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Following yesterday’s news of imbound Karma changes, ricklessabandon has shared a tentative changelist for her that’ll be up for testing on the PBE soon. Also, we’ve some context for the sneaky Zed nerf that’ll be in Patch 5.9 and a confirmation that Urgot is still slated for a rework, despite his recent surge in popularity. Lastly, to keep the Star Wars movie hype train rolling, check out Forsaken Fiora and Chosen Fiora.


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Here’s a text version of the changes:


Gathering Fire [ Passive ] 

  • Spell hits now reduce Karma’s cooldowns by 2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds (at levels 1/6/11/16), increased from 2 seconds at all levels
  • Auto attacks against champions reduce Karma’s cooldowns by 50% of that value – 1/1.25/1.5/1.75 seconds respectively


Focused Resolve [ W ]

  • Karma can now also leash jungle monsters


Renewal [ Mantra + W ]

  • No longer heals Karma or deals bonus damage
  • Now applies a debuff to the target that increases all damage dealt to the target by 10% (excluding true damage). Karma and all allies damaging her target heal for 20% of the damage dealt
  • Reworked – both healing and bonus damage removed.


Inspire [ E ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 10 seconds at all ranks to 10/9/8/7/6
  • Mana Cost decreased from 60/70/80/90/100 to 60/65/70/75/80
  • Shield value decreased from 80/120/160/200/240 to 80/110/140/170/200


Defiance [ Mantra + E ]

  • Damage portion removed
  • Now shields the target for an additional 30/90/150/210 (+ 0.3 AP) (stacks with Inspire’s shield)
  • Allies around Karma’s target are shielded for 50% of the target’s shield, changed from 30/70/110/150 (+0.3 AP)



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Context for Zeds Patch 5 9 Change

For reference, here’s the upcoming change to Zed:


Zed Final Portrait


Nerf TriangleDeath Mark Final IconDeath Mark [ R ]

  • Now has a 1 second window before Zed can re-cast the spell to return to Death Mark’s shadow


Meddler Final PortraitWe have been testing a Zed nerf, where there’s a one second delay before he’s able to reactivate his ult. Goal there’s to add a slightly longer response window to Zed’s all in. Not sure off the top of the head if that’s in 5.09 or being tested further in 5.10 (think it’s 5.09 and going live soon, not 100% sure though). If that change results in a healthier play pattern for Zed, but leaves him too weak, that would also give us the opportunity to put a bit of power into something else instead.

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How could a 1 second delay leave him weak

Meddler Final PortraitReally proficient Zeds currently get their burst combo off on a target extremely quickly (0.25-0.5 seconds at a very rough guess), so this is adding a noticeable amount of extra time in which Zed can attacked by his victim or their nearby allies. His damage shouldn’t be affected, so he’ll still get the kill if he was going to previously, but he’ll be at greater risk of dying for it, so will either have to pick his engages more selectively or be willing to trade himself for the target sometimes.

How much of a power change that results in is open to debate of course, I’d certainly expect to see some drop in his performance though, especially as people adapt to the change.

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RiotVelocity: Hey all, just wanted to weigh in with some perspective on why we’re making this specific change to Zed.

There has been a lot of great discussion in this thread, and I think a lot of great points were made. I’m not here to discount anything any of you had said, merely just to provide additional context for any seeking it.

The main purpose behind this proposed change to Zed is that traditionally he’s been a character that is very frustrating to have to play around as an enemy. Give a Zed any amount of snowball within a game and he can take that an effectively and efficiently assassinate a member of your team in under a second while putting himself in a very low risk position at the same time due to the ult being immediately reactivateable. (I’m pretty sure I spelled that word wrong.)

We’re looking to add some counterplay onto an otherwise very frustrating (in some cases) character, while leaving his core identity intact.

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Now that Urgots becoming popular is a rework still necessary

DanielzKlein Final PortraitThe rework is needed much more now that this awful to play against champion is so popular.

We do not rework champions because they are weak or unpopular. We rework champions because they are bad for the game. Sometimes that leads to them being unpopular, and sometimes we nerf champions that are bad for the game and popular to alleviate the pain until we can rework them, but make no mistake on why we rework.

Urgot has an invisible passive that means he just wins trades without having to do anything special. The enemy gets no play around it, they are just weaker when they fight Urgot. The combination of his base kit means that if you ever fail to dodge his aoe skill shot, he not only gets to do guaranteed damage to you until you leave his range, he also gets to slow you with this guaranteed damage so you cannot leave his range.

There is unfortunately no eta yet on the rework, but Vesh is making a very cool kit. He already made one awful to play against champion much more interesting with his Soraka rework, so I have high hopes.

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Forsaken Fiora Skin Concept

This is the fan art you’ve been looking for – Forsaken Fiora by Summoner Hylia:


resize (5)

“They dare not strike back.”

Hey everyone! I painted a quick Forsaken skin concept for Fiora that I wanted to share!

It’s been a few years since Fiora’s last skin, and given the relative lack of variety in terms of her visuals and particles on her current skins, I think she’d be a perfect fit for the Forsaken/Chosen skin line! Fiora’s base skills inherently have little particle effects outside of the shining effect on Riposte and Blade Waltz, so to remedy that and add a little more to her abilities, I think this would make for a great 1350 tier skin! It’d be her first skin with a recall animation, and In my head it features new particles, new SFX on her AA and abilities, a corrupted filter on her VO, and maybe a new haste or AA animation when she activates burst of speed. I hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think!

Edit: here’s a quick example of what her VO might sound like. I’m not great with Audacity and don’t know many effects, so it’s a little underwhelming, but I figured I’d throw something together!

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To complement the Star Wars exposé, here’s Chosen Fiora by obywatelsowa:




If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



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As promised yesterday, Lead Champion Designer Meddler has shared an outline of QoL changes to look forward to for Urgot as well as plans for his rework. Also, Phreak joins Xelnath‘s discussion about the limited champion pool in LCS from yesterday. As a bonus, an awesome collection of super-detailed pencil sketches by artist Nathelm!


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Plans for Urgot’s Rework, Quality-of-Life Changes List

Meddler New PortraitHey all.

Long delayed update here and a change of plans. My original hope had been that we’d be able to rework Urgot’s gameplay without needing substantial art support. That’s proven to be too optimistic however, with the sort of changes we’d like to make including some new skills and other functionality changes that need animation, spell effects, sound and potentially model changes.

Urgot is on our list for such a full rework, that’s a ways off though (Sion’s up next for major reworks, and we’ve been tentatively discussing Poppy as an option for after that, though that’s not yet certain). As a result the new plan’s to do some much shorter term work on Urgot that, while it won’t fix everything, should help out on some of his issues and get him into a better spot until we’re free to do larger scale work on him.

That shorter term work’s potentially going to be split into a couple of patches. The first (and I’m guessing that would be around patch 4.15, though not certain on that yet) focusing on some general cleanup and quality of life, with a possible follow up set of changes to add in a bit more power if appropriate.

Tentative list of changes we’re looking at for that first patch (note, not yet in testing, so may well change):



  • Basic attack missile speed increased to 1600 (from 1300)
    – Given Urgot’s short attack range a more responsive auto attack’s appropriate for the risk he’s often putting himself in
  • Recommended item update
  • Some minor visual effects clean up


  • Acid Hunters now check for Noxian Corrosive Charge on both start and end of Acid Hunter cast
    – Currently only checks at start of cast, penalizing swift follow up shots after firing the E at long range and attempts to sneak in a final homing shot as Noxian Corrosive Charge is close to expiring)
  • Mana cost increased to 50 (from 40), half mana cost refunded on kill
    – Primary goal here is to punish Urgot less for last hitting with Acid Hunters when he needs to. Slight increase in cost to maintain a bit more harass cost, though still aiming to have this be a net buff to Urgot’s mana usage.


  • CD reduced to 120/110/100 (from 120)
    – Adding a bit of late game power, without increasing his potential lane bully case
  • Mana cost reduced to 100 (from 120)
    – Standardization with standard ult mana cost

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Will the mana cost refund even on minion kills

Meddler New PortraitYes, minion killing’s the intended use.

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Urgot needs straight-up buffs, not QoL changes

Meddler New PortraitAs above this is an initial set of changes targeted at feel and clean up more than power. Assuming these don’t spike his power substantially (think it’s unlikely they will, but been wrong before) we’ll then look into whether there are some other safe buffs we can throw his way too. To be clear however Urgot’s still got some substantial game health issues in his kit so we’re not going to just keep throwing raw power at him until he’s back to his previous problematic state.

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Can you recommend a build for Urgot currently

Meddler New PortraitJust some minor changes aimed at convenience for existing Urgot players/better starting point for new Urgot players (Last Whisper in, Doran’s Blade start, Mercurial out, Brutalizer/Tear/Glacial Shroud in explicitly not just as components etc).

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Will Urgot be compensated for the Muramana changes

Note: Your Summoner Name might be cool, but it will never be Potato Jesus cool.

Meddler New PortraitYeah, would definitely want to add some compensatory power somewhere if we go ahead with those changes and they cut significant power off Urgot. Not sure what form that would take yet though, few things such as a the possible mana scaling above, I’d want to look into to help make that decision.

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How about making Urgot’s shield scale with AD

Meddler New PortraitOne change I’d like to test, but have only limited confidence in at present, is having his shield scale with mana instead of AP. Doing so would offer some additional build distinction for Urgot (tanky mana build versus raw AD/pen build) and supports using Tear which I feel’s fun and synergizes well with the Q refund change if that sticks. Potential downsides are a risk of forcing Urgot down a single build path, damage and tankiness from one stat via Manamune/Muraman (snowball issues) or alternatively, if the Muramana changes go through, a lack of appropriate mana items to support such a passive.

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Is Sion’s rework next up

Meddler New PortraitNext major rework (so full visual update, really big kit changes, lore update etc). Might well see some smaller reworks and/or visual updates first though, not certain on the timing of those off the top of the head.

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Follow-up Limited Champion Pool in LCS

Context: This is a follow-up on Xelnath‘s yesterday response about why few Champions see competitive play.

Phreak New PortraitI’d like to chime in too, if you don’t mind:

Also realize that the LCS is only eight teams per region. Not everyone plays every champion. Thinking back to last season, it took people a long time to pick up Zed, despite being a ridiculously strong champion. Players often justdon’t find the champion, despite being an awesome pick overall.

I remember replying to a thread on this very forum where a player was like “Dude wtf look how bad Zed looked in this Korean game. Come on Riot, buff Zed. He missed his Q and did no damage. Clearly a trash champion.” That thread existed. It was upvoted. On early Season Three Zed: A champion we nerfed multiple times and was STILL #1 pick/ban at the World Championship last year. Just sayin’.

It’s also much easier to imitate than to innovate. A lot of players look to the Korean teams and say, “They’re the best, we’ll just follow in their footsteps.” Unless LCS teams are willing to step out and find their own powerful picks, you’re just only going to see the small set of champions that highly-regarded teams like Samsung Blue or SKT T1 K play. Last week we barely saw any Kog’Maw played in the LCS. This week, we have him played almost every single game. Because people realized, “Oh right, Kog’Maw’s really strong.” The game didn’t change in the LCS over the past seven days: LCS players’ perceptions did.

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Follow Up

Enabling new competitive metas to appear

Xelnath New PortraitThanks, David, that was a really great contribution. 

Kog’maw is a great example of where a team must choose to play protect-the-kog’maw – but that might be impossible vs a team composed of the right set of divers/assassins/vi, etc. 

These strategies exist – the people that are capable of practicing them? Less available until popular. 

We want to enable these kinds of things – Yasuo Knockup comps are a new example of a specific synergy type. AoE Wombo Combo, etc. We don’t go out hunting for any specific comp usually, but instead try to ensure that the potential for them to exist does. 

… and by the way, for every strategy that survives to LCS play – there’s 10 times as many that still work just as well at lower levels of play.

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Feedback on a Learn-the-League Youtube Channel

Context: Summoner Locoangel is doing a series of Learn-the-League Youtube videos where a Diamond player assesses common low ELO scenarios. You can check out their announcement here.

Boourns New PortraitAwesome content! Love the concept of a diamond and bronze player talking. He’s like your Counselor Troy!

Best thing that will help people learn is to summarize and reinforce at the end. Run through a list of tips on screen as you’re doing your closing gameplay reel, put a list of lessons in the video description, etc. One thing we definitely learned in our testing is that just telling someone something once doesn’t make it stick. Using speech, action, and text can help people retain things. Ultimately though, doing it yourself works the best. You can also bring back lessons in the future to help people recall things they’ve learned in the past and reinforce again.

Nitpicky feedback, the color balance/contrast/etc. of the play capture changes. You should try to get that to be consistent. Not sure if it’s from different capture sources or a side effect of the overlays you add.

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Ping went up in Auckland

ToxicHawk New PortraitSorry to tell you the servers haven’t moved. Have you tried reaching out to your ISP’s, its possible the route path that they take has slightly changed when getting to our game servers.

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Nathelm Fan Art Showcase


Here are some amazing pencil sketches of Riven, Darius, Garen, Vi, Miss Fortune, Thresh and Nidalee by Nathelm!


DeviantArt Page


Do you love League art? Check out some previous showcases!


Fan-Art-Showcase-Joon-Ahn (1)


Fan Art School Designers


Miss Fortune and Thresh

Miss Fortune and Thresh

Darius and Garen

Darius and Garen









If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



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PBE Update

New Champion Teaser – A Sword without a Sheath

Xelnath: Item Name Changes – Shurelya, Coins, Reveries and more!

Meddler: Looking for Feedback on Urgot

Community Art – Akali

Champion/Skin Sale – Expires November 18th











Gatling_GunGattling Gun ( E )

  • Mana cost decreased from 60/65/70/75/80 to 50 at all ranks





Eye_Of_The_StormEye of the Storm ( E )

  • Shield bonus AD changed from 14/22/30/38/46 to 14/23/32/41/50






Help,_Pix!Help Pix ( E )

  • Shield AP ratio reduced from 0.8 to 0.6






Soul_EaterSoul Eater ( Passive )

  • Lifesteal reduced from 14/17/20% to 10/15/20%







Song of Celerity ( E )

  • Bonus speed % AP ratio increased from 0.02 to 0.04
  • Slow from Power Chord AP ratio increased from 0.2 to 0.4





Sivir_QBoomerang Blade ( Q )

  • Base damage changed from 15/40/65/90/115 to 25/45/65/85/105






  • Base damage increased from 55 to 60



120px-GolemSquareSmall Golem

  • Base damage increased from 25 to 30



120px-LizardSquareYoung Lizard

  • Base damage increased from 10 to 12



New Nasus Splash

Improved Nasus Splash



Learn the League


There are items from a still-in-development page aimed at helping newcomers learn how to play LoL.


Welcome to League











New Champion Teaser – A Sword without a Sheath


New Champion Tease

What is a sword without the man behind it? Teaching a swordsman to kill is simple. The true challenge lies in teaching him not to kill.

When I watched my young brother Yasuo begin training, he breathed life into the blade at first touch. One heard whispers in the halls comparing him to the sword masters of old. But as he grew and his skills increased, so did his ego. He was impetuous and boastful; he ignored our master’s lessons and knew nothing of patience.

Fearing my brother had strayed too far from the way, I went not to warn him, but to make an appeal to his honor. I gave him a maple seed, our school’s highest lesson in humility…one Yasuo seemed to have forgotten. A seed is just a seed, but given time one may come to know the beauty it holds within. Yasuo took my gift, and the following day he accepted a modest guard post. I had high hopes he would learn the patience and virtue required of a true swordsman.

It was not to be.

Today, Yasuo committed an act of treason by murdering the very person he was sworn to protect. He has betrayed his nation, his friends, and himself.  Were it not for my actions, I wonder if he would have been swept down this dark path.  But my task is not to question; I must bear the burden of my duty.  At first light tomorrow, I set out to capture a sword without a sheath: my brother Yasuo.





Item Name Changes – Shurelya, Coins, Reveries and more!



Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: Hello Players,

Recently, a lot of discussion has kicked up about some recent item name changes that went out late last weekend. Specifically, a lot of people were concerned about the name changes to Shurelia’s Reverie, Philosopher’s Stone and Philosopher’s Pebble.

We really do care about how attached you guys are to the game, its items and the development team that got League this far.

Let me see if I clearly understand your concerns:

  • Concerns about the removal of Shurelia’s name and respecting her legacy
  • Unclear why the changes to the item names occurred
  • The new theme was inferred, but not clearly understood
  • Sad about the removal of the Harry Potter reference to the Philosopher’s Stone, (as well as the Medieval reference IRL)
  • Difficulty finding the new item in the shop

Is this correct? Please let me know if not.

Why do this?

Next, let’s talk about the changes and why. RiotRadioblur will be talking about the artistic direction, while I talk about the mechanics, theme and overall direction.

When I approached the task of adjusting the gold income streams for Season 4, I initially did my best to keep the old item names and themes. This was great – people jumping into the game easily figured out the relationships between the old items and the new ones. [e.g. Pebble -> Stone] However, some of them just didn’t make sense (Philosopher’s Stone -> Shurelia’s Reverie). My initial reaction was to accept that these kinds of strange things will happen when you change items and leave it alone.

Playtesting and feedback

Then we brought in a large group of players from a wide variety of skills and backgrounds to play the content for next season. These players would consistently give us the feedback: “Oh, why doesn’t Philosopher’s Stone still build into Y? You guys should just make new items, since they are completely independent build path.” After hearing this enough times, we decided it was the right call to go back and revisit the items and their icons.

About the same time, we decided it was the right call to make the gold income items exclusive (Madlife and H4ck3rv2 destroyed internal playtests by smartly stacking and optimizing the items). Combining these two concepts lead us in a clear direction:

  • Make each unique income stream item themed to a different faction.

Naturally, our first choice was to go through a long process of evaluating which factions were the best for each of the concepts. Leona and Pantheon are great representations of the dangerous, headlong risk-taking playstyle we wanted to encourage, so the ancient relic shield of Targon became the clear choice. Shard of True Ice’s new active was a perfect fit for a Freljord item. Finally, we came down to the passive gold generation item.

Initially, we kept the Philosopher’s Idea, but as we looked at the goals of picking an item name which matched the goals of:

  • Fit the mechanics
  • Fit into the story of league of legends
  • Be a clear story and path as the item evolves with you

We realized that telling the story of a Philosopher’s Stone was very subtle, hard to convey and harder to fit into the story of league. So we decided to explore a direction that helps expand upon the realm of Shurima. Recently, as we’ve gone back and worked on Nasus, Sivir and Xerath, we’ve realized the world of Shurima is far less well-understood than the other major regions of League of Legends. There are potentially a lot of awesome stories can tell here, but we haven’t done a great job of getting there.

So we wanted to help integrate the contribution of the fallen Shurima Empire into league better. Sunfire Cape (an awesome item on both Nasus and Renekton) has been rethemed to carry the logo of the fallen empire. Similarly, we thought the story of an ancient coin that turns out to be a part of an ancient religious icon was also a cool way at gently introducing lore with the preseason.

About Shurelia

At no point did we intend or want to change this item to exclude or forget about Shurelia. However, when you see a name go out without the new icon and art, it’s easy to feel like it was made for some reason like that. However, while we love Shurelia, we do not want to imply that Shurelia is the sun god of Runeterra. (Besides, if you knew Shurelia, you know she much, much more preferred the Darkness. Clever girl.)

So, since we are taking that away, how do we intend to remember her legacy? Here’s what we propose: (New Icons weren’t ready when I made the screenshots, but RadioBlur will be posting them shortly!)


Name:  shu1.jpg<br /><br /> Views: 25643<br /><br /> Size:  15.3 KB

Name:  shu2.jpg<br /><br /> Views: 25560<br /><br /> Size:  18.0 KB

Name:  shu4.jpg<br /><br /> Views: 24086<br /><br /> Size:  49.2 KB


(Note: I didn’t get the new icons when I made these screenshots, and the exact quotes are subject to change)

  • The new items will be keeping their new names
  • We add a new character who discovered these items – Historian Shurelya
  • We’ll rename “Icon of the Sun Disk” to “Shurima’s Reverie”
  • We’ll make add ‘Shurelya’ shows up when you search for the item in the search box of the item shop

We want to ensure that our new items are clear, easy to understand and recognize all of the contributions made to get them into the game.

Tell us your thoughts.





XelnathButton Rioter Xelnath: After much discussion, considering the points in this thread, alongside the costs and benefits of our changes, we’re going forward with the item replacements, fully aware of your concerns.

We want to do the best to make the build paths make sense, show a clear progression and be cohesive. When the identity of an item changes, we need to be aware, communicate and adapt it to suit the our game in the long-run.

You can see more details here:


There is a group of players who are convinced this was done for malicious reasons. This is simply not true – feel free to engage with Shurelia on her Twitter.

There are other players who are upset that there isn’t more explanation or lore of the world and don’t feel there’s enough explanation of the universe to understand the context of these changes.

Finally, there are players who would prefer change not occur. Thank you, we recognize your pain, and recognize that you will continue to call the item Shurelya’s, even with a new set of stats, icon and build path. For you guys, we will be including the subname Shurelya’s in the search box, as well as keeping flavor text on the items, pending adjustments by the creative team.

Thank you for discussing all of this.



Item Name Progression


RiotRadioblur Button Rioter RiotRadioblur: Hello again!

As Xelnath has stated, there’s a lot of purpose that went into the change, and I feel he’s really captured the essence of what we’re trying to accomplish. Many of the points the community has made about the decision have been totally valid, but there are definitely some that could use more context before being set in stone. My hope is that I can provide that context to explain how these new objects fit into League, and how they serve to enhance both gameplay and the continued development of our world. So let’s take a look at the art, shall we?

The original Philosopher’s Stone is pretty mediocre, in that it is basically a rock with a swirl on it. It looks pretty bland, and the fidelity is super low. When we talked about reworking the icon originally before Preseason changes were even in our minds, we talked about what kind of people we would expect to have a Philosopher’s Stone, and the closest we could come in our minds was Zaun. The problem here is that the fit just isn’t clean enough. Zaun is into nasty chemistry, and the Philosopher’s Stone is some sort of magical item alchemists could use to change lead into gold. It’s not visceral or gross enough to be Zaun, who are by far a lot more practical and scientific in their approach than alchemy is. Still, we made an icon originally for this theme. The icon itself has good quality art by our measure, but the thematic sell just wasn’t coming through. The storytelling isn’t strong enough.

Name:  Icon_Item_PhilosophersStone_01.png Views: 50635 Size:  12.1 KB

We might find a home for this item later, but I doubt it will make it in without some substantial tweaks and re-theming to make it really work with the world we’re building.

So as Xelnath was saying, Philosopher’s Stone saw some interesting shifts in the way it was built that ended up being confusing for players who expected the item to build the way it used to. In thinking how to resolve this, we toyed with various idea (including running with Philosopher’s Stone and finding a way to make it fit), but the best path we eventually decided was to make something new. We sat down with some writers and tried to suss out a cohesive story for these items and how they fit into our world. We noticed a few themes in Shurima were working really strong for this item.

The first step becomes a coin. We drew references from Chinese coins, which have a hole in the middle allowing them to be fitted on strings for carrying around. This gives a sense of showing off one’s wealth outwardly, as a string of coins could really push the opulence we’re striving for here. The long shape we’ve chosen is to highlight the radial motif, and the flares mimic many of the shapes seen in our Shuriman champions’ armor. The result is something simple, but unique. It really feels like it belongs in our world now, something we can tangibly expect to see our characters showing off.

Name:  Icon_Item_AncientCoin_01.png Views: 50447 Size:  10.2 KB

The next step is an emblem. Nomad’s Medallion does not currently have art, but we are looking again to themes of gold and trade for this design. It will likely feature a subtle sun motif and will have some hint of the desert from which it comes. A good luck charm for merchants, it should reference and reinforce Shuriman cultural motifs.

Lastly comes a symbol with power. An icon, not in the sense of simply being representative, but in the sense of being of an almost religious importance. Something a person of great dedication to the sun might wear to invoke the favor of the kind of higher beings Shurima is home to—Nasus, Renekton, etc. But an icon carries so many connotations now, the phrase doesn’t have the same meaning to most people upon reading it. This is why it makes the most sense to add the “Reverie” back into it; a celebration of the sun, not simply an image of it. Ultimately I think this will be a really good direction to take the item, both in theme and name.

Name:  Icon_Item_IconoftheSunDisk_01.png Views: 50327 Size:  12.4 KB

I can’t stress enough that we are still on good terms with Shurelya, by the way (actually, she recently emailed me to send me feedback on some other icons that are going out). This change is not meant to slight her in any way, but instead to build an item more into the storytelling of our universe. I understand the confusion, but I want to be clear that it was not part of our intentions at any point.

As for the art, I think we’re going to end up with something really clear and good for gameplay here. (Gold item gives you gold? Win in my book!) The initial confusion might be strenuous, but the long term payoffs should be beneficial based on what we’ve come to understand about the changes.

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say!





Why is Shurelya’s name misspelled in the original post?


XelnathButton Rioter Xelnath: As I understood it: She named the original and did not want her name spelled exactly the same way, to avoid the problem where other people poached her name in other games.

(This happened to Ezreal – his name is taken everywhere!)



Why was Youmuu’s Ghostblade’s icon changed?


RiotRadioblur Button Rioter RiotRadioblur: Going into the icon, neither of us were aware it was a reference to another franchise, but I’ll be honest in saying that shouldn’t be a limiting factor in our decision to rework the icon. If we are beholden to other games’ content, how can we expect to more fully flesh out our own? I think it’s an important question we’re trying to answer right now in sorting through much of the content that needs to be reworked. In this particular case, nobody understood the reference, but I’ll be straight with you and say that I’m kind of glad nobody did. I think the result is a weapon that really feels Ionian and has a unique style it wouldn’t have had if we limited ourselves to what Touhou had done.

That said, the feedback about it not being a katana is a bit of a stretch. When it was being redesigned, we never thought to make it *not* a katana. The only thing we sought to change was to give it an Ionian styling in line with some of our champs from the region we felt embodied the emotion a “ghostblade” should have, namely drawing from Zed, Syndra, and Varus for some of that styling. The curvature of a katana is not clearly visible from a crop-in of the hilt, which is where a lot of the confusion is coming from, as well as the blade edge being only slightly off-center which people have suggested makes it look like a broadsword. The blade isn’t pushed further toward the edge for a reason, though; when it was, the in-game read was only 1.5 pixels wide making it impossible to see the highlight on the edge and totally washing out the readability of the icon.

However, we got some feedback last week about the grip being wrong, as we had totally overlooked the distinct wrapping a katana has on the grip. We also got some great feedback about the glow in the background killing the readability. I addressed these changes but they might not have been picked up on PBE yet. At any rate, you can see it below here just in case you haven’t seen it yet:

Name:  Icon_Item_YoumuusGhostblade_01.png Views: 39801 Size:  11.5 KB

I’m not sure how set we are in protecting content that so heavily leverages from another IP going forward, and I don’t want to speak to that. But what I can say is that I feel like the new icon is a net positive change for the game in terms of story-telling, readability, and quality of art. I hope that’s worth something. 



Looking for Feedback on Urgot


Meddler Button Rioter Meddler: Hey all,

Urgot’s a champion we haven’t talked much about recently and one who’s fallen out of sight after we reduced his power a while back. That’s something we’d like to look at – reanimated undead monstrosity with powerful, heavy weapons and a mighty hatred’s a cool concept that we’re not doing justice at the moment.

As a result we’ll be doing some work on Urgot’s kit next year, experimenting to find out what we need to do to preserve (or enhance) the cool aspects about him, while fixing the problems that lead us to nerfing him heavily in the past. That’ll take a while, as a starting point though I thought it’d be great to get a bunch of thoughts from people on Urgot, both what he currently is and what he’s got the potential to be.

If you play Urgot, what is it that appeals to you about him, both in terms of theme and gameplay? Which of his abilities define what it’s like to play Urgot for you? If you don’t play Urgot, are there particular reasons you’re not interested in doing so?

When playing as Urgot are there things that feel unnecessarily difficult to do or ineffective? When playing against Urgot are there things that feel unfair?

General thoughts/comments also extremely welcome. One disclaimer though – at the moment at least we’re only looking to work on Urgot’s gameplay, not do a full overhaul of him, so while we’ll assummedly give Urgot a visual upgrade at some point it’ll be a separate, later project.



Community Art: Akali

Artist: Lahhtoota. If you like his work, please check out his deviantart page!





Champion/Skin Sale – Expires November 18th


Preseason November 18



  • Shaco – 395 RP
  • Thresh – 487 RP
  • Wukong - 440 RP



Infiltrator Irelia – 487 RP


Infiltrator Irelia

Resistance Caitlyn – 260 RP

Resistance Caitlyn


Runeborn Xerath – 375 RP


Runeborn Xerath



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