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Some gameplay work in progress general gameplay thoughts

Meddler Final PortraitHi all!

Wanted to share a few of our thoughts on where we’re up to on some currently topical gameplay stuff. Trying out a different approach here with just quick updates on a number of topics rather than a focus on a couple of things (feedback on that much appreciated!).

The Preseason:

  • We’ve been putting a lot of work into updates for the upcoming preseason patch over the last couple of months, with changes to champions, items, vision etc. We’re getting very close to putting that stuff on PBE (all going according to plan).


Kindred Final Portrait

  • Kindred have been out for about a week now and we’re starting to see players get to grips with their kit. So far we’ve been really happy with the state of their release balance, so 5.21 won’t contain any buffs or nerfs, just some bug fixes. Really interested to see where they end up over the next couple of patches, there’s some definite learning curve there and we’re also seeing people experiment with them in a range of positions with a mix of success and failure.


Mordekaiser Final Portrait

  • Morde’s a pretty topical dude at the moment. Our belief is that he’s too strong in a duo lane, despite previous nerfs, so we’re going to be reducing the amount of bonus XP he gets from his W in 5.21. Our hope is that that will then give us some room to buff his base stats, bringing his solo laning closer to his duo lane performance. That’s something we’ll likely do as a follow up change though (potentially in 5.22), once we’ve got a read on what the impact of the XP reduction was.

  • Thematic side note for anyone that’s interested and hadn’t already heard – we’ll also be changing his title to ‘The Iron Revenant’ rather than the previous ‘Lord of Death’ (Iron Revenant being a player suggested title update that we felt did a great job of merging different thematic elements from Morde).


Poppy Final Portrait

  • Works heavily underway on Poppy. She’ll be the next really big champion update that goes out (Sion/GP sort of scale, so full overhaul of abilities, visuals, voice etc). Her E’s the only ability effectively ported over from her old kit, feel we’re going for’s still very much small, noble, determined warrior who smacks others around with a large hammer.


World Champs

  • Worlds has been getting a lot of attention for the Gameplay teams of course. We’ve been really enjoying the diversity of picks in some positions (mid lane especially), though are seeing that some others could do with more help (jungle for example). Some outlier champions that definitely seem too strong (Morde, GP, Darius etc), some of whom we’ve already nerfed post 5.18, some of which we’ve got stuff underway for. A number of champions too that we don’t yet have plans for, but are keeping a really close eye on and talking about quite a bit (Tahm Kench for example).


Upcoming Champs

  • We’ve had a couple of trends with new champions recently that have helped opened up new gameplay space (non damage utility ults) and thematic space (creatures of myth). We’ve been pretty happy with how those explorations have gone, we don’t have to overdo them though. Next set of champs we’ve got underway are going for a bit of contrast with that as a result, with a few more damage/combat focused ults and characters who are somewhat more a part of the regular world of Runeterra.


General Balance Changes

  • Since a lot’s going to change in the upcoming preseason patch we’re generally holding off on smaller balance changes for a little bit, given which characters are a bit too weak or a bit too strong could change significantly in the near future due to systemic changes.

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I think we should get a developer post like this every 3 or 4 patches

Meddler Final PortraitI’m also interested in finding something along those sort of lines. Still trying to figure out exact format, frequency, style etc, with this post as one test of what works for people versus what doesn’t.

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Meddler Final PortraitI’ll be trying to do these every so often. Buffs/nerfs/updates are one of the things I’ll be best able to cover, new champ ideas by contrast we generally prefer not to talk about until the champion’s ready. Game modes and skins by contrast are outside of my own area of expertise, so I’ll leave discussion on those to the folks who work on them who are much more able to talk about them usefully.

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Has Ao Shin been scrapped delayed due to animation issues with his body

Ao Shin Single Banner

Meddler Final PortraitAo Shin got put on hold quite a while back, in large part due to technical issues with making a serpentine creature look like we wanted in game. Plan’s always been to look at Ao Shin again once we’ve got the tech to do those body animations properly.

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Will we get another champion this year

Meddler Final PortraitCurrent expectation is that Kindred will not be the last new champ of the year.

We will continue to look for opportunities to get classes into less common positions, that’s not going to be a good fit for some champion concepts though.

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Why are you scrapping Poppys Q in her rework

Poppy Single Banner

Meddler Final PortraitPoppy’s Q is a very functional spell, but we felt there was opportunity to shift to something with more play and interest to it.

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Meddler Final PortraitShe’ll be more focused at controlling a fight and fighting people over longer periods over time than exploding a dude really quickly.

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Will there be any changes to Sightstone in the Preseason

Meddler Final PortraitSightstone upgrades will be part of the changes. Intent is to still keep those in a position where they’re generally more appealing on supports than other classes though.

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Do you think Cassiopeias in a good state

Cassiopeia Single Banner

Meddler Final PortraitSpeaking frankly about Cass:

  • We don’t believe Cass is in a good state post rework.
  • We also don’t believe pre-rework Cass was in a good state either.
  • We would like to do some work (scale unknown, though extremely unlikely to be a full scale rework) on Cass next year.

  • How that work will be prioritized hasn’t been determined yet. There are a number of other projects it’d have to be traded off against on either the Live Gameplay (balance) team or the Champion Update (reworks) team (projects like Ryze, Azir, Taric, Yorick etc).
  • Even if we do do work on Cass next year I can’t offer any promises as to when that might be. Could be some small stuff early in the year and some medium work later, just balance/QoL changes at some indeterminate point, a moderate sized piece of gameplay work late in the year etc.

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Why is Azir on your Gameplay update list

Azir Single Banner

Meddler Final PortraitAzir’s kit is sufficiently difficult to learn that it doesn’t seem to currently be possible to put him in a spot where he’s sufficiently balanced for experienced players without being extremely inaccessible to people unfamiliar with him. Learning curve and skill ceiling are great of course, in this case Azir’s skill floor’s too punishing though. Current intent is to look at ways to make him somewhat more accessible, with if needs be, some nerfs to his top end if those changes buff him there too.

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Do you have any plans now or in the future to rework or remove crit

Meddler Final PortraitCrit’s definitely got some issues (feeling screwed by RNG when you did everything right especially), so at some point we do want to do some work on it. It does add some variance and risk to otherwise extremely reliable, consistent actions (right clicking/getting right clicked) though, and LoL’s arguably a little too predictable at times at present. We don’t want to simply replace it with a guaranteed damage multiplier as a result and, whenever we do work on it, would want to bundle that with some other systemic changes.

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Do you think that mana conservationmanagement are good mechanics

Meddler Final PortraitI feel mana management’s a useful lever to have, both in terms of the control it offers over champion power at various points in the game and as an expression of player skill. Having said that I don’t feel that all characters should be mana gated equally. Some melee should arguably be gated in lane, but free to use spells generally on CD later in the game, given the challenges they have getting onto targets. Other long range characters, or healers, by contrast should generally have significant costs throughout the game.

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Whatre your thoughts on energybased resourceless Champions

Meddler Final PortraitResourceless characters and energy users are both types of champion I feel have a good place in the game in terms of the different playstyles, pacings (in lane and after) and abilities designs they allow. I do believe it’s healthy to have mana as the default resource however, with occasional exceptions and we’ll be going through a period of new champions who consistently use mana for a while (last non mana user was Rek’Sai, next 4 upcoming champions at least will probably all use mana).

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Do you think highmobility Champions are crowding out lowmobility ones

Meddler Final PortraitI believe it’s very possible for high and low mobility champions to coexist in lanes, I don’t think we’ve always given lower mobility champions sufficient compensation for the low mobility price they pay however. Being a low mobility champ should allow you to get access to some pretty powerful stuff that wouldn’t be appropriate on champs with dashes/blinks etc. Kog’Maw and Anivia are good examples to me of where that’s been done right, with both of them being options that more mobile marksmen/mages respectively don’t offer.

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Are there any buffs planned for Syndra

Syndra Banner

Meddler Final PortraitWe’d still like to make some improvements to Syndra’s passive, probably in a way that added a bit of power to her to. No short term plans for that though, that’ll be a sometime post preseason project (timing uncertain, since our current road map for balance type changes primarily reads ‘Get preseason ready and then follow up on preseason’).

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What happened to Rivens Edge resource on the PBE Why was it reverted

Riven Single Banner

Meddler Final PortraitThose are currently on hold while the Live Gameplay team’s focused on preseason work. We’ll probably look at Riven against once that stuff’s out, unclear whether those specific changes are what we’d want to go with yet or not though. In the meantime we’re shipping a small nerf to Riven’s ult CD to take a bit of power off her.

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If you were to nerf Tahm Kench could you just revert some of the buffs he got

Tahm Kench Single banner

Meddler Final PortraitIf we were to nerf Tahm where we did so would depend on where he’s too strong. If that’s something we’ve recently buffed, then certainly, reverting a recent buff would make sense (e.g. if enemy Devour’s now too strong reducing the regurgitate range back down could be a good fit). On the other hand if the issue’s elsewhere reverting a recent buff might not hit the right issue (e.g. if his healing’s too strong nerfing devour range isn’t an appropriately targeted fix).

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Will the Marksman update be part of the Preseason changes

Meddler Final PortraitYes, Marksmen changes will be in the preseason. We haven’t decided yet which class we might tackle after that (enchanters also isn’t a name or clearly defined subclass we’ve got a consensus on, though it is a term some people have been using internally to describe caster supports like Janna or Nami).

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Wont Voice Chat solve ingame toxicity People dont say the things they type

Lyte Final PortraitIronically, I just answered a question about voice chat on, which is here:

QUESTION: Are you trying to make the game full PG? (Like even below PG-13) Couse it looks like you are trying to completely remove toxicity when there will always be people that act ughh… silly.Couse for example, voice chat would help immensly but your toxicity “excuse” ruins that idea…

League is a hardcore game, and it’s played by many adults so no, we’re not trying to make it a PG-13 game. In fact, we’re not against offensive language per se. For example, saying “Fuck I missed that skillshot” or “Fuck, that was a bad engage, sorry” is completely fine and is not punished. You’re only punished when you start focusing your language against someone else, for example, “Fuck you asshole, wtf was that play. Uninstll plz.” Of course, hate speech, death threats and more severe language is not OK in any context, and that stuff will be punished with pretty much zero tolerance.

With regards to voice chat, we’re not opposed to voice chat. A lot of research suggests that voice chat between friends is an awesome experience, but voice chat with strangers is more hit and miss. These are known problems with voice chat and these issues exist in every game. If we do voice chat, we’d like to try some new features to tackle these problems but right now, all our development teams are focused on other priorities.

To the OP though, there’s a huge difference between 3rd party voice chat and integrated voice chat. Players that already have a voice chat solution installed, and are willing to add a stranger to their personal voice chat friends list and voice chat in a game are a very different, self-selected population compared to the general playerbase. In many cases, you could say these players are more likely to want to voice chat with others and very few people would do this purposely to yell at someone or be toxic to someone. If we had integrated voice chat, it would be available for everyone in the game, which has very different player behaviors.

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The Risks of MMR Boosting

Rhojin New PortraitHey Everyone,

A couple months back I made a post regarding MMR Boosting punishments and the updated investigation and identification methods we created for the 2015 Season. Today I wanted to talk about something else in regard to MMR Boosting, the security of your account. By now I’m sure you are all aware of the announcement of the 2015 Ranked Season Rewards; and after seeing what waits for those who reached Gold or higher we have seen a large increase in the number of players receiving MMR Boosts. While it may be tempting to pay for a boost or getting your friend/family member to play a couple games to boost your rank up, there are some serious risks involved in receiving a MMR Boost.

First and foremost, you will receive a MMR Boosting punishment. Your account will be suspended for two weeks, any ranked rewards you may have earned in the past will be stripped from your account and you will be ineligible to receive the 2015 rewards. Now this isn’t an “IF” your account is caught this is a when your account is caught. No matter how elite a booster may claim their methods are, there is no hiding from us.

On top of the punishment looming over a boosted account, the security of the account could also be at risk. Far too many times have we seen players share their information with people offering to boost their account, only to have that person then run off with the account and either sell it to another party or use it for other nefarious means. There are boosters who will boost an account and then report it directly to us for whatever reason they may have. And then there are those who set up sting operations, offer to boost someone and report every player to us who says yes, and they aren’t even contracted through us to do something like this. This is something they do out of their own free will to ensure boosters are removed from the community they love.

But even after being boosted there is no guarantee that an account will remain in the ranking it was boosted to. Throughout the 2015 Season we have seen 35% of boosted accounts drop back down to the ranking they were at before being boosted or lower. So not only is there the MMR Boosting punishment being issued to an account, the numbers show you may drop back down in rank and expose your account information to unnecessary risk.

I will be checking this post throughout the day to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Will the system punish me if Ive played from different locations

Rhojin New PortraitYou shouldn’t have anything to worry about. We know players travel all the time and play from location other than home. When we investigate accounts we make sure to take this into consideration. The last thing we want to do is punish someone because they wanted to enjoy a couple League games while they were on vacation or visiting friends.

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Does this include friends carrying others through Ranked

Rhojin New PortraitNah, you’re cool. Duoing with a friend is something we allow, even if they were the one doing the carrying. As long as you played on your own account you have nothing to worry about.

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Rhojin New PortraitAs long as both players are on their own accounts it is not considered to be boosting. Though chances are a challenger player is not going to have a legitimate smurf account that can duo with a bronze player but by some chance they have a legitimate smurf able to duo with a bronze friend it is not punishable in regard to boosting.

Now if the challenger player intentionally lost games to have a lower ranked account in order to stomp lower ranked players or to duo with friends, then the account would be open to another form of punishment.

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Are you guys sure youre able to catch every booster

Rhojin New PortraitWe are working around the clock on MMR Boosting investigations and we still have a large list of people who are set to be punished for their boosting participation this season. While nothing anywhere is perfect there is a very slim chance someone may get lucky now to avoid detection, but sooner or later their time will come. Also if you feel you have information pertaining to someone who had their account boosted you are more than welcome to send a report to us through the support site. We appreciate these types or reports as it does help us ensure we can identify those who have received MMR Boosts.

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Can a player be punished as a result of a false report

Rhojin New PortraitWe never punish anyone based simply because a report was sent in. When any reports are sent in to us we begin an investigation into the reports player, gathering our own information and comparing it to what the reporting player may have sent to us. Only when we are 100% sure that the reported player is guilty will we ever issue a punishment. There are times when players have been reported to me for being boosted and it turned out that the account wasn’t boosted, rather they just had a bad losing streak in their Diamond ranking.

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You made it to the end! Here’s some fan-art to wrap up the red posts for Saturday:


Lux by Raikoart



Haunted Zyra by dotswap




Female Thresh by Gumae


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected].


News Update July 2 Banner


Official Announcements: Celebrate CBLOL

Red Post Collection

Single Posts


Recent News




Celebrate CBLOL Banner

You can now get the logos of Brazil’s top teams as Summoner icons in the store.


NaKyle New PortraitThe Circuito Brasileiro (CBLOL) hosts Brazil’s top League teams, including the internationally-known paiN Gaming. Available now are permanent summoner icons featuring CBLOL team logos for 250 RPeach. If you’re a hardcore CBLOL fan, snag all eight icons for 1600 RP (20% off the full price).

Show off your team allegiance as they race to the top of the Brazilian scene and compete for a place on the world stage! As before, you’re not simply hoisting your team’s battle standard—20% of each purchase goes straight to the team, and the other 80% directly supports esports through prizing, streaming and live events!

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IronStylus Banner

Everyone’s favourite parrot talks what he did before joining Riot Games, what his current job is and how the team balances VUs with skin releases.




Context: Mecha Aatrox & Malphite are new skins currently in testing on the PBE. You can check out previews of them here.


IronStylus New PortraitFact #1: I didn’t work on these skins. I really, really like these skins because I have a long-standing love of sci-fi art. Here. Have a colony construction ship:



Fact #2: My first “real” job as being a concept artist was on the season of Power Rangers SPD. I designed a LOT of sets, any prop that wasn’t used by the Japanese version of the show first, and a lot of other stuff. This is mostly what I did, back in the days of pen, marker and paper:

SPD art

I also designed and worked on the prototype model for the SPD laser firearm, which was a unique weapon not used by the Bandai production. I was only used by the NA actors in the Western iteration of the show:…weps-laser.php

(Blue Ranger Chris Violette there is still a buddy of mine 

This was really my break. I went from being a very cash-strapped college student to a slightly less cash-strapped entertainment artist. Since I initially did more sculpting than illustration, it was really difficult to draw and paint. Add to the fact that there was virtually no digital art pipelines at the time. Everything was traditional aside from scanning images and drawing/painting over them traditionally. I have cases filled with my old production art from the traditional days. Fascinating time. I learned a whole hell of a lot. Set me up to be the artist I am today.

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IronStylus New PortraitI’m the Senior Concept Artist on Champion Update (Relaunch) and therefore:

  • Design 2D concepts of the new base for champions I choose to work on as well as their respective existing skins.
  • In charge of cultivating concepts for champions I don’t work on from other artists.
  • Provide general 2D concept support for 3D, VFX, etc.
  • Other shenanigans.

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IronStylus New PortraitSince VU’s vary in scope and are subject to changes and hiccups, we don’t limit ourselves in terms of skins or updated splashes unless something is really wrong with the champion and/or that it’s somewhere in or in some sort of proximity to entering our production pipeline. 

…there’s a reason Eve hasn’t gotten any new skins recently.

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IronStylus New PortraitWe’ve been doodling around with some concepts.

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IronStylus New PortraitJust SPD. The guy I worked under had a contract for just that season. By then Power Rangers was changing stories each season. It was the most appropriate season though for both of us since we were very much sci-fi nuts with a love for practical effects.

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Ziggs Nerfs in 4 point 11 Banner

Ziggs was nerfed in Patch 4.11 in a way that’s worded somewhat confusingly. Meddler brings context on these changes and why they were made.



Meddler New PortraitThere are two different values that makes up Ziggs’ Q. The first is the detection radius. This is the value that, if the target is within it, will cause the bomb to detonate on the first and second bounces. That’s being nerfed from 180 to 150, making Ziggs more reliant on either predicting the enemy’s movement or using other abilities to set up his Q. The second radius determines how large the explosion actually is once the bomb goes off on hitting a target/at the end of the final arc. That’s unchanged in this patch and equal to 240 (for points of comparison Karthus’ Lay Waste has an explosion radius of 200). Not sure what’s up with the wiki.

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TLDR PortraitTL:DR – What’s being nerfed is the radius of detection around the bomb as it bounces ( if an enemy Champion is within that range, the bomb detonates) .




Meddler New PortraitThat’s a pretty good analogy yeah.

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Meddler New PortraitShort version is we believe he’s too strong, but in a way that’s relatively easy to adjust. There are definitely other champs that also need power changes, up or down, and we’re working on a number of them too as we prepare for the patch Worlds will be played on (still a way off, but one of our big focuses nonetheless).

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Toxicity Causing Toxicity Banner

On EUW Forums, Ymir disproves a Summoner’s arguments that him being toxic because other players were toxic in the first place excuses his behavior.




Ymir New PortraitI’m going to swoop in and say that we’re not in Gotham City, which appears to be the overall thrust of some of the posting here. ‘YOU MADE ME,’ in the way you describe only really works when you’re yelling it at Batman and we, the audience, stroke our chins and consider the circular nature society.

There is something to be said for toxicity breeding toxicity and it’s why the core of what we do is preventative measures in part and aim to rehabilitate. People playing and realising that the most successful, fun way to play is playing with respect is a major part of that and in the main that is how most people play League of Legends.

It’s a myth that there’s monsters out there and there’s a pessimistic side of the internet that believes everyone outside of their group of friends is a monster. They’re just other people with their own flaws and a boatload of conflict comes down to expecting the worst from others. A mistake becomes an attempt to troll, advice becomes sarcasm and what you end up with is a whole load of normal people yelling monster at the mirror.

Losing the game then becomes intentional rather than understanding you can’t win every game but you can learn from them.

You have to make a break with that belief if you want to enjoy yourself. I’m intentionally not talking about our systems here because this entire thread is leaning way more to the side of trying to justify being a jerk.

There is never any justification for it, sure there may be reasons but if someone is a jerk then that is what gets remembered. It’s not a sign of victory, or running against the herd it’s just a small and petty thing that leads people to think you’re petty and small.

If you keep your head high then you’re not only known as a better person you feel like a better person. You can be passionate about winning and be nice, you can feel wild emotions about events in a game and be honourable. 

Everyone has passion and everyone feels emotion but it’s what you do with it that makes you you.

Just be a cool person and it doesn’t matter what other people do, you can report them and move on shaking your head. I often meet people and they ask how to not be punished in game, I always take that as how do I be a better person. Not just player, but person.

It’s pretty simple, stop it at your fingertips don’t let what you want to type out and be stronger. Just respect others and the rest comes easy, it shouldn’t matter what anyone else does because all that you can shape is yourself and by being positive you actually do have a positive effect.

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TLDR Portrait TL;DR – You can never justify being a jerk online. Toxicity causing toxicity is one of the things Riot tries to prevent with player behavior systems. Helping players understand that the most rewarding way to play LoL is by respecting both yours and the enemy team is a core priority. If you keep a positive attitude, you not only know you’re better for it, you feel better too. This applies to both in-game scenarios and real life.




Ymir New PortraitThat really isn’t the case, everyone is free to have their own view and the only thing that matters is behaviour in game. If you feel that something doesn’t work then we can try and explain why it works how it does or even look at feedback as it’s valuable.

I mentioned in the other post the talk in this thread is pretty distant from system discussion as it’s more about why people turn to extremity in game than what we have in play  What I was referencing there is that I’m not trying to change the minds of people I’m talking to, any discussion online is really a lot bigger due to readers than those taking part and it really helps to keep that in mind as when you start viewing what you write through the lens of an audience it can change your opinion as you question your position.

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Ymir New PortraitReports from a premade like that don’t work out anywhere near how the Community tends to believe, this is something we’ve stressed.

We’re pretty keen on carrot but we also use a lot of stick as well. What I do see is a few responses where people just outright refuse to believe that being the kind of guy you’d like to play with and against is a positive. I’ll be honest, I’m not trying to convince you as your mind is made up and you’ll either find your way or the system will find a way for you.

There’s a lot more readers here than posters and every interaction online is to the audience, this tends to be something people miss and there’s two messages in this thread for them. Be a cool person and you can do awesome things or that’s bollocks, just be a jerk because of…reasons.

Personally I think that first message is the one that resonates more with people. 

If you want to get rid of hippy stuff then our recidivism rate has been steadily going up all the time and as much as we aim to deliver on rehabilitation and better experience we have absolutely no qualms with taking any action that protects players. We’re not talking being saints here, just treat people good and you’ll not go wrong. 

The number of stories I’ve heard from people face to face at events who decided to try and be decent people and worked their way up the tiers is crazy. It helps you win games and it helps you to lose games with grace.

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TLDR Portrait TL;DR – Some players don’t believe that behaving in a way that makes other people enjoy playing with or against them is something positive. That’s what Riot hopes to reform with toxic players.




Single Posts banner





Steiny New PortraitSup Oceania!

I’ve been blessed by Riot Games with the opportunity to Support Rioters along with the Community and troll as I deem fit. You’ll probably be seeing more of me on these forums so I wanted to give you a big ‘ol howdy introduction, with a “Ask me Anything” post.

Am I good a League – unfortunately even though I’ve been playing since Beta, I’m pretty mediocre. (not enough time dedicated to the game!) =(

What do I [email protected] – I configure/setup & support “IT related” technologies at the Riot office in Sydney. Including such things as troubleshooting issues & fulfilling request for printers, email, laptops, monitors, telephony, file shares, Rioter Accounts. To name a few things! 

What did I do before Riot – I worked in IT Desktop Support for a Managed Service Provider (pretty similar job, just not as cool of a company!)

What do I do in my spare time – I’m an avid traveler, that use to do a whole bunch of hiking and rock climbing. I now spend less time doing that and more time liking tasty craft beers and wines. Enjoy spending time with my other half and playing league whenever I can.

Favorite Beer – generally I like hoppy summery type beers but Bright Brewery down in the town of Bright in Victoria has my favorite beer of all time which is a Belgium’s Dubbel!



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Context: Quill Coat is a new item that builds into the reworked Spirit of the Ancient Golem.

ManWolf New PortraitHey dudes,

Ya, this is unintentional and has already been fixed internally. We may get the fix to live if there is a redeploy, otherwise it won’t be until next patch. I know that sucks, sorry all.

That being said, we do like the item and will be replacing the active for it and SotAG for TT – not just removing them.

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ManWolf New PortraitUpdate: The fix is already done and being tested. Once it’s “fit for live” we’ll be pushing it out. Won’t have to wait until next patch.

Sorry dudes and dudettes!

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Context: Bloodthirster got some pretty significant changes on the PBE test server. You can read them all here.

Meddler New PortraitBT’s not changing in 4.11. We are continuing to test that passive and it could end up in a later patch if it tests well. That’ll depend in part on how various ADCs perform and the ongoing impacts of the previous set of itemization changes as well though.

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Draggles New PortraitWe’re gonna have a message up about this shortly.

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Riot Noc New PortraitSummoners,

Due to some issues we are seeing in other regions after the 4.11 deploy, we’re postponing the 4.11 deploy for OCE at this time. We do not have a new time scheduled yet for the deploy and will update this post when we know more information.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]