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HowlingAbyss banner


More goodies await in the latest PBE Update! Riot have done a full virtual overhaul of the much beloved “Proving Grounds” ARAM map. The Howling Abyss caters specifically to fans of this custom mode and rivals even the remade Twisted Treeline in terms of environment.


Map Eagle View:


HowlingAbyss Eagle View




Both bases have unique artistic themes in terms of lighting and item merchants.


base 1


base 2




The merchants of the Howling Abyss are more than prepared for winter’s chill.




vendor 2




The Howling Abyss is a marvel to look at. The background has received a lot of attention with buildings fading into the winter night as far as the view permits. There’s a feeling of dread as you pass the bridge above the enormous mountain gorge. The dark setting and wind effects in particular are stellar and the music is greatly immersive. It’s almost a shame that you can’t stay AFK and just admire this wondrous ice-land.


map 1


map 2


map 4


Howling Abyss winds


map 7


The little details:


Towers on the Howling Abyss don’t just fall. No, they slowly crumble bit by bit as their health goes down. It’s a neat touch that fits right at home here; without doubt my favourite feature of the new map.


tower damage final


tower damage 3


Look! An Arctic bunny!




When you first advance towards the enemy base, part of the bridge next to the opposing tower collapses and falls in the abyss. Spells A-W-E-S-O-M-E.


damage first hit


When towers fall, the chains on the massive pillars next to them break and release the whole construction. Consider stopping for a few minutes to admire the scenery.

 tower collaps


The Howling Abyss is available on the PBE for testing now!