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Welcome to Tribunal Cases of the Weak.  Every week you’ll get the best/weirdest/worst Tribunal cases.  As always, purple text is the accused, green text is the teammates, and red is the opponents. The title of each case is a link to the full Tribunal case, but don’t click through unless you’re ready for NSFW language.  Unsure of what the Tribunal is or how it works? Read Riot’s FAQ.


Case #5: The Dark Child

Playing Annie as a support is certainly unorthodox, but with team approval, anything can work.  It can be hard though, to tell if someone is just being unorthodox, or if they are trolling.  It’s always reassuring, though, when the player seems smart and mature:


Not the most encouraging sign.  Here is Annie’s score:


Not the best score, looks like she’s trolling.  What does this Annie have to say for herself?


Isn’t that supposed to calm people down?  In this case, it seemed to lead to a lot of raging, intentional feeding and attempts to solo Baron.




Case #4: The Soon to Be Exiled

You know the slash commands, like /joke or /dance.  This player had some commands of his own:


Obviously he’s trolling.  If you read through the game, you’ll find verbal abuse along with a healthy dose of feeding.  But there was more:


Yes, that’s a real channel; streaming the trolling of new players.  The only thing worse than this guy may be his viewers.




Case #3: The True Terror of the Void

This is a strange case.  Most trolls either believe they are innocent and are righteous in their defense, or they maliciously harass opposing players.  This troll trolls himself:


This player is not only asking for a report, he’s providing the necessary behavior.  He fed and he went afk.  If that wasn’t enough:


And it worked, he got reported.  And then the Tribunal gave him what he must have really wanted:

PunishTime Ban



Case #2: The Defeatist

This player created a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The moment he started losing, he thought there was no way to win:


And with his behavior, he ensured it:


Needless to say, his teammates didn’t appreciate his fatalism.

PunishTime Ban


Case #1: Worst Troll of the Week

This player didn’t get the lane he wanted.  This is what he had to say:


Believing that most low level players are “meta sheeps” certainly doesn’t help him get an unorthodox role.  The reports detail his behavior:


And what is his explanation for it?


Ah, yes.  The old “I’m banned on my main” excuse.  This is one type of player that the Tribunal quickly bans:

PunishTime Ban




This player consistently crosses the line between joke and harassment.  In fact, he may not know where the line is at all:


That’s some adult material.  And in another game is this fun gem:


And more:


Well, this troll got what he had coming.  After a series of Warnings and Time Bans, he ended up with:



That’s all for this week!  We’ll be back next week with another round of Tribunal Cases of the Weak.

Have a case you think should be included?  Send your submissions to [email protected].  Be sure to include the case number and region, your summoner name, and explain what makes it interesting.