaco, and a bit of what Heimer was). This is a monumental effort that has the same level of focus and resources as new champions do.

My opinion is that reworks are one of the most important and engaging pieces of content we can do if done well, and one of the biggest ways we need to re-earn people’s trust. The reason we’re still working on Skarner follow-up is due to this fact.

Improvements to Help Center

Button Rioter SquidmoX: Hey guys – I’ll be the first to admit that the in-client Help Center is in need of some love. As you’ve noticed some of the info is outdated or incorrect.

Ultimately we’d like this button to be something that’s helpful and useful to new and veteran players alike. I can’t comment on the future of this button, but I will say that we haven’t forgot about it. A lot of us here are passionate about making help accessible and easy for the players.


May 22 News Summary

1. Nidalee‘s Rework Q&A with RiotRepertoir from yesterday continues.

  • Nidalee’s Javelin Toss [ Q ] will be around 70% effective after the rework compared to her live state.
  • The core idea of the rework is to give Nidalee a choice between staying far out and dealing sustained damage, or get it in close for bursts and to chase down targets via the new Hunt mechanic.
  • Nidalee’s cooldowns will remain largely the same, but will be balanced according to levels in her ultimate. Accordingly, her power spikes will be at levels 6, 11, 16.
  • Gutting Javelin Toss was an option to fix Nidalee, but the team preferred to change her playstyle to where it was still a strong part of her kit without being entirely overwhelming.

2. Soraka‘s free damage from E was considered a toxic element during laning. The nerf in Patch 4.8 addressed the issue of manaless, targeted poke in general, not just solo-lane Soraka’s dominance.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo.