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Purchasing the LCS spot of the recently requalified Team Coast, newly created organization NRG eSports has revealed their lineup and support staff for the 2016 NA LCS. With a mix of familiar stars in Impact, Altec, and GBM, and fresh talent in KonKwon and Moon, the roster has been completely revamped for the upcoming season.





Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong – Top (Team Impulse, Sk Telecom T1)

Lee “GBM” Chang Seok – Mid (Jin Air Green Wings)

Galen “Moon” Holgate –  Jungle (Team Imagine)

Kevin “KonKwon” Kwon – Support (Team Coast)

Johnny “Altec” Ru – AD Carry (Gravity Gaming, Winterfox, Curse Academy)

Tadayoshi “Hermit” Littleton – Strategic coach (Formerly of Origen)

Head Coach – Charlie Lipsie (Formerly of Cloud 9)




This is the second NA LCS team that has sold its spot leading up to the 2016 Spring Split, after Team 8. Who is behind the latest “buy in” of the LCS? Andy Miller, a former Apple executive, and Mark Mastrov, the founder of gsym chain 24-Hour Fitness. Both share minority ownership of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings.

As for the future of the former Team Coast roster, things are uncertain. Cris, Shrimp, Pekin Woof, and Mash were all replaced, with KonKwon the only surviving member of the roster who qualified for the spot via LCS promotion. Follow all of the offseason changes in our 2015 Offseason Roundup.



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Team Impulse Yu “XiaoWeiXiao” Xian has been suspended pending investigation, accord to Riot Games Associate eSports manager, Hunter Leigh.

On Tuesday, July 21st, a thread discussing Elo boosting rumors popped up on reddit, with a screenshot of a conversation allegedly held between the TiP mid laner and  a possible client. Here is that conversation, translated:


TIP Wexiao: You’re annoying.

TIP Wexiao: If you don’t believe me don’t come to me.

TIP Wexiao: I said I’ll play once I get the money.

Other preson: Ok. I won’t press you. It’ll be in five days. I won’t press you.

TIP Wexiaio: Money’s here.

TIP Wexiaio: I’m playing now.

Other guy: Ok.

Other guy: PAYPAL.

TIP Weixiao: (email account)

Other guy: I can pay 1400.

Other guy: To Masters 100LP, then 1400. Is that safe?

TIP Wexiao: To Masters. Then the other half (of the money).

Other guy: Anything you want. As long as you uphold your end of the bargain.

Other guy: How much did you receive?

TIP Weixiao: 980 altogether.

TIP Wexiaio: And 410 from last time.

TIP Wexiaio: 1300.

Other guy: Agreed.

Other guy: Now?

Other guy: I require payment.

(I’m not sure what they’re talking about here)

TIP Wexiaio: Ok.

TIP Wexiaio: After I withdraw (money).


On July 22nd, Hunter Leigh tweeted on the situation:



Team Impulse tweeted out their response:



Riot has ruled on Elo boosting in the past. Most recently, Shern ‘Shernfire’ Tai of OPL team Dire Wolves was suspended for all Riot-affiliated League of Legends competition for the remainder of the year.

This suspension comes just before the final week of the LCS, where TiP currently sits at 11-5. Riding a six game win streak, Team Impulse looks to secure a second place finish with games against Gravity and Team Liquid in week 9. NoL will continue to update this story as it develops.


XiaoWeiXiao Interview Banner

Looking back at playoffs, what would you change about the series against TL? What went wrong in your eyes?  

We shouldn’t have picked Yasuo at all – our communication during picks and bans wasn’t good.


You’re known to play Yasuo despite him seemingly falling out of the meta. What is your reason behind continuing to play him?

Yasuo is good pick against ranged AP champions and they picked a lot of poke champions.


What changes, if any, would you make to the champion to make him stronger in the current meta and where do you think he fits in now?  

His lane phase is very weak – they should buff his HP.


How do you feel about your performance in both the playoffs and spring split?

Not bad.


What are you looking to change most individually?

I want to make my champion pool stronger.


Do you feel this team is stronger than LMQ?

Our Jungle and top are better than LMQ. Teamfights are worse than LMQ.


How is the Dynamic within TiP compared to LMQ?

LMQ is easier to communicate with but TiP is more exciting for me with all the players being from different regions.


What is the team environment like in game, especially with language barriers? What steps are you taking to overcome language barriers and is the team focusing on communicating in English?

Our biggest problem is language but we are trying to study some simple words to communicate easier.


How are you preparing for the next split? Are you confident you can make it to the World Championship?

We are going to fix our language problem as soon as possible and I think we can make it to worlds.


What are your thoughts on Incarnati0n joining Cloud 9 and do you believe the team will be even stronger? Where do you think Incarnati0n stacks up among the other mid laners in NA?

I have no idea because I haven’t seen him play. I can’t say anything right now. Let’s see how he performs in the LCS.


How do you expect the new teams, NME and TDK, to perform? Who do you imagine will be in the last place spot at the end of the split?

We have not played against them yet. No clue about last place.


Who do you predict will be top 3 at the end of the split? Who will go to the World Championship?



What is your opinion on the Mid-Season Invitational as a whole? Did anything stand out, and were the results what you expected? How would you rank the regions, in order? Were you proud that a Chinese team was able to finally take down a Korean team in an international event?

I was surprised about AHQ/FNC, they look so strong. I was shocked when they both beat TSM. I would rank the regions at MSI in this order:

EDG, SKT, TSM, Fnatic, AHQ, Besiktas.

I’m really proud that EDG beat SKT. ClearLove finally made his dream come true.


Are there any champions you wish you could bring into the meta that aren’t played?



What are your thought’s on the recent Zed changes and how do you believe it will affect his gameplay? Is he still just as strong? Would you make changes to Zed?

I don’t think it will affect his gameplay too much. I think he is still strong in some team comps. I would make him more tanky.


How would you describe your playstyle and do you believe it has changed since joining the LCS?

I think my CS is always good and I do the most damage in team fights. I play more aggressively in lane since joining the LCS and I am trying to roam more and help other lanes.


How are you feeling on the “tank meta”, and what changes, if any, would you like to see to the meta? 

The new Jungle Items make junglers too tanky, it’s so difficult to kill them in team fights. I would like to see more mid and AD picks where people just all-in in a team fight.


Expectations heading into week 1?

There will be many dark horses coming out in week 1.



Thank you to our sponsor Azubu, Riot Games, and especially to our fans who support me. I will do better this season.

Tim Kimbirk is a content creator and interviewer for SoloMid. You can find him in the depths of solo queue, or on twitter talking about eSports.