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Riot have posted a retrospect on Teemo, from his inception and champion design, all the way to his final looks as depicted in the Divine Comedy.

The Birth of Evil: Teemo


You love him, or you hate him–but if you love him, you’re crazy. Teemo is the worst.

We talked to Jeff Jew (Producer), Colt Hallam (Senior Game Designer), and Brandon Beck (CEO) to delve into what went into creating League’s greatest monster — and more importantly, why someone would decide to inflict him upon the world.

Teemos Nightmarish Origins

What kind of sadist thought Teemo was a good idea?

BRANDON BECK: Teemo comes from an earlier time, really. It was the wild west back then — we were all over the place with ideation; the League Universe was just starting to come together. Yordles emerged as a result of Teemo and became a bucket for champs not originally conceived as such, like Amumu. You could say Teemo made that all possible.

JEFF JEW: We knew we wanted a diverse cast of characters, with everything from terrifying evil badasses to cute little guys you could root for. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of moogles, ewoks, and things like that, so I was really interested in developing some small but mighty champions that could embody the inspirational / underdog end of the champion spectrum. After Teemo and Amumu, we began designing more tiny, intrepid characters like Corki and Tristana, and they all ended up coalescing as this group that brought a really fun, plucky personality to the champion roster.


But hes so cute

Why is Teemo so (frustratingly) adorable?

JEFF JEW: I love Teemo’s look, I really do. It’s a pretty timeless take on League’s style, with a great niche on the more light-hearted end of the spectrum. There’s a reason he’s a lot of players’ first favorite. The funny thing is that his look contrasts so much with his gameplay identity — you see this cute little guy and don’t realize he’s a huge asshole until you see him work his magic in game.

COLT HALLAM: Based on his look we pretty quickly pegged him for a cute scout identity in-game. I actually have a real-life Eagle Scout and Scoutmaster buddy, so I drew a lot of inspiration from him.

JEFF JEW: We’d ended up with a couple of these similarly small and cute characters, and decided since they were all such good buds they might as well be the same race. We started theorycrafting (they can’t lie, they love hats, that kind of thing), but actually didn’t have a name yet. Then Paul “Pabro” Bellezza showed up one day and was like “Jeff, I’VE GOT IT.” Apparently, the night before he’d had a dream about Yoda and Yaddle from Star Wars, and woke up saying “Yordles.”

Fan art by Quirkilicious

Inside Teemos Toolbag

How’d Teemo end up so trolly?

BRANDON BECK: I definitely recall my first time seeing this little scout-looking dude with a frakkin’ blow gun, and immediately seeing something trolly about what he’d represent in game. It’s no surprise he became the annoying little shit he did.

JEFF JEW: We knew we wanted him to be fast. Like, in a world of Garens and Katarinas, how does this little guy fight you? He’s not gonna overpower you — he’s gonna be fast, use his blowgun to blind you, and wear you down. It really started to come together once we hit on the mushroom idea. His personality started to really emerge and he changed from a guy who just kited you to a mischievous shit who could lock down whole areas and really piss off the entire enemy team.

We had some interesting steps along the way. I shit you not, he used to shoot a nuke. We’ve always loved making homages to our favorite games, and this was pretty much NUCLEAR LAUNCH DETECTED, complete with laser targeting from stealth. While it was certainly cool, we eventually came to our senses and saw that it wasn’t super interactive and didn’t really fit with the flavor and pace we were going for.

Fan art by Tvonn9

COLT HALLAM: This was way before we’d solidified champs into roles like ADC and Mage, so we were just looking for unique play patterns. We started developing Teemo as this guy who would go out scouting and lead the way for his teammates. His original passive was “Pathfinder” or “Leading the Way” or something like that — basically he left a trail behind him that temporarily granted vision and made allies faster. Two pretty funny things about that though. One, Teemo is, of course, squishy as **** so pathfinding tended to get him obliterated, and two, our tools weren’t great. The ability worked by leaving — you guessed it — an invisible minion every 100 units. Of course, it didn’t take too long for that to create MASSIVE slowdown.

The nuke was actually our second ult idea. The first one, while smaller in scope, was a true terror. Basically, it was a beefed-up poison dart that whacked you with a super strong DoT and put you to sleep for six seconds. Originally the target would wake on damage, but we switched it to invulnerability after a bit. It also burned mana, and a flat rate at that, so it would basically leave non-mages completely dry. Bruiser hell, I tell you. That obviously didn’t last too long, nor did the nuke, and after those we settled on the idea of him setting traps to fit his whole scout thing.

Finishing Touches

What inspired Teemo’s iconic mushrooms?

COLT HALLAM: We were close to lock on Teemo and I was banging my head against a wall trying to figure out how to make landmines work, since they easily can be pretty dang toxic. Eventually, we settled on making it a DoT effect. At that point we didn’t have any visual resources, though, and I had no idea what we were gonna do. One morning, I was just zoning out, staring at Summoner’s Rift, at nothing in particular, when I saw something. There, in the jungle somewhere, was a tiny little mushroom. I ran over to the artists, asked them frantically if they could cut it out from the map, yelled ‘ENHANCE’ and all that… It was perfect. Exploding mushroom = poison DoT. It happened to spin, but we just said hey, it’ll read better. I actually don’t think we ever figured out why they spin.

So obviously, that’s what we ended up shipping with, though he still had a couple post-launch changes. We gave him the badger dance at some point, and his stealth / speed aspects eventually got updated a bit. I never got to make the most important change though — Badger Teemo already has mushrooms, but I meant to get his dart changed to a snake and complete the homage.



The Many Skins of Teemo

What went into Teemo’s wardrobe?

JEFF JEW: I headed up skins for a while back in the day, and I guess Teemo just somehow ended up with seven skins before some champs had two. I mean, I had the data — Teemo skins were super popular with players, but let’s just say I never met a Teemo skin I didn’t like.

My favorite skin is Astronaut Teemo, but I’ve got a heck of a good reason. When I ran skins I’d joke about the idea all the time, until my birthday rolled around and Chance “SpaceStallion” Rowe dropped by my desk saying he had a present for me. He’d mocked up a prototype in his spare time. Being 100% impartial of course, I gave it a hearty “SHIP IT!”



Love Him or Hate Him

Wait, you mean some people actually like Teemo?!

JEFF JEW: He really is that polarizing cute yet asshole character — whether you like him or not, he’s fodder for discussion. He’s arguably one of the most unique and recognizable champions, which makes him a huge League connector. His hat is cool, he’s cute, and he’s probably responsible for bringing more players to League than any other champion. He’s a great mascot — neutral yet interesting on the spectrum of champion identities, and really representative of League’s diversity. To top it off, he’s the kind of cute that has worldwide appeal.

COLT HALLAM: Every game needs a villain, ours is just adorable. Love him or hate him, there’s so much passion around him. The global taunt is real, and there’s nothing in League quite like killing the little bugger or, conversely, getting surprise shroomed to death when you’re low. There’s just this great dichotomy between the player having so much fun and his opponent shaking with hate.

BRANDON BECK: Teemo’s ended up repping something super iconic about League today, namely the vast diversity in the champ roster. He straddles the grim vs. whimsical line that you see throughout League’s roster, which I think is a big part of why he appeals to so many different players. Teemo lightens the game, and so many other champs are possible because of him. It’s just gravy that all his elements came together in the perfect way to make him one of the most polarizing characters in League.

The fact that players have latched on so strongly to Teemo has inspired so much — be it hats, his inexplicably large skin collection (sorry!), the Astro Teemo mini-game, or even the teemodies stream. I love the dimensionality he brings, the unique stuff he offers for players to connect to and engage with League. I mean, he’s a freakin’ unit of in-game measurement!

He’s a great League indicator for new players — we want to capture the badass, but also to chuckle. The irony in his cute theme is that he’s actually one bad mother****** who’ll take pleasure in dancing on your corpse. Think about that leaked, never-finished Dominion cinematic from a couple years ago — Teemo shows up, chuckles while doing a cool flip, blinds Mordekaiser, then dies brutally. That’s Teemo at his best.



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



Teaser Teemo Skin Banner

Here’s a teaser for a new skin for Satan labeled “Omega Squad“:


The teaser simulates a camera recording. You can unzoom to get better details of the scene and hear different quotes from Teemo. Here are a few I heard:

  • I’ve done things I’m not proud of.
  • I used to live by a code.
  • Turns out, I’ve got a proficiency in killing.


And here’s some artwork from the teaser:

Teemo Skin Pick 1

Teemo Skin Pick 2

Teemo Skin Pick 3


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



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Red Posts 13/01


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QA on Champion Update Design

Scruffy Final PortraitHey everyone!

This is a totally unprompted thread where I thought I could answer whatever questions about new champion or champion update designs. I’ll come back to the thread and post answers to a bunch of questions up into this OP.

Because this is the first time I’m trying this, let’s do a broad and obvious topic – Champ Design (including reworks). The type of question that would be fitting here is like “how do you determine which skills to keep when you rework a character?” or “what makes a good character passive in your opinion?”

Stay on topic (sorry I don’t work on URF so DONT ASK LOL) and I’ll try to answer as many questions as I can.

Fire away!


I’ll answer a few now and come back later for more (and probably throughout the weekend)

  • If a champion is relatively fine in a purely BALANCE perspective, do they ever have an opportunity to get reworked to be more like what they’re supposed to be? Or be made so that they aren’t such a wasted concept?
  • Yes! We most definitely do and will continue to use thematic delivery, fun, and satisfaction as a reason to revisit a character. We always set out the goals of a project when we start, so we know if it is more mechanics focused (something like soraka) or thematic/satisfaction focus (something like gangplank) or a lot of both (sion).
  • How do you prioritize updates?

Currently we prioritize updates by which are the most “in need” of the improvements (gameplay or visual). Each group (art, design, sound) will use their own analysis and player feedback to rank which champs are really needing the update. This led us to champs like soraka, sion, nidalee, poppy, karthus, etc. While going through this list we have some spare people to work on smaller less urgent projects like viktor, gragas, tristana to keep things coming as often as we can.

  • How much more mobility can we expect to see added to League of Legends in the coming season?

This is a timely question, with so many more mobile champs in recent releases than in the early days of LoL. We actually met with a large group of new champ and champup designers to talk about how much mobility we are giving to characters and at what cost. The general consensus is that we are probably going to both be a bit more selective with where we give mobility and give the characters appropriate costs to having mobility. For example, we think that by default a marksman doesn’t have burst mobility, so the question that we are asking ourselves is “what cost is a character like lucian, tristana, or corki paying for the powerful mobility tools that they have?”

  • Can you describe the factors in/process between deciding whether a skill is a skillshot or targeted ability?

You could have a great ability on both sides of this coin (skillshot or targeted). The real question that we are asking is what parts of a character’s overall kit are reliable and which are unreliable. Having a healthy mix of both is typically a recipe for success because it gives the character some baseline tools that they can count on mixed in with some important moments where hitting a skillshot, blocking a spell with a spellshield, or dodging a big burst of damage with your Zed ult can determine the outcome of a fight.


A few more answers

  • What is Riot’s current opinions on hybrid champions, either current or possibly new?

Hybrid champions aren’t problematic as a concept, we just try to factor in how being a hybrid character affects the game. A hybrid champ has both a harder time itemizing for penetration and makes it harder for their opponents to itemize defenses against them.

  • Ever considered an energy-based Support?

We haven’t put any serious work into an energy based on manaless support recently, but it isn’t an impossible design space. The key factor here is that we would want to preserve the important “attrition” element of bottom lane, so this character should probably not have strong health sustain or healing in combination with no mana.

  • How does Riot determine what to keep and what to revise on champion kits in need of a rework for “thematic” reasons?

The first step of a rework is often more about finding the right overall direction for a character. Take Sion for example, we first determined that this guy is best delivered as a tanky “undead juggernaut” that moves slowly but is a major disruptive force in the middle of a fight. It is a very high priority for us to find the right core concept for a character that matches the coolest and most important elements of the character before the rework. With the high level direction figured out, we can see what abilities on the old kit would still work with the new direction for the character.

  • Does how often a champion get played factor in to the decision to rework them? Or are you fine with niche picks, like Urgot?

We do consider a champ’s play rate when we are selecting reworks but we don’t bias one way or the other. A good mix of popular and unpopular champions is what we are aiming for currently so that we can sometimes update popular champs to create positive impact to a wide group of players and sometimes update niche champs to keep them relevant or give them new life.


  • How often do reworks get canned, and how far do they usually make it before they get canned?

Rework projects rarely get canned. Though in the past, maybe 1 in 5 that goes into early exploration is put on hold and picked up later. A project like Warwick that Zenon was working on but had to be put on hold for him to work on other projects will be picked up where he left off and finished. Even if entire kits are scrapped and restarted, the work is not a waste because we likely learned a lot about what didn’t work for that iteration and that leads us to things that usually work much better.

  • When it comes to new champion design and such, is the factor of said champion completely overshadowing another, older champ taken into account?

We very heavily consider this when working on new champions. We want a new champ to bring something new to the game rather than replace and overshadow something that champs already do. Sometimes if a champion is released in a too powerful state, it can give them strengths that they aren’t designed to have.

For example, Braum is intended to be a unique defensive support in how he can block projectiles for his team while staying mobile. When he released he was doing that just fine, but he was also a very strong aggressive pick support with Q slows, damage and follow up stuns. When we saw that he was overshadowing a lot of other supports in this way, Wreckz and the live balance team responded by lowering his aggressive play potential to focus his power in the ways that he is meant to have it.

  • How would you go about reworking Teemo?

Hehe, I can’t resist answering this one because TEEMO. So first off don’t take any of this as gospel because I’m just spitballing here.

First off is to try and understand the core of what Teemo is about and what his current problems are. The really unique and fun thing about teemo (IMO) is the way he can control an area of the map like top lane or baron pit with his mine field of shrooms. He also has a clear poke pattern in lane and high sustained damage in the late game. Some of the most obvious problems that he has are that there is no meaningful counterplay to his mushrooms and his poke pattern is also not interactive and just involves trading targeted damage against an often melee opponent.

So when it comes to solutions I would try a variety of mushroom version with possible counterplay and to compensate the teemo player, add or emphasize the awesome rewards he gets for catching his opponents in his traps. A crazy example would be that if he was stealthed (by standing still) and someone triggered a mushroom trap, he could keep his stealth and run quickly towards the triggered trap for an ambush. The other solutions around his poke lane would also need to be creative but would definitely move in the direction of his opponent having opportunities to avoid or counter his poke, and we could give teemo some new tools to compensate for the loss of reliability.


  • Where does the buck stop when it comes to big decisions on a champion rework?

There is no single individual that has the 100% say over any particular champion update, but many people get to have strong input. From a game design perspective the primary “owner” as we like to call it is the main designer that is spending most of their time working on the project. They receive a lot of input from the other designers on the Champion Update and Champion team and get really detailed and thorough feedback from the Lead Designers on their team and other teams (Scruffy, Meddler, Morello, Ezreal, etc). In the end, by the time any character goes out, many different people have reviewed the kit and, if something is good enough to ship, often most people on the team are very happy with it.

  • You gonna give talon some form of cc (a real cc, not a shitty quarter second slow) on his cut-throat (e) or maybe a decent form of utility so he can keep up with all the incredibly good kits other assassins have?

I think in the future we will shy away from hard CC on Talon because as we have seen in the past, the combination of hard CC and his burst damage led to very frustrating and non interactive situations where he can 100-0 an enemy while they are unable to react.

On the topic of how we would want to improve talon (no immediate plans yet just talking about direction), his current pattern of burst an enemy or be useless is pretty binary and honestly a bit boring. I would want to buff up some of his utility tools like his stealth or even give him new utility tools that are not hard CC (like dodge, spell shield or something like that) to allow him to not feel useless when he can’t immediately burst kill his enemies.

  • What are some themes you want to check out that haven’t been touched on yet?

These are just my personal – Mind Controller, Earth Mage, Group character (multiple yordles or something cool), Mountain Climber, Blacksmith, A bunch of animal type creature characters, Flying characters that interact differently with the map, and these are just off the top of my head.


  • Using Rek’Sai as an example, what makes you decide to use a non-mana resource on a champion? Is it a thematic decision, gameplay, or a mix of both? How do you feel about the state of mana in LoL?

I’ll answer your last question first, I feel like mana is still a very important element of LoL, especially for some types of characters. Mana as a resource creates a second strategic layer of attrition for a lot of characters that adds a “long game” strategy to champ vs champ combat. Mana allows more outcomes to fights or trades than just “I killed you” or “I took more health away.”

When it comes to when we give mana to champs (or not in Reksai’s case) it is more often a mechanical decision than a thematic one. With Reksai we were exploring some different resourse mechanics with the health return passive, where health is the resource she has to manage more than mana. By comparison a mana based jungler like Warwick or Elise should stay healthier than Reksai when they are usuing mana on their sustain tools but they will eventually run OOM and have to go back to the fountain.

  • I’m seeing a lot of questions about Yorick and Mordekaiser so lets talk about them

First thing, we’re not actively working on either of those two champs but in terms of what is next for us when we finish current projects, they are very very high up on the priority list.

So Yorick we actually have a decent starting point with Xelnath’s earlier work and it is pretty clear what this guy is about – Ghoul Minions and Melee fighting.

Morde is a bit trickier because he is really straddling the line between what is a mage and what is a fighter. I bet when we start working on him and are trying to discover his core, we will find that both elements are very important to why Morde is Morde. The tough question will be answering what unique stuff a fighter mage can bring to the game (maybe play up his “ghost enemy” stuff).


  • What is Riot’s opinion on champions with more then one way to be built?

Personally I love it when champions have multiple build paths. The things that we have to watch out for are when one of the builds creates toxic or low interest gameplay. As an example if AD Varus played like he does now but the off build AP Varus (I know this isn’t really a thing) could one shot enemies with his Q and do not much else we probably would want to change the way AP varus worked so that it had a more healthy play pattern.

  • What is the maximum amount of crowd control you think you could and would load onto a kit without going overboard? How long would the target be disabled in some way?

The way that we think about this is more about the ratio of damage a character can deal vs the amount of CC they have. A character can have crazy amounts of CC (see nautilus) if they do low sustained damage, but another character could be problematic with even 1 second of CC if they deal high burst damage. The goal here is that the enemy receiving the CC will always have some window of time where they are not CCed and not dead so that they can react.

Have you ever considered having non-ultimate global abilities that deal no damage, but instead support champions in other lanes? Something on the line of care packages.

Yes, we have considered a bunch of stuff like this. Nothing has made it into a champion but I think there is room for some pretty cool mechanics in this vein. For example, a “scouting” focused character could do all kinds of global vision plays or even give allies an oracle buff from across the map. Another example is a “global push pressure” champ that could make minion waves on the opposite side of the map much stronger to create global push pressure for their team.

I think this is all of the questions for this week. I’ll try to rope in some other designers next week and maybe we can pick another topic. Was this useful/fun for you all?

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Mystery Skins for Good Behavior are still coming

DARTAGNAN Final PortraitHey everyone,

Many of you have seen your friends receive their Mystery Skins with you left wondering where your Mystery Skin is, or whether you even qualified for one. Never fear!

Mystery Skins are still being sent out!

We are sending them out in waves every single day, and it may take the next couple of weeks (until the end of January) before they are all distributed. We’ll update this thread once the last wave has been sent!

As a reminder, here are the qualifications:

  • All Riot Regions qualify – NA, EUW, EUNE, LAS, LAN, BR, OCE, RU, TR, and Korea
  • You need to be level 5 (reached level 5 in 2014)
  • You need to have played and completed at least one game of any mode (including Custom Games) in 2014.
  • You did not receive a 14-day suspension
  • You did not receive a ranked restriction (a single game ranked restriction will disqualify you)
  • You did not receive a chat restriction (a single game of chat restriction will disqualify you)
  • If you received a Leaver Buster Penalty, you still qualify for the Mystery Skin
  • If your account was compromised and suspended by Riot until it was recovered, we will double-check our list to make sure you receive one
  • If you have under the 10 skin minimum for Mystery Skins, we will check the list again and make sure anyone who did not receive one, but met all other qualifications, gets one!
  • If you recently transferred to another Riot Region, you will still get a Mystery Skin, as long as you meet the previous qualifications

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I think Irelia as a whole needs a VU

IronStylus Final Portrait^ this. In fact she will most likely be a comprehensive gameplay and visual update (VGU). She’s listed as a high-value target but currently there is no prioritization for her for 2015, but that could change. We’re trying to get ahead on a number of front’s so we’ll see. I have a concept for her but it’s definitely not final. She’ll need a probably semi-large scope effort because of thematic issues. What is she exactly? Ionian metal-manipulating general? That’s cool, but could she be more? We shall see!

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Why did Evelynn get a skin Safecracker before her visual update

Nurse Flan Final PortraitFor Eve, we saw an opportunity to create a skin for her before an update that wouldn’t interfere too much with any then-current plans with her. This does not mean every potential champion update is in the same state and can be treated in the same way. The team felt it would be a win to create a skin at the chance we got, so we took it instead of passing it up. It may not have coincided with what was said in the past about skin plans, but I think it’s much better to try and take things on a case-by-case basis rather than let a statement be the end all be all for the rest of eternity 🙂

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Why hasnt Zac received a skin yet

Nurse Flan Final Portrait*disclaimer – Zac skins are a hot topic and we are not able to answer any questions about -when- a skin is coming out or is in the works (or any other skins). I’m here to perhaps shed a little light and let you guys know Zac is not forgotten!*

Definitely don’t think you’re being rude! What I can tell you is that Zac’s champ and stretchy tech is very difficult to work with, and that alone increases work time on him a lot. So using a popular community skin suggestion for him, Gentleman Zac – his clothes especially around his arms would have some crazy weighting and stretching issues. And it would also be really weird to see cloth stretching and turning into globs of goo haha I’d love to hear any suggestions on workarounds you may have to mitigate this!

I know “easy” recolored skins have been suggested for Mr. Blob, but then it would seem unfair if say we released a 750RP Bubblegum Zac and have him wait a while for another skin instead of taking the time to make sure we make a super awesome blow-your-mind quality skin for him.

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Follow Up

 What about a swimsuit Zac skin

[ Note ] Here’s an example of how that skin could look like.

Nurse Flan Final PortraitThat’s a good example! Besides the addition of the swim trunks, it’s technically just about a fancy blue recolor though. 😡

The fanart done of pool party Zac include some cute arm floaties – which I like, but that would again cause problems with his stretchy arms! > n <

Summer is coming up for the Northern Hemisphere kinda sorta soonish (brr, that 50 degree California winter weather!). I can definitely make an extra poke about a skin like this!
^This is not a promise that this skin is going to be made! ; u ;

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Welcome to Fantasy LCS

OMHALODIL Final PortraitWelcome to Fantasy LCS, where you build your dream team of LCS pros and compete against your friends for bragging rights and season glory! Beginning this week, we’ll be opening up the 2015 Spring Split Fantasy draft window.

Fantasy LCS is getting a face-lift for 2015, thanks to the feedback you gave us in the 2014 Beta. Here’s what’s new:

  • NA and EU are now on separate roster locks that correspond to the first day of matches for each league.
  • Each league now features a message board where you can coordinate draft times and discuss strategy.
  • We added chat functionality during draft
  • Scoring has been slightly tweaked: we added a fast win bonus of 2 points for teams that win in less than 30 minutes. Stay tuned for an article that dives into the rationale behind this scoring addition.

We added a few administrative tools:

  • If you are a league creator, you can delete your league if you haven’t drafted yet.
  • You can also leave a league if you haven’t drafted yet.
  • You can now rename your team.

Your league home page, roster page, and match-ups page are now shareable publicly. Show off your dream team, those close wins, and your standings to your friends!

Never played fantasy? Don’t worry — it’s easy! Join together with up to seven friends or fellow League players, then build your dream team, one draft pick at a time. Every player from the NA and EU LCS is up for grabs, and what they do on the Rift each week matters. You’re awarded points based on their performance, so when your pros do well, you do too! Fantasy LCS also adds a new layer of fun to watching matches each week, as fantasy stats updates will be piped in at real-time.

We’ve got a bunch of resources to help get you ready for your draft. Learn how to play and about draft strategy at

Stay tuned for more details on when you can get drafting! In the meantime, feel free to discuss strategy below. Who are your top picks?

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Update El Tigre Braum price updated to 1350 RP

Galetta Final PortraitEDIT: Just wanted to update the El Tigre Braum thread about his price. He was always intended to be 1350 RP but we mistakenly listed him at 975 RP (sorry!). It’s his custom respawn animation specifically that pushes him into the 1350 price tier. Like all 1350s though, he’ll be on sale for the first week after his release so you can get him for 975 RP during that time. Sorry for the mistake and we’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again!

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



Free Champion Rotation November 4 Banner

The following Champions will be free-to-play until November 4th:


Brand Final Portrait

Lulu Final Portrait

Nami Final Portrait

 Rammus Final Portrait

Sejuani Final Portrait

Swain Final Portrait

Teemo Final Portrait

Tryndamere Final Portrait

Urgot Final Portrait

Vayne Final Portrait



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


Champion Rotation Week 31 Season 4 Banner


The following Champions will be free-to-play until August 26th:

  • Ahri - 6300 IP or 975 RP
  • Caitlyn – 4800 IP or 880 RP
  • Draven – 6300 IP or 975 RP
  • Karma – 3150 IP or 790 RP
  • Master Yi – 450 IP or 260 RP
  • Olaf – 3150 IP or 790 RP
  • Soraka – 450 IP or 260 RP
  • Satan - 1350 IP or 585 RP
  • Viktor - 6300 IP or 975 RP
  • Volibear - 4800 IP or 880 RP

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


August Sales List


I took the full sales list for August from this thread on Reddit and linked the skins to video previews of them on SkinSpotlights. Lots of great sales this month, see if there’s anything you’d like having !


Recent News


PBE-Update-July-31-Banner (1)




All Sales for August


8/1 -> 8/4
Item Original Price Sale Price
Galio 880 440
Vi 975 487
Teemo 585 292
Crimson Elite Talon 750 375
Statue of Karthus 520 260
Ghost Bride Morgana 975 487
8/5 -> 8/8
Item Original Price Sale Price
Lee Sin 880 440
Corki 790 395
Nami 975 487
Minuteman Gangplank 520 260
Special Weapon Zac 975 487
Soul Reaver Draven 1350 675
8/8 -> 8/11
Item Original Price Sale Price
Amumu 585 292
Hecarim 975 487
Shyvana 880 440
Hextech Anivia 750 375
Waterloo Miss Fortune 520 260
Major Ziggs 975 487
8/12 -> 8/15
Item Original Price Sale Price
Skarner 880 440
Jax 585 292
Rengar 975 487
Sorceress Lux 520 260
Justicar Aatrox 975 487
Foxfire Ahri 975 487
8/15 -> 8/18
Item Original Price Sale Price
Malzahar 880 440
Rammus 790 395
Fiora 975 487
Uncle Ryze 520 260
Woad King Darius 975 487
Runeborn Xerath 750 375
8/19 -> 8/22
Item Original Price Sale Price
Kennen 880 440
Aatrox 975 487
Zilean 585 292
Superb Villain Veigar 975 487
Forsaken Olaf 520 260
Arcade Hecarim 1350 675
8/22 -> 8/25
Item Original Price Sale Price
Kog’Maw 880 440
Cho’Gath 585 292
Quinn 975 487
Ravager Nocturne 520 260
Arctic Warfare Caitlyn 750 375
Rageborn Mundo 975 487
8/26 -> 8/29
Item Original Price Sale Price
Riven 880 440
Sona 790 395
Nautilus 975 487
Blast Zone Heimerdinger 520 260
Bloodstone Taric 975 487
Warmonger Sion 975 487
8/29 -> 9/1
Item Original Price Sale Price
Rumble 880 440
Xin Zhao 585 292
Darius 975 487
Iron Solari Leona 975 487
Commando Jarvan IV 520 260
Little Knight Amumu 750 375



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



Patch 4 point 5 Notes

Disclaimer: This is completely legitimate news. Confirmed on Saint’s stream.



Pwyff Troll IconRiotPwyff:  Summoners! In preparation for the future of League, aka Ultra Rapid Fire mode, we’re releasing Patch 4.5 to fix the existing balance issues and make some new ones. The focus of this patch is reworks and player fun, so the new Champion, Helmet Bro, will have to wait. Enjoy reading!



Patch 4.5





Lee Sin New Portrait

Context: A while ago someone leaked our April Fools patch notes for Lee Sin. This left us with nothing cool to show off for Lee Sin on April 1st, so we’re just posting his actual rework.


FlurryFlurry [ Passive ]

  • After using a spell, Lee Sin gains bonus health regeneration for 5 seconds.


Sonic_WaveSonic Wave [ Q ]

  • Now applies a 2-second bleed that scales with AP.


Resonating_StrikeResonating Strike [ Q ]

  • Removed.


SafeguardSafeguard [ W ]

  • If cast on a ward, depletes Lee Sin’s energy bar, roots him in place and goes on a 30-second cooldown.


TempestTempest [ E ]

  • Makes visible enemy Champions go in stealth.


CrippleCripple [ Reactivate E ]

  • Now applies the Cripple debuff to Lee Sin as well.


Dragon's_RageKitty Punch [ R ] (renamed)

Damage reduced from 200 / 400 / 600 (+200% bonus AD) to 50 / 100 / 150 (+100% bonus AD)



Yasuo New Portrait

Context: We never pushed Yasuo’s concept, because we were afraid we’d have to release a broken Champion with too many mechanics. We decided to play it safe so we removed cooldowns, gave him three passives, infinite gap-closing, 50% Armor Penetration, hard CC and a spell that counters 95% of the game. Logically, he proved far too weak to survive in the meta. With this rework we’re bringing back a lot of the “crazy” mechanics we scrapped during development. Hopefully, this will lift Yasuo’s miserable 80% win-rate.


Way_of_the_WandererWay of the Wanderer [ Passive ]

  • Now lets Yasuo choose an additional passive that any of the other Champions in LoL have.


Steel_TempestSteel Tempest [ Q ]

  • Can now be toggled to fling katana swords at enemies from Caitlyn range. Note that this is just an alternate way to cast Steel Tempest.


Empowered_Steel_TempestEmpowered Steel Tempest [ Third Q ]

  • Yasuo’s third ranged attack impales target enemy in place. Critical hit chance increases the duration of the stun.


Wind_WallWindwall [ W ]

  • Now correctly blocks Tower hits, melee attacks, non-projectile attacks and basically everything in the game ever.


Sweeping_BladeSweeping Blade [ E ]

  • Refills Yasuo’s Flow to maximum when cast.


Last_BreathRiot Please [ R ] (renamed)

  • Range is now global. Spawns a second Yasuo where the spell was cast from who continues to farm minions.






Ahri New Portrait


CharmCharm [ E ]

  • Charmed targets now permanently fall in love with Ahri and will follow her in other games. Ezreal is immune to this.


Context: Since Ahri’s rework, we had a lot of Diamond smurfs (with suspicious Bronze icons) tell us she’s ruined and that they’re moving to DotA because it’s a better company. We’re excited to see Ahri on the pro-scene again and we hope we can fulfill your fantasy of Shiphtur commanding an army of LCS players. Yes, she can still be your waifu.



Alistar New Portrait


Unbreakable_WillUnbreakable Will [ R ]

  • Mana cost increased from 100 to 150. (see context)


Context: A recent complaint on Reddit was that Alistar’s level 5 Q and W cost more than his ultimate. We realize this is confusing for players who still pick Alistar in Ranked, so we’ve fixed it. Next patch we plan to rework his Headbutt so it always sends enemies towards your ADC for free kills.



Anivia New Portrait


RebirthRebirth [ Passive ]

  • Instead of reviving, Anivia will now self-destruct after 6 seconds.


Context: We recently found an issue where Anivia would revive after dying. I think we can all agree that revive passives are broken-as-fudge toxic gameplay, but we still want Anivia players to have that experience of being completely helpless for several seconds.



New Portrait Heimerdinger


H-28Q_Apex_TurretH-28Q Apex Turret [ R + Q ]

  • Every third attack now spews out a regular turret.


Context: We had a report on NA servers that a melee Champion actually managed to lane versus Heimerdinger and trade kills. This is unacceptable and ruins the status of Heimer as the Overlord who Bathes in your Tears. These spawned turrets do not count towards Heimer’s maximum turret count and are simply there so you can die quicker when you decide to 1v1 him.



Irelia New Portrait


Hiten_StyleHiten Style [ W ]

  • Damage and heal removed. Can still be cast for the pretty light effect.


Context: Irelia is just far too overwhelming on top lane. Having infinite sustain and free harass combo on top of being able to 2v1 the enemy top and jungle on level 6 with Dominus is making a lot of top laners obsolete currently. Wait, what’s an Irelia?



Lissandra New Portrait


Glacial_PathGlacial Path [ E ]

  • Bugfix: Now correctly grabs enemies hit by it and pulls them towards Lissandra.


Frozen_TombFrozen Tomb [ R ]

  • Base damage increased from 150 / 250 / 350 to 450 / 675 / 950 and 450 / 900 / 1350 with Shatter talent.


Context: No context.



Lulu New Portrait


Whimsy Whimsy [ W ]

  • Added a variety of sweet products that Lulu can turn enemies into – muffins, croissants, dunkin’ donuts and gummy bears.


Context: We realize Lulu is a big problem in mid lane, so we nerfed Rabadon’s Deathcap (see below) and focused on the fun aspects of Polymorph.



Nidalee New Portrait

  • All spells except Javelin Toss have been removed.
  • Mana removed. Nidalee now drains the fun and joy out of the enemy team to cast spells.


Javelin_TossJavelin Toss [ Q ]

  • Cooldown removed.
  • Range is now global.


Context: In the office, we like to imagine that most Nidalee mains are sociopaths who throw rocks at people on the street. We understand they derive their fun experience from chugging half of someone’s health bar with invisible spears every 3 seconds, so we decided to focus on that aspect of Nidalee. We also made new Splash art for her, check below!



Teemo New Portrait

  • Occasionally cites Dante’s “Divine Comedy” in lane.


 Blinding_DartBlinding Dart [ Q ]

  • Target enemy’s display turns blinding white for the duration of the spell.


Noxious_TrapNoxious Trap [ R ]

  • Now plants claymores instead of mushrooms. Damage is instant.



Skarner New Portrait

  • Health at level 1 increased from 536 to 546.


ImpaleImpale [ R ]

  • Now tickles target enemy instead of rooting.
  • Applies a 10% slow for every second the enemy spends laughing at how bad Skarner is.


Context: We’re kind of pushing the limits here, but we want Skarner to be a viable pick. The extra 10 hit points will let Skarner tank an additional fifth of an auto attack, giving him complete dominance in the early game. To compensate, we’re reducing the amount of power he has when his ult is up and the enemy is reconnecting.



Minor Changes and Bug Fixes



Fiora New Portrait


Blade_WaltzBlade Waltz [ R ]

  • Can no longer be cast on Champions. Still available for minion-farming.
  • Now properly disables Flash when used until the spell comes off cooldown. (see thread for context)

Context: We realized Blade Walts only works for people who understand how often it doesn’t work. Since pro-players now know she has 4 spells, she’ll probably become a contested LCS pick unless we act. We’re fixing this along with quality of life changes to her Flash.





Taste_Their_FearTaste Their Fear [ Q ]

  • Grasshopper now makes nature sounds when a target is isolated.



Jinx New Portrait

  • If Jinx kills Officer Caitlyn or Officer Vi, the player is immediately mailed Ice-T merchandise.



Nidalee New Portrait

  • Splash art updated.

Context: Two years ago we did a visual update for Nidalee, but financial constraints prevented us from making new splash arts for her skins. Well, that’s no longer the case! Here’s one of her new Splash arts:


Best Nidalee Art World

New Nidalee Splash Art




  • Makes a webcam shot of the enemy’s face when Rengar comes out of stealth. Automatically uploads it to player’s Facebook wall.



Map Vision Bugs

  • Random champion icons now again appear on the minimap for no reason.
  • Standing inside a brush sometimes grants random amounts of vision.

Context: We’ve read tons of letters from fans who told us how fond they were of the countless vision bugs and so we brought them back. From now on, bugs in patches will be referred to as “features”.





Black_King_Bar_iconBlack King Bar

  • Grants immunity to magic damage and crowd control for 6 seconds.
  • Free if you buy an indie bundle.


Heart_of_Gold_itemHeart of Gold

  • Cost: 825 Gold. Grants 5 Gold per 10 seconds and 200 Health.
  • Can be upgraded to Squirtle.



  • Cost: 1250 Gold. Grants 10 Gold per 10 seconds and 350 Health.
  • Causes your Champion to spray water jets at enemies when low on life.


Last_WhisperLast Whisper

  • Ranged carries can now get this item for free as a Trinket.


Rabadon's_DeathcapRabadon’s Deathcap

  • No longer grants % increase to AP.


Context: This change will hopefully reduce Lulu’s dominance in mid lane.



Twisted Treeline


exclamation iconNew Mode Added: Save the Poros!

  • Poros spawn randomly around the map. Both teams have 15 minutes to collect as many Poros as they can and bring them to their respective Fountains. Note that in Save the Poros! Vilemaw can move freely around the map and consume Poros.

Note: Rengo and Grasshopper are unavailable in Save the Poros!



My Info Article Ending


Week 10 Season 4

The following Champions will be free-to-play until April 1st:

Akali – 3150 IP / 790 RP
Jarvan IV – 4800 IP / 880 RP

Miss Fortune – 3150 IP / 790 RP
Sivir – 450 IP / 260 RP

Sona – 3150 IP / 790 RP
Soraka – 450 IP / 260 RP

Teemo – 1350 IP / 585 RP
Xerath – 4800 IP / 880 RP

Xin Zhao – 3150 IP / 790 RP
Yasuo – 6300 IP / 975 RP

Patch 43 Notes




Patch 4.3 Contents:

LoL Client

“With our LoL client work ongoing, game invites were next on our hit list. The below changes should help out with client performance. ”

  • Players can now be invited to and accept game invitations while already in a lobby
  • Lobby owners can now select a teammate to be the game owner and “draft captain” in charge of bans and first pick
  • Improved invitee and lobby status updates:
    • Accepted
    • Pending
    • Declined
    • Accepted – Lobby Full
    • Accepted – Quit
    • Joined – Quit
    • Joined
    • Kicked
    • Banned
  • Invitations to games that are no longer available will now read “The invitation from «Summoner» has expired.”
  • You can now grant invite privileges in custom games
  • Chat lobbies will remain intact if someone leaves champ select
  • You can still send and receive game invites if chat goes down
  • You can now send game invitations to offline players – they’ll see them when they log in
  • Chat’s no longer restricted when sending out large amounts on invites at once



Velkoz 43

Corki 43

Gragas 43

Kassadin 43

Khazix 43

Ryze 43

Skarner 43

Teemo 43

Yasuo 43


Terrifying Changes

“The randomness of Terrify made it unreliable in most cases, both in coordinating with teammates and for opponents, so we’re making it more predictable.”

Fiddlesticks 43

Nocturne 43

Shaco 43

Minor Changes and Bug Fixes


Kayle 43

Sejuani 43

Twisted Fate 43

Volibear 43

Zac 43



Tear of the Goddess 43

Doran's Shield 43

Spirit Stone Items 43

Boots of Mobility 43

Ruby Crystal 43


Ruby Sightstone


Gold Generating Items

All stats will be displayed per item while changes will be noted.

We’re doing a polish of the mini-games associated with gold generating items.

Spellthief's Edge Line

Spellthief's Edge

Frostfang 43

Frost Queen's Claim

Relic Shield Line

Relic Shield 43

Targon's Brace 43

Face of the Mountain

Ancient Coin Line 43

Ancient Coin 43

Nomad's Medallion 43

Talisman of Ascension

Team Builder 43

“Some Team Builder assets are included in this patch in preparation for an eventual two-day live beta test.”

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pbe caitlyn vu





PBE 18 February



Corki New Portrait


Phosphorus_BombPhosphorus Bomb [ Q ]

  • Added ratio of 0.5 bonus AD



Gragas New Portrait


Body_Slam Body Slam [ E ]  

  • No longer scales with AD


Explosive_CaskExplosive Cask [ R ]

  • AP ratio reduced from 1 to 0.8



Kassadin New Portrait


Null_Sphere Null Sphere [ Q ]

  • Damage lowered from 80/115/150/185/220 to 80/110/140/170/200
  • Silence decreased from 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 to 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds


Force_PulseForce Pulse [ E ]

  • Damage lowered from 80/130/180/230/280 to 80/120/160/200/240



Ryze New Portrait

  • Base HP increased from 360 to 409


OverloadOverload [ Q ]

  • If Overload kills its target, Ryze recovers 30 mana
  • Cast range increased from 600 to 625



Teemo New Portrait


Noxious_Trap Noxious Trap [ R ]

  • AP ratio reduced from 0.8 to 0.4






Ancient_Coin_item Ancient Coin

  • Health-per-5 removed
  • Favor: In addition to the 2 Gold, now also heals you for 5 health whenever a nearby enemy minion that you did not kill dies.


 Nomad's_Medallion_itemNomad’s Medallion

  • Mana-per-5 reduced from 11 to 10
  • Mana-per-5 reduced from 10 to 5
  • Favor: In addition to the 4 Gold, now also heals you for 5 health whenever a nearby enemy minion that you did not kill dies.


Talisman_of_Ascension_itemTalisman of Ascension

  • Favor: In addition to the 4 Gold, now also heals you for 5 health whenever a nearby enemy minion that you did not kill dies.


Spellthief's Edge Spellthief’s Edge

  • Ability power removed
  • TributeYour spells and attacks deal 10 additional damage to champions and towers and generate 4 gold.
  • This can happen up to 3 times every 30 seconds.
  • Tribute is disabled for 12 seconds if you kill a minion.



  • Ability power removed
  • Tribute: Your spells and attacks deal 15 additional damage to champions and towers and generate 8 gold.
  • This can happen up to 3 times every 30 seconds.
  • Tribute is disabled for 12 seconds if you kill a minion.


Frost Queen's Claim Frost Queen’s Claim

  • Recipe Changed: Frostfang + Fiendish Codex + 330 Gold = 2000 Gold Total
  • Ability Power reduced from 50 to 40
  • Added 10% Cooldown Reduction
  • Tribute: Your spells and attacks deal 15 additional damage to champions and towers and generate 8 gold.
  • This can happen up to 3 times every 30 seconds.
  • Tribute is NOT disabled if you kill a minion at this upgrade level


  • Free Target instead of Enemy Targetted
  • Increased Cast Range from 600 to 850
  • Area of Effect size decreased from 400 to 300
  • Magic Damage increased to 50 + 10 per champion level
  • Now applies an 80% slow that decays over 3 seconds, changed from a flat 50% slow over 2 seconds
  • Updated particles


Relic ShieldRelic Shield

  • Health increased from 50 to 75
  • Health-per-5 removed
  • Spoils of War: Heals your ally and yourself for 40 Health upon killing a unit.
  • Grants gold equal to the kill to your ally, but does not grant the additional +5 as on live.


Targon's Brace_item Targon’s Brace

  • Health-per-5 reduced from 12 to 8
  • Spoils of War: Heals your ally and yourself for 50 Health upon killing a unit.
  • Grants gold equal to the kill to your ally, but does not grant the additional +5 as on live.


Face of the MountainFace of the Mountain

  • Recipe Changed: Targon’s Brace + Kindlegem + 300 Gold = 2000 Total Gold
  • Spoils of War: Heals your ally and yourself for 50+1% of your Maximum Health upon killing a unit.
  • Grants gold equal to the kill to your ally, but does not grant the additional +5 on live.


  • No longer costs Health to activate
  • Damage now scales based off of 150% of the target’s total Attack Damage



Aegis_of_the_Legion_itemAegis of the Legion

  • Total cost reduced from 1950 to 1875



Ionian_Boots_of_Lucidity_itemBoots of Lucidity

  • Cooldown reduction decreased from 15% to 10%
  • Gold cost reduced from 1000 to 800



Boots_of_MobilityBoots of Mobility

  • Base Movement Speed decreased from 45 to 25
  • Total Gold cost reduced from 1000 to 800



Locket_of_the_Iron_Solari_item  Locket of the Iron Solari

  • Total cost reduced from 2550 to 2475




  • Total cost reduced from 2000 to 1925



Ruby Crystal Ruby Crystal

  • Gold cost reduced from 475 to 400
  • Health reduced from 180 to 150



Ruby_SightstoneRuby Sightstone

  • Total cost reduced from 1550 to 1325



Rylai's_Crystal_ScepterRylai’s Crystal Scepter

  • Total cost increased from 2900 to 2975






caitlyn visual topic



IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: There’s a lot of stuff going on here that I like, I’ll expand more on about it when I get back.

EDIT: Ok, FINALLY WON A GAME. Anywhoozle, yes, I generally like this concept. I think it does some interesting things that preserve what I feel is core to Cait. There’s some aristocratic notes, there’s some sophistication, and there’s class.

I do feel it might be a bit too Victorian to be uniquely Piltover, whatever that means. That’s part of the challenge actually. We’ve made Jayce and Vi, two people who are supposed to be interacting with Cait and she simply doesn’t fit in. They’re not really steampunk in thier language, they’re sorta.. “manatech”. So, while I feel Cait can have Victorian notes, we should find a way to bring her into that manatech (or hextech) area and get her materials, her shapes and other properties in line with Piltover.

Part of that is sort of figuring out what the hell Piltover actually looks like. We have a start with Jayce and Vi, so that’s good. We may have to flesh a few more details out before we jump right into Cait.

Her hat is another thing. Some love it, some hate it. It is indeed iconic. When you think of Cait, or you associate let’s say.. cosplaying Cait, you think purple frilly short dress, knee high boots and big Willy Wonka hat. Now, charm is great, but we need to extract what that charm is and see where we can re-channel it. Maybe a bowler hat? Maybe just a smaller version of her current hat? I do love the hat for its charms, but it’s sort of silly.

That said, if we ever, and that’s a big if considering our priorities right now, hit Cait with a VU, my gut guess is that we’d do a traditional skin for her. That way i think we can solve some of her thematic issues without destroying the charming thing we’ve grown to love.

But yeah. With our priorities now, a Cait VU is probably a long way off, and as per usual, about anything I talk about: REMEMBER, NO PROMISES.



What do you think of this raygun as being a motif for her new looks?


IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: Oh man, I love that raygun..

I’m not sure I’d go with the modern gun thing, there’s a lot of bevels on that thing, and though I love bevels, I think it speaks of a more advanced manufacturing technique than Piltover would actually have.

That said, I think you’re nail-on-the-head about classical deco with a twist. We take a lot of that sleekness and try to see what it might look at infused with a magic-based power source. There’s something that still needs to evoke the familiar, but show that there’s some advanced abilities native to the technology and style.



 How about an energy weapon?


IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: yeah, I see what you mean about the silhouette, though I think the gun would still have to feel sorta hand-crafted, and I’d prefer it to be a projectile base weapon, not an energy one.




Follow-up: Does that exclude the possibility of her having a laser-based skin?


IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: Nah, skins aren’t canon.





Would she lose her funky oversize hat?


IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: Yeah, as I said, some sort of compromise would have to be made with the hat, at least for what a new base would be in my mind. She would still have to HAVE a hat, because she has one in every skin, and that’s a main read of hers. It just depends on how we figure out how to balance that read with what thematically fits with the character.

I mean, maybe we give it some cool crazy purpose. Not Inspector Gadget-y, but maybe it has some sort of function.

Or at the very least, we take a nice look into women’s high fashion and find a way to make something as absurd as that hat into something cool and fashionable.



Suggestion: Add scope on her hat that slides down when she ults


IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: I really like this idea.





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