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This year’s group stage draw for Worlds will be held privately and confidentially, as a live draw would not fit in the schedule of booking flights and visas for players. I’ve added a comment from MonteCristo on the possiblity of Riot “rigging” the draw and my own opinion. Moving on, the Pando Media Booster peer-to-peer file delivery program will no longer be a part of Riot’s installer/patcher. Finally, the official rundown for Patch 4.14 is up, Scarizard comments on a suggestion to make Kha’Zix’s isolation damage on his Q scale with distance and Vesh talks how the new Soraka will deal with the “Grievous Wounds” debuff.

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On the 2014 Worlds Group Draw – Why Live Draw is not an Option

[UPDATE 8/12/2014, 07:10 PM PDT: Based on initial community feedback, we wanted to clarify that the issue is getting teams from their home countries to Worlds. Doing a live draw after September 7 would mean there would only be a little over a week to organize travel plans, including visas, to get all 16 teams from their home countries to their respective group stage locations.]

As we get closer to announcing the final structure and lineup for Worlds, we want to address just how we’ll be approaching the draw for the Group Stage.

When we designed the system for determining the Group Stage for the 2014 tournament, we knew that preserving competitive integrity was the top priority. Furthermore, we knew that we were operating with a few timing constraints due to the disparate competitive schedules of all the regional leagues.

Due to the fact that each regional qualifier ends at a different time – with the last team qualifying on September 7 from China – a live group draw would mean that there would be just over a week to organize visas, travel, and full logistics for 16 international teams. Even when we looked into alternatives – such as double-booking flights and visas – we found that all of those options had insurmountable logistical, financial, and manpower issues that made them infeasible. A private group draw allows us to make travel arrangements for teams immediately after they are seeded from their respective regional qualifiers. As a result, we can minimize the effects of visa issues and other travel challenges that Worlds-qualified teams may face.

Given all of these factors, we decided that the best option was to conduct the group stage draw privately and confidentially, as we have done in seasons past. The draw will be completed before the first regional qualifier ends on August 14. We’ll also host a Group Reveal Show shortly after the final regional qualifier, in which we’ll unveil all the groups along with analysis of the upcoming match-ups.

While holding a public group draw before the regional qualifiers have been completed solves some of the logistical hurdles, it presents its own set of severe problems. If teams yet to qualify for Worlds knew the seeds of the Group Stage competitors they would face, that could introduce an incentive for soft-play or match fixing. We didn’t want to put any teams in the position of having to choose between trying their hardest to win and trying to manipulate their standings due to a perverse incentive. We couldn’t risk any compromise to the competitive integrity of Worlds even though the current draw method is not as transparent as we’d like.

For next season, we’re focused on creating global alignment between all the regional leagues and their respective schedules. This will provide myriad benefits, including the ability to have a live draw that is logistically feasible, transparent, and doesn’t compromise competitive integrity.

Looking toward the future, competitive integrity will always remain our top priority. We look forward to aligning with our global partners to work toward a more transparent Group Draw experience.

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Worlds Group Draw will be done privately and confidentially

Magus New PortraitUnfortunately, the risk of a leak is a huge deal to the point that we will not be inviting members of the community to observe. Only 3-4 people on the operations/logistics teams responsible Worlds will know the results of the draw to prevent any form of leaks (I won’t even know, for example). If a journalist or community member were to leak it privately to a team or the public, it would undermine the entire qualification process and be a huge blow to competitive integrity. The risks simply aren’t worth it to calm down conspiracy theorists.

At this point, players are going to have to decide whether they trust that we don’t have any intention to rig the brackets – this is a complicated tournament and our focus is entirely set on delivering a smoothly run Worlds event. For those who simply can’t believe our intentions, they will always come up with a way to insinuate that there is foul play going on (even in a live draw setting).

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Why don’t you record the group draw

Magus New PortraitCertainly a possibility, but I’m not sure that will even appease those who doubt… All we can do is let people know how we’re making the draw and release that information ASAP when it’s safe (after the last set of qualifiers).

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I’ve also included a response from coach/analyst MonteCristo, who members of the community accused of suspecting that Riot would “rig” the group draw.


Do you suspect Riot will

MonteCristo: NO.

I did NOT say that. The reason why I want transparency in group selection is that I want NO ONE to be able to say it. As an independent eSports journalist/caster I feel it is my duty to continue to push the industry toward greater competitive integrity. I could sit back and let everything slide, but that’s not how I believe that I should use my position.

I support this year’s Worlds format and I am extremely excited for the tournament. I am very happy Riot decided to implement best of fives at every stage of the bracket, that no teams get byes, and that no two teams from the same country can be in each group. These are solid steps forward in terms of structure.

I understand why Riot can’t broadcast a group draw live given the logistics surrounding the regionals qualifiers. It also makes sense that Riot won’t release groups until after qualifiers so that we don’t have the problem of teams fixing for specific seeds. After learning of the impossibility of a live draw, I suggested that independent journalists be given access to the group selection, under strict NDA of course, so that no one can question the results. To me, this is reasonable. I do not believe that journalists who survive on League of Legends would stake their careers on leaking group information.

As for who these journalists/independent parties could be, Riot could consider OnGamers reporters, Slasher, Inven reporters, or IeSF, an organization founded to help create global eSports standardization. Of course, there are many more options as well.

That’s my opinion. My opinion is NOT that Riot will fix groups.

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A look at both sides

 (Opinion) In situations like these it’s easy to forget there’s no black and white; you can’t guarantee that a notary who gives faith during the group draw will not be bribed to reveal the group stage before the NDA is lifted and you can’t guarantee that results will not be, indeed, rigged. I personally believe having a neutral journalist participate or recording the draw process are both viable alternatives and are much more transparent than group draw. At the same time, Riot risk a lot having the group stage disclosed early and putting faith in any entity, though great on paper if you have a recognizable face to offer assistance (like Travis or Monte), is asking a lot for questionable benefits.

 It’s a fickle matter to believe in company ethics; I think Riot have proven they can deliver, if not competence, than at least honesty so I support their choice to do a private draw. Let me know what you think in the comments, but remember to be objective, not dramatic; it’s easy to be the latter in cases like these, it’s a lot harder to be the former.



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In a few patches we’ll be removing a defunct 3rd party program from our installer and patcher, called Pando Media Booster, which used to help us with peer-to-peer file delivery. As a peer-to-peer service, Pando previously allowed players to get the patch files they need from other nearby League players, instead of pinging our servers which may be farther away. Though we’re no longer using Pando Media Booster, we’re planning to develop our own peer-to-peer solution in the future to speed up the patching process and get you in game faster.

When Pando Media Booster is removed, League of Legends will display a pop-up giving you the option to remove the program from your computer with a single click. We recommend removing it when prompted (or manually removing it now) since we no longer use this service and are in the process of building our own solution.

Before then, some of you might see a different pop-up from your operating system when you launch League of Legends. This is an information-gathering step in our peer-to-peer development process. The pop-up will ask for permission to modify firewall settings from an application called “Riot P2P”.  If you choose to allow this application, it will collect details on your network configuration while you patch (not when you’re in game) but will not record any personal or identifying information.  Specifically, it will let us know which types of network configurations are most common and how many players are typically on the same area network (home, office, PC café, etc.). We’ll use this information to guide development of our native peer-to-peer solution so LoL can eventually provide the benefits of peer-to-peer technology for patching.

We’ll continue to provide updates as we move closer to introducing our peer-to-peer solution. Keep an eye out for more details on the upcoming removal of Pando Media Booster in the Patch Notes!

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Patch 4 14 Rundown




What if Kha’Zix’s isolation damage varied based on distance


[ Context ] Here’s a link to the Reddit thread with the suggestion discussed by Scarizard.


Scarizard New PortraitHey Zanesbro,

Let me begin by saying that i appreciate the time you’ve invested took to write your thoughts here. I know this post has fallen off the front page, but this topic/suggestion in particular is one i’ve seen a number of times and so i hope you don’t mind me outlining my beliefs on the subject below!

Isolation as a mechanic has constantly suffered from readability – not particle-wise, mind you, but in terms of understanding where the power comes from. Variable isolation damage not only muddies the counterplay (I thought i was supposed to be near my allies? Sorry dude, you’re 23% too far from them so Kha’Zix hit you for 37% bonus damage with his Q!) – but also i think hurts the positive feedback loop for a learning Kha’Zix player (Catch them alone/out of position, massive damage). Q Evolution hits pretty damn hard now, but how would you really estimate your damage accurately? ‘I think i can all-in this guy, but he’s only 50 units away from his minions instead of 100 – wait, how much damage will i do again?’

It’s very likely a change like this would necessitate a nerf to his high end Q damage. That satisfying end-game ~1k chunk of Isolation damage for finding their AD mid-rotation? Sorry, we’re cashing that in so Kha’Zix can do slightly more damage playing sub-optimally. Kha’Zix’s Q having no downside is part of what got us here in the first place (Q evo previously did % missing HP /even when not isolated/).

We expect Kha’Zix players to adapt just as the champion does. Part of the intended experience of KZ is embracing his variable nature whilst being savvy and opportunistic to cover for it. If you value consistency, we have 119 other champions for you to play. If you value ingenuity and exploiting mistakes to murder the hell out of your opponent with a xenomorphic rainbow scyther, i have a bug i’d like to introduce you to. As a Kha’Zix main myself, i’ve found the Isolation range nerf tolerable – i actually have to find ways to draw them away from allies (or in the laning phase, finding ways to eliminate/manuever the minion wave), but i’m rewarded with an insane amount of damage.

TL;DR – I’m not at all afraid to hard commit and say that Variable Isolation damage will never happen. If Kha’Zix needs love after his changes (and we did increase his Q damage at all ranks recently!) – he’ll get it. I’m of the belief we don’t have to break fundamental rules of his play pattern and core satisfaction to get there.

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Will Soraka be able to remove “Grievous Wounds” post-rework


[ Clarity ]Grievous Wounds” is a debuff that reduces healing to targets by 50%. Given that Soraka will be reworked to be a core healer, the mechanic is a direct counter to her strengths.


Vesh New PortraitI’m not going to subvert an entire game mechanic on a champion I design. Grievous wounds should be addressed, but we need to look at it comprehensively. Making the most powerful healer in the game that also says “I remove the one thing you can do to stop my healing” is probably not ok if we are letting people buy into grievous wounds or pick champions they think will be good against her.

That said, I think one of the core problems with it is that we applied the mechanic a bit too liberally on some champions (like varus) who had the intention of negating lifesteal in 1v1 but unintentionally destroy characters like Soraka. This isn’t my expertise though. I’m sure someone on our systems team is already thinking about this problem and ways we can solve it.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



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A new tier called Master Tier will be implemented in Ranked to deal with past grievances of Challenger players being demoted shortly before the season’s end, CLG will be fined $1250 per member for account sharing in Korea, Vesh continues his discussion on Soraka’s infuse-healer rework, Gnar’s Champion Spotlight has been released, the next Champion/Skin sale for NA will be delayed due to maintenance and an explanation on why icons from the Sugar Rush event won’t be available for IP.

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Master Tier Banner

Image was taken from a tweet by Snoopeh, here’s what it states:


As one of the best League of Legends players in the world…

Your spot in Diamond 1 or Challenger tier means we wanted you to be among the first to know we’ve updated the design of our ranked play system specifically to address feedback around the end of Season 3 and Challenger.

We take ranked competition seriously, and we know challenger immunity caused issues with transparency around standings at the end of last season. Not knowing whether or not you were about to get kicked out of the tier you’d worked so hard to reach, or earning 0 LP three times in a row sucks.

So we’ve developed a new ward to challenge your skills, The Master Tier, which brings with it some improvements to the old system. Master Tier will share the same LP ladder as Challenger, but unlike Challenger, there is no hard player limited to Master tier. Once released, players who reach their promotion series at the top of the Diamond 1 will enter Mater Tier if they are successful. And yes, that means that on release there will be no players in Master Tier,  but it will begin to fill as soon as players start winning their promos.

When Master Tier Launches, players in Challenger will remain in their current position but the competition kicks off right away as Challenger will now rotate on a twenty-four hour schedule with no immunity.

Each time the clock hits zero, it will recalculate the top 200 players or 50 teams; promoting any players from Master who are now in the top 200 or teams in the top 50 in LP, and removing players who have fallen below the top 200 and demoting them to Master.

We’ll be making a wider announcement in the coming weeks ( for example we’ve also eliminated LP clamping ) along with more about the end of the season, but as one of the players most impacted by this change, we wanted to each out to you directly.

Thanks for playing ranked, and GLHF for the rest of the 2014 season.

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Clarity on demotion and immunity period

Socrates New PortraitHey all, to clarify on one point: there is no hard limit to the number of players in master tier like the current challenger 200 spots. This doesn’t mean these players will be immune from demotion once they achieve the tier. So master tier could be the top 511 or 534 players in a region based on the amount of participation in ranked, etc. Players who achieve Master tier will have a short immunity period and then be vulnerable to demotion if they don’t maintain their performance at that level.

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How will the demotion from Master to Diamond 1 be calculated

Socrates New PortraitDemotion will work similarly to other tiers, where there are a few checks before you fall. A player will fall back into diamond 1 if they lose enough games in master tier.

We expect to be on PBE in the next few days.

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Where will the first 200 Challenger players be allocated

Socrates New PortraitThe experience of the first 200 players would be like this: enter diamond 1 promos and win, enter master tier, challenger clock hits 0, enter challenger tier.

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Is there going to be a new border reward for Master Tier

Socrates New PortraitYes, there will be a unique loading screen border for master tier.

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Organization: Counter Logic Gaming
Players: Austin “Link” Shin, Marcel “dexter” Feldkamp, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black
Region: North America
Date of Ruling: 8/12/14
Subject: Fine; Violation of LCS Ruleset




During Week 11 of the NA LCS, Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) sent five of their team members to Korea to practice for upcoming live events. On the day prior to their departure, CLG management requested live accounts from Riot.

At this time, Riot miscommunicated to CLG that, according to standing policy regarding Korean accounts, CLG could receive Tournament Realm (TR) accounts, but not live accounts. Further internal investigation revealed that this was actually not the standing policy. The correct policy is to give teams visiting Korea for non-tournament purposes Live accounts, not TR accounts. This policy is necessitated by the potential instability of the Tournament Realm and security exposure entailed by giving non-OGN teams access to Korean TR accounts.

Recognizing our error and CLG’s urgent practice needs in Korea, we provided CLG with provisional TR accounts within 24 hours of their landing as a temporary measure for practicing while the error was corrected.

During this time, it was brought to our attention that members of CLG were engaging in illicit account sharing despite having a legitimate practice option pending in the provisional TR accounts while also being aware that such an action was against the rules.

After the correct policy was ascertained, Riot granted CLG official live accounts and retracted the TR accounts in accordance with standing Riot policy.

Our own miscommunications are a mitigating factor in assessing penalties, but account sharing constitutes a clear violation of the League of Legends Terms of Use, no matter the situation.




Section 10.2.7 of the official LCS ruleset states:

If LCS or Riot determines that a Team Member has violated the Summoner’s Code, the LoL Terms of [Use], or other rules of LoL, LCS officials may assign penalties at their sole discretion.

The League of Legends Terms of Use prohibits players from sharing, transferring, selling or trading user accounts and/or login credentials.




Members of CLG engaged in the act of account sharing, which is in violation of LCS Rule 10.2.7 as well as the League of Legends Terms of Use, and will be subject to penalties.




The following players will be fined $1,250 each for their transgressions:

  • Austin “Link” Shin, Marcel “dexter” Feldkamp, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black
  • These players are also subject to sanctions by Riot Korea, including a 2-year ban from OGN and KeSPA-owned tournaments including but not limited to OGN Champions, Masters, and NLB. Read here for more details (Riot Korea ruling). 

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Infuse Healer Soraka Banner


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Why does Soraka’s W heal grant bonus Armor

Vesh New PortraitThe armor was placed on the W so that it had a clear combat-only success case. 

The new model will actually allow us to move away from that since Soraka will still be paying meaningful costs if she uses it to “sustain” her ally.

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Soraka building resists doesn’t help mitigate her %HP costs

Vesh New PortraitThis would be correct if you started with a set amount of HP and didn’t factor in any regends.

If your Q gave you a flat health return however, then resists become MUCH more valuable since you are recovering more effective health per cast

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Won’t Soraka paying health for her heals make her too risky to pick

Vesh New PortraitI also play healers in every game I play. I think one of the core things that make healers feel awesome is getting to make giant impacts on the health bars of your allies. If we want to allow Soraka to heal a guy from 1% to 50% or more, she is going to have to make some serious tradeoffs for that kind of (particularly frustrating) power. She will need to put her self at more risk the more crazy her healing is on a target.

I was particularly skeptical of this type of healing pattern at first too, but as I started implementing and testing stuff I was really excited by how fun it was. It feels really great to heal someone crazy amounts, and this paradigm allows her to do that in a healthy way that enemies can feel is more fair (because they can just switch to Soraka and kill her if she starts dumping heals on someone)

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The trade-off for Soraka’s heal is her lack of CC and reliable poke

Vesh New PortraitIf we had a champion that had no abilities except a 1 second cooldown “heal ally for 50” button, would that be a fun or satisfying character in our game?

Sure we could give her tradeoffs by giving her NOTHING else, but that would not create good gameplay. The game as a whole would be worse off. What we want to give her are meaningful tradeoffs that create fun and engaging gameplay for all 10 players in the game.

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Champion and skin sales delayed in NA

Link to the sale in question.

Wizardcrab New PortraitHey Summoners,
Due to some store maintenance, we’ve had to delay the regular champion and skin sales for 24 hours. Instead of starting 8/12 and going through the 8/15, they will begin 8/13 and run through the 8/16. Thanks for your understanding.

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Gnar, Champion Spotlight

Skin Teaser Image “The Final Boss approaches”


If this helps you visualize the picture, imagine the three arcade skins are your money and the robotic hand is your hand reaching for it when you see this year’s ultimate skin.



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On reporting and warnings

Lyte New Portrait


1. If you are in game and say nothing that is toxic but get reported. The warning, is that because of player reports or because of the system thinking you are toxic?

Warnings are given for a string of games. A common misunderstanding is that the warning was for the immediate last game, so players wonder how they got a warning if they never chatted or did anything the immediate last game. However, if you do get a warning, it means you’ve been reported and the system thinks you’ve been trending negatively in your last stretch of games.

2. Follow up to question 1. How does the system filter between actual toxic and troll reports?

Every report is basically validated by the Report System. If the system believes a behavior is toxic, and you reported it, your report weight goes up. If you report a behavior that isn’t considered toxic, your report weight goes down. There’s a lot of nuance to this system, but that’s the simple explanation.

3. Once chat restricted, do you have to communicate or can you finish your chat restriction without saying anything? So if you finish, your 10 chat restrictions without saying a word, will that count as improvement and free you of the chat restriction or no will you get the same amount as before?

It’s possible to finish your chat restriction without communicating anything. Most players don’t type much in games and just use smart pings, and that’s a perfectly OK way to play League.

4. In the past we had 1 day, 3day, 7day, 14day followed by perma banned i believe. Is now the only thing 14 day into perma banned?

In the future when Tribunal comes back up, we’ll probably only have a few tiers of punishments. We generally see that players willing to improve do so in the first 2 tiers of punishments.

Right now and in the future, if your offenses are severe enough, you can get escalated straight to a 14-day punishment, or even a permanent ban.

5. In regards to the new system, i went 0- something one game with barely any assists, had a terrible day. How will it tell if i am having a bad day or trolling? Especially if i am NOT communicating anything.

Thank you!

We won’t be going too much into detail for the intentional feeder system yet, but one of the main goals is to avoid punishing players just having a regular bad game.

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Why aren’t the Sugar Rush Event icons available for IP


[ Context ] Over on the forums, a Summoner expressed criticism that eCommerce associate WizardCrab promised in a past comment that event-based Summoner Icons would be available for IP but the latest ones, from the Sugar Rush event, aren’t.


Wizardcrab New PortraitHey guys.

This thread is a bit of a minefield so I’ll probably only post in here once (although I’ll continue to read it).


I would like you to look back and read the post that I wrote. I still stand by every single word I said there. I did not make you a “promise” there. I made it very clear that I wasn’t making a promise. The only thing I didn’t outright say is “This is not a promise” but I don’t feel I need to say that. If I’m promising you something, I promise you that I’ll use the phrase “I promise.” I very clearly stated that we are forming a strategy that is “malleable” and would likely take a form similar to what I said.

And I stand by that it still takes exactly that form. This is why I tried to explain that an “event” that would cause us to put an IP price on an icon was more than a promotional site or themed skin release. Do you really think Sugar Rush is like the Freljord event, one with a big lore tie-in? Or Harrowing/Snowdown/Lunar Revel, events related to real world holidays that many people participate in? Or something truly special like the release of a full-on, in house music album? Or on the scale of something like possibly the biggest global sporting competition that only happens every four years? When I said that an event “for just this context” is more, I meant that. AND the reason I added that bold phrase about it being for that specific context in my original post is because I meant that it was for just that specific context. The word event can be used by anyone at anytime to mean anything. PAX is an event, but it doesn’t apply here, because I’m only talking about this context. The super moon yesterday was an event but it doesn’t apply because I’m only talking about this context. I’m begging that you read the words I’ve written and take them at face value, because I 100% will not lie to you because I just don’t ****ing do that.

I will also try my best to be as clear as I can so I don’t mislead you by accident, which it appears that I’ve done here. I’m sorry that I unintentionally misled you. I really did not mean to. But don’t come in here and tell me that I’m lying to you when I’m not. I really don’t appreciate that.

For this particular candy-themed adventure, you can purchase one icon for RP, and unlock another through participation in gifting. There will be many more icons, many of which will be available for IP. If you don’t feel that the RP only icon is worth the money, please don’t buy it. Buy the stuff you like, leave the rest on the (virtual) shelf.


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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



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Continuing yesterday’s discussion on Soraka, Morello and Vesh offer their insight on her design as a dedicated healer and explain why Starcall was scrapped and replaced with a skillshot version that enhances Soraka’s heals. Moving on, the jungle is in a rough spot and in need of big-board changes this preseason, Lyte elaborates on cases of permanent chat restrictions, Fiora’s rework has been delayed for an unidentified period of time, League’s lore hasn’t been forgotten, the PBE changes to Lulu were just a tooltip update, IronStylus wants YOUR ideas for a skin and added clarity on the scope of Viktor’s rework.


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Want to keep up with news on the Public Beta Environment?

Here’s a list of the latest updates:

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Can you keep Soraka’s Q the way it is

Vesh New Portrait I’m sure there are people who like Starcall. There are going to be people who generally like any given spell on a kit. However, ramping damage in a PBAoE around Soraka is a tank pattern and honestly can’t exist on a character like her.

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Follow Up

Vesh New PortraitRamping PBAoE says stand in the middle of a fight for a long time. Standing in the middle of the fight for a long time says build defenses. A character who is incredibly tanky/builds defenses can’t also be leagues best healer. You can’t kill her allies because she heals them, and you can’t kill her because she’s tanky. It creates a situation with no clear optimal choice and feels bad for the entire enemy team.

There are other problems too, but we want Soraka to be an incredibly powerful healer but also someone who can just get blown up if she misplays. She will definitely be more high risk/high reward when it comes to healing.

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Will Soraka be harder to play post-rework

Vesh New PortraitTo give some context, the heal itself is not a skillshot. Overall the only spell that had it’s targeted type changed was Q, so while the champion is technically more hard to play from an inputs standpoint, she’s still substantially easier than most of the champions in our game. 


The thing that makes her harder is that she will require a great amount of judgement and awareness to play properly. She will still be a character that newer players can be somewhat successful with, but that is not the primary goal of the update. For a character to be “simple” or “easy,” what you’re actually saying is one of the following:

1) Very simple mechanical paradigms (which generally don’t have many points of mastery)
2) Extremely direct pattern with little to no decision making required.

At the end of the day, our player base has become much more mature in terms of what they expect from gameplay, and I would not feel comfortable putting out a champion update that fit strongly into one of those categories. 

I will say though that Soraka definitely has much greater mechanical simplicity than an average release and the tradeoff is that she has much more decision making and situational choice.

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Soraka can’t be durable and healer at the same time

Morello New PortraitWell said. If we want Soraka to be a great and healthy healer (and we do!), then she can’t also be durable. The tradeoff on her is that she becomes vulnerable in order to help allies, and be someone who can have rich gameplay while providing healing.


If there was one common thread in the feedback concerning Soraka, it was how much her identity means to players – that of a healer. With the challenges around making that work, we’re actually trying to define a good healing paradigm in a PvP game to meet that identity. With that as the goal, the details of old Soraka be damned – we can’t improve and evolve the game if we constantly shy away from changes that might not be desirable purely because they’re different.

Also mark your calendars – Morello is saying Soraka should be a healer, and is a huge advocate of it. 

I think the actual healer problem has lied in the paradigm of the pure MMO healer who lacks the right tradeoffs and weaknesses. Not healing yourself well is a great one to have that allows us to make her really bonkers in certain situations.

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Given the team’s record, do you plan on a follow-up to Soraka’s rework

Morello New PortraitI think Skarner’s story is representative of what I want to see. We made a mistake and corrected that by continuing to work on it until it was right. This is an important metric of both being bold with changes, and allowing us to not release things that don’t satisfy their objectives and satisfy players.


Much of this is due to the holistic Champion Updates (reworks) team being its own effort with focus on nothing else. So when something doesn’t go well, instead of having competing priorities (**** BETTER WORK ON THIS NEXT PATCH), they can support their work. This should have huge implications.

That being said, it still does mean there will be change and disagreement with the details – I’m fine with that. We have an obligation to earn your trust…I believe in that a great deal. I don’t concern myself with short-term anger or change-aversion as those are a simple cost of passion and engagement.

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Will the MR shred on Soraka’s kit remain after her rework

Vesh New PortraitAlso for all the people talking about MR shred, it’s not going to remain on the kit. Shreds are extremely powerful but somewhat problematic because they are almost unnoticeable for how powerful they are. There is no good representation of how “shredded” you are, especially with one that stacks. In general, I think it would be a lot better for Soraka to have power that is really cool and noticeable than an equal amount of power that, while understandable intellectually, doesn’t translate to exciting gameplay.

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State of the Jungle Banner



Jungling is too easy, which makes high-stat champions prevail

Morello New PortraitI totally agree. In fact, I think our jungle direction has been completely backwards over the last few seasons. That’s our bad and I think the results are clear.

To that, returning different ways to succeed at the jungle is key to restoring choice, and making it not a chain-gank fest in lanes. I’ll give more details on this in the coming months, but directionally we’re totally in agreement.

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Why, then, did you nerf Feral Flare shortly after releasing it

Morello New PortraitDefinitely wrong way to solve the problem – the jungle itself needs to allow for these styles, THEN we support them.

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How would you buff a jungler without buffing his laning, too

Morello New PortraitI think by making it so that things other than just gank/duel/clear speed can matter in jungle. 

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Do you and Ghostcrawler look at recommended buffs nerfs by the live team

Morello New PortraitI don’t pay attention to details of balance – I’m not really focused on that level of stuff (though I know statikk and his team is). Our roles are to provide guidance on larger-level strategy for the game design, so I tend to not read the balance-specific stuff as much since I feel out-of-date in that realm.

Things like “we need to solve the jungle” as a design project priority, for example 

EDIT: To add, it’s because I largely trust the details-level work to that team. They do a good job as long as we all know WHY we’re doing what we’re doing. So my job is to clarify where we’re going and what our objectives are, and working with the Live Gameplay guys in that way is my focus.

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Elise Lee Sin are just setting a bar for all other junglers

Morello New PortraitWell, in this case, I think the jungle direction we’ve set (and that IS my bad completely!) previously has lead to a greater whack-a-mole state. In the interim, getting the long-standing dominant picks to have some competition was a goal, and fixing the jungle systemically is how we can make REAL progress towards variety. 

And much of this is undoing some previous work, and adding new ways to master League.

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Can we hope to see meaningful changes to tanky junglers soon

Morello New PortraitPreseason is my target for real serious change. Competitively, we won’t see much past 4.14, but might see more QoL/buffs as needed.

In non-competitive, tanky junglers are LORDS – and with Worlds being on a patch around next couple of patches, I think we’ll have to look at the state in more regular play too.

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Was it hard to admit your plans for the jungle went backwards

Morello New PortraitIt wasn’t hard to admit once we dug down into it more – being wrong is a huge part of design, and I think Riot DETECTS problems well. I think we have a hard time executing fixing them in a timely manner – especially big problems.

Watching our intentions have results that were completely opposite of our goals was a pretty clear roadsign 

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Why should I trust you will do a good job fixing the jungle

Morello New PortraitI don’t think you should trust me on jungle. I’ve made big mistakes there.

This is a huge problem for me, and the reason I talk a lot less on here is because I want our actions to show if we’ve learned, then to talk. I don’t care much about player anger – people get mad at good changes frequently – I do care a great deal about trust.

Skarner and Soraka are a couple of efforts I want to point out as good on this front, but we have more to do systemically.

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Lee Sin and Elise should be nerfed, because they excel at everything

Morello New PortraitThis is true. Unless you want every champ to be the same, we can’t just buff up to “does everything.”

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Any plans to tune what blue red buffs offer to teams

Morello New PortraitDefinitely. I think they’re an easy lever to tune.

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You seem unwilling to commit to big-broad balance changes

Morello New PortraitWe’ve been pretty conservative – I agree on that, especially in the jungle. 

I’m not going to make promises here much based on that fact, I’d rather get it right and be like “hey guys!”  But I did want to acknowledge the problem as agree-upon and important, so that you guys get that we think we’ve gone backwards and are looking to fix. 

Previous jungle stuff has been lightweight.

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Fiora's Rework Banner



Morello New PortraitWe’ve had to yet-again delay Fiora’s rework due to some unforseen circumstances on resourcing. I have nothing of worth to say about that except for my apologies that we’ve let down Fiora players with promises on this stuff.

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Follow Up

Morello New PortraitIf you rate on power, we’d not need to do many reworks – I think Fiora is a pretty same-y melee carry who misses to opportunities to provide a really high-skill fencer fantasy. That’s on us as a champion team.

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It always feels like everything gets delayed and nothing ever comes out

Morello New PortraitWe get excited and want to tell people, then normal development stuff occurs and we’re like, “well, ****.”

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Was Fiora’s gameplay update scrapped

Morello New PortraitDelayed for (x) time as we needed to shuffle some resources and priorities. Still a thing to-do.

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chat restricting Banner



Can you explain how chat restricting works

Lyte New PortraitThe chat restriction system is going through some tuning. Before, players were confused when the chat restriction system would under-give chat restrictions, so you’d get 10, finish 10 games and get another 10 when the system should have just given you 20 to start.


The chat restriction system now tries to hand out the right number of chat restrictions in the initial waves. For players that have racked up a lot of consistently negative offenses, it’s now possible to basically be “permanently” chat restricted. For many players with 500+ chat restrictions, it’s effectively a super harsh, long-term chat ban. Some players say they’d rather be permanently chat restricted than permanently banned and lose their account, so we’ll see what’s more effective in improving behaviors.

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Follow Up

Lyte New PortraitThe chat restriction system is far more accurate in how many games you’d have to show neutral or positive behavior to reach a neutral state. So, theoretically if you finish the 700 games and have improved throughout the process, you’d be in neutral status.

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Isn’t restricting communication harming teamplay

Lyte New PortraitThis is a pretty common misunderstanding. For players that are being chat restricted, a lot of their communication wasn’t enhancing teamwork, or improving player experience anyways. In fact, players being chat restricted tend to do the opposite–they inhibit teamwork, create negative experiences, and frustrate teammates.


Furthermore, we see about 75% of players improve their behaviors after their 1st set of chat restrictions, and many toxic players win more games during chat restrictions… so I don’t agree that chat restrictions are a bad idea.

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500+ games chat restriction doesn’t incentivize better behavior

Lyte New PortraitThe factor you’re missing is that only players that have shown they haven’t improved with smaller sets of chat restrictions will get huge “permanent” sets of chat restrictions.

75% of players tend to improve after a smaller set of 10-20 chat restrictions, but those that don’t improve tend to get chat restrictions repeatedly. Sometimes, we’ll permanently ban these accounts if they show high severity offensive behaviors, but if the behaviors are low severity, we’re going to try permanently chat restricting the accounts instead of just permanently banning them.

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League's Lore Banner



Has League’s lore been forgotten

MilkManiac New PortraitI’ll take a shot at this. For clarity though, I am not on the lore team. However, I am a huge lore geek. I, like many of you, love books/movies/games with massive, fully fleshed-out worlds (Kingkiller Chronicles anyone?). So obviously, when I joined Riot, one of the first things I did was to gobble up any lore-related information and understand what’s going on with it.


Here’s what I learned: Lore is by no means forgotten. I’d like to draw a comparison to the Summoner’s Rift Update. Around winter a lot of players started asking why there was no winter-themed Summoner’s Rift. Some players assumed Riot just didn’t care about the map anymore. However, by now it should be apparent that we didn’t ignore flavoring the map, but instead we had most of our environmental artists working on SRU, which in my mind is much more important than having a winter-themed map. In fact, I would argue that making a skin for an older map, and delaying a newer map to do so, would be a disservice to players.

Getting back to lore, I know that since Freljord, there’s be almost nothing related to lore that has come out. I also realize that many players, such as yourself, have determined that we are starting to “get cheap” with our lore and our world, and given the visibility you have, that’s an understandable conclusion. But let me pose a different theory. What if the Lore is like the current summoner’s Rift: It’s functional and has some really cool features, but it also has some glaring bugs and is by no means as pretty or as flushed out as it could be? What if the reason why there are no Journals of Justice or any lore updates of any kind are because everyone related to lore is working on stuff that takes priority?

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Players want to hear what Riot is thinking about narrative direction

MilkManiac New PortraitWell Said!

A lot of the reason why we’re so “Hush Hush” is that we have so much going on at once, and the last thing we want to do is to tell you about a work in progress, only to have it get cancelled or changed, and then crush your expectations (because… lets face it… we’ve done that in the past). It may be a slow journey, but there is most definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Single Posts banner



Send your community skin ideas

IronStylus New PortraitYup! I know there’s a lot of individual threads with suggestions. However..

I’m looking to doodle some skins in my spare time. I know there’s a TON of great community concepts out there. Some are serious, some are silly. I’m interested in what’s floating around. Got any suggestions? I know there’s individual threads, but sometimes it’s hard to skim through them all D:

TO CLARIFY! Ideas floated have no guarantee of actually happening. I’m just overall curious to see what shows up in this thread and what rises to the top, as well as maybe messing around with some ideas on my spare time.

Some pro-tips:

  • While trolly ideas are great, but think of things that would really appeal to a wide variety of players. “Cool” is a subjective term, but ideate on things that would feel great on existing characters and would really add something special and appealing.

  • Think globally! That’s an important aspect of skin development. While NA is where a lot of us on these forums live, we want to show love to the entire world! How cool were the Warring Kingdom skins? Wasn’t River Spirit Nami gorgeous? Those are ideas inspired from cultures from around the world. If you are thinking of ideas that are more NA/EU derived, think of things that still appeal to the rest of the planet. Pool party skins are great examples. Everyone loves a pool party!

  • Preserve the character. While Eternum Lux might be a neat looking idea, does that fit Lux’s personality or core character? Is it complementary or does it distract? Additionally, preserve the characters graphic reads. You probably don’t want to change the size of Draven’s blades too much, or make Jarvan’s lance really skinny. You probably don’t want to give a character that doesn’t have a helmet something that blocks the face too much.

Anyways, give it some thought! I’d love to see what the cream of the crop ideas of the community are!



Lulu’s W change on the PBE is a tooltip update


[ Context ] This is providing clarity on a change to Lulu’s W from yesterday, which was actually just a tooltip update. Sorry ._.


Hongyou New PortraitNo actual gameplay change.






Clarity on Viktor’s rework
Solcrushed New PortraitOn the scope of the upcoming GU, its not intended to be a full scale rework and is geared mainly toward his Q and passive. W E and R will remain quite similar to their current form (although with tweaks)





Can you make ARAM truly random

RoboLions New PortraitWe agree that something could be done to make ARAMs a more balanced and cohesive mode. We’re still working towards identifying an end solution so I can’t share any specifics at this time, but I want you to know we are on the case! 🙂

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


News Update June 21 Second Banner


Red Post Collection

Single Posts – Darius Rework, Sona, Sion, Headhunter Caitlyn & Much More


Recent News

PBE-21-June-Banner (1)





Direction for Caitlyn’s Visual Update Banner

Caitlyn’s slated for a visual update and how her design would shift is still being discussed.

[ Question ] Will Caitlyn still be a sexy sniper woman after her VU?

Riot Paddo Button Rioter Riot Paddo: I have nothing to do with a VU but besides her officer skin when I think of Cait I don’t see her as a super sexualized champion comparatively to the rest of the female cast. Most of her skins she is pretty covered up not showing a lot of cleavage and at most she just wears a lot of short shorts and skirts.

Does this image work for capturing Caitlyn’s personality?

Caitlyn Redesign

IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: I may or may not have this image in my reference file for an eventual or non-eventual VU.



[ Follow-up ] Caitlyn’s design

IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: Let’s get slightly less cryptic. I’ll try for at least an 8/10.

There’s a fine line where any champion update is concerned. Yep, that hat is goofy. It’s straight outta Willy Wonka. Egads, that dress, what is she, a ballerina? WHY ALL THE BELTS, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, THE BELTS. However, despite all that inconsistency, there’s charm. I’m coining a term, right here, right now. “Incongruity charm”. The positive emotional responses derived from particular visual aspect of a character that despite making no logical or stylistic sense allows a character to be a) recognized distinctly and b) creates uniqueness. 

That’s what we don’t want to kill, the distinct recognizably and uniqueness of a champion. We want to find a way to make some of that contrast actually consistent without dismantling the character. For me, that means keeping particular reads of a character. It might mean ditching the tutu, but it might mean giving her a long/half coat that creates a similar silhouette. It might mean keeping a hat that’s to a certain extent over-sized, but give it a reason for it to be a little unusual, whether that be by adding functionality, adding fashion or creating story.

For Caitlyn all of the above apply in terms of a solution, I feel. We can turn that hat into something that has functionality that Piltover gadgetry is known for, we can make it something that feels integrated into her fashion persona and we can allow it to be a marker of her story as a member of law enforcement. 

I actually see Caitlyn being able to get a way with high-fashion garb. I wouldn’t yank it right from Victorian London, but I would want to bring it in line with what Piltover is manifesting as in newer characters. That style is more evident and unified in Vi and Jayce. I think it’s only appropriate that Caitlyn follows a similar progression. Making sure that charm is intact but dialing back on some of the incongruity.

[ Opinion ] The above concept just doesn’t fit Caitlyn. It’s too much steampunk, not enough wackiness

IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: It’s not so much about execution nor literal translation of this art. When embarking on any character, a new champion or a VU, I gather reference. I gather a LOT of reference. Sometimes it’s photo reference, sometimes other artist’s reference. It’s reference for design, style, technical execution, etc. This piece happens to be among my reference as is has something to contribute to the conversation. Not necessarily at face value, or from a polish standpoint, but because it’s a player’s interpretation and they’ve let me see the champion through their eyes. I find that extremely valuable.

PBE Changes to Maokai Explained Banner

Maokai got a major overhaul in today’s PBE patch. How will these changes affect his gameplay?

Related Update




Clarity on PBE changes

SmashGizmo Button Rioter SmashGizmo: Couple of notes here on the Maokai changes that aren’t immediately apparent from looking at the tooltips on PBE.

W no longer has a cast time, essentially this makes it easier for him to reactively use this ability for either the fast snare or to duck a spell with the untargetability.

Sapling movespeed starts lower at 450, but now scales with Maokai’s movespeed, this is why we had to hit the damage on the skill, the damage is more reliable throughout the game and thus the 460 total base damage was a bit whacky.

What’s with the changes to Twisted Advance [ W ] ?

SmashGizmo Button Rioter SmashGizmo: Totally get this confusion and I’ll do my best to clarify how we got to where we currently are on the W changes.

Essentially the start of the changes to the character were centered around the ult and making it more usable and the initial proposal for ult change was a slightly less polished version of the change you see on PBE today. We liked most of what we saw with this version of the ult, but it left a fundamental flaw in the character where he had an ultimate that made him want to stick by and protect his teammates that was constantly at odds with the 650 range snare dash that screamed “initiate on the opposing backline.” The two mechanics didn’t make sense together, so we set out to re-focus the W around shorter range, but faster teamfight positioning that was most effective vs. the opposing front line to keep Maokai closer to his allies. This is also the reason why the damage paradigm shifted from flat damage to % damage; we wanted Maokai’s W to be more target agnostic so that you can feel good about W’ing to that opposing Vi rather than always feeling compelled to dive the opposing squishies.

The results of these changes have been pretty promising in playtests. Maokai still has decent ability to start fights by opening with Sapling slow to make up the extra range lost on the W, but it doesn’t feel quite as inevitible and frustrating when playing against, and meanwhile Maokai gets to feel much better about using the W to get in useful positions for protecting other members of his team. I want to continue to monitor this and test my assumptions about how this is playing out on PBE, but as I said, thus far I’ve been pleased with the result that this change has on it’s kit alongside the other changes that support it (the E for giving him some reach in ganks/initiation scenarios and the R for preferable teamfight positioning).

Hope this helps you understand where we’re coming from on this!

[ Question ] Will you also make the items for tanky junglers better?

SmashGizmo Button Rioter SmashGizmo: Yes, as we’ve said in the forecast, itemization is also being looked at and improved for Tank Junglers this patch, which involves some changes that I won’t go into on the Golem line since we’re still hashing out some of the details before sharing them with yall. Still not sure when they’ll be ready for PBE, but I can tell you that the benefits that tanks are seeing from these changes in internal playtests have been very promising.

[ Question ] How will these changes affect AP Maokai?

SmashGizmo Button Rioter SmashGizmo: Hard for me to tell what exactly it does for AP Mao. Q is essentially unchanged for AP Mao. W is better as a 1 pointer due to the base damage scaling naturally with game time, but the AP ratio doesn’t catch up to live until the target hits 2K HP, sooooo kinda tough to tell?

E retains it’s high ratio, but takes a base damage hit, BUT also gets extra movespeed off your movespeed and slows the opponents, so his poke game becomes more reliable, but less punishing in terms of damage.

Ult is probably strictly buffed for AP Mao since now he can follow his target to nuke them with it.

I think it’s a small net positive for the AP build, but enough parts are moving around for him and we’ve gotten pretty limited testing on it since it is an off-build, so I can’t really say with confidence where it all puts him. It’s a neat little off-build though, and I’d love for it to still be as effect as it is now, so I’ll be keeping an eye on how AP Maokais perform with these changes and adjust ratios around for him if he’s struggling compared to the current power (or if by some chance I’m missing something and he goes crazy with it :p).

Curse voice still banned Banner

Curse Voice is still forbidden! Why?! (I can’t think of a better summary, I don’t know why it’s still banned).

My thoughts on Curse Voice



Riot Sargonas Button Rioter Riot Sargonas: Hey guys, I just wanted to pop in here. It is NOT ok to use Curse Voice yet. Yes they removed timers, but there are still other concerns we had outlined in our original statement regarding voice chat and overlays. (timers were only 1 of three issues we had with the application at that time.) We’re working closely with Curse to help them make changes that will fit within the guidelines of our ecosystem, so hopefully in the future it will be in the clear once more, as we DO want this to work out well for everyone. However, at this time nothing has changed since our last posting about the issue a few weeks ago.

Why Curse Voice is against Riot policies

Riot Sargonas Button Rioter Riot Sargonas: Since this is a hot topic again, let me outline some clarity on why programs like Curse Voice, Razer Comms, and others are considered against our policies. 

We do not have an issue with people using voice chat, per-say. Skype, Ventrilo, Teamspeak, we know these things are used regularly and that’s fine. Our concerns are when programs interact with the game (during the champion select lobby experience for example) and prompt you with overlays that say “Hey, people on your team are running XYZ software. Click here to chat with them.” That’s where our concerns come in as this is doing several things, including breaking the “should not interfere with the player experience from Play to End of Match Screen”.

I also want to point out you’re perfectly fine to have curse voice installed and use it with other games, we wont ding you for simply having it. We’re even working with them to hopefully find a solution where everyone, especially the players, win.

[ Off-topic ] Why are you working on voice chatting instead of fixing drophacks?

Phreak Button Rioter Phreak: I can promise you that the network engineers are not the ones handling Riot-Developer relations, or detailing Third-Party-Programs rulings.

[ Question ] Why not add your own voice chat option to the game?

Riot Sargonas Button Rioter Riot Sargonas: Adding our own is something we are researching. Not saying we definitely will, or wont, but we are sincerely taking the community sentiment into consideration and investigating possibilities. What may come of that, who knows.. but it’s not something we’ve closed the book on.

Update on Soraka's Rework Banner

How is Soraka’s rework coming along? Game designer Vesh has some thoughts to share with the community on Soraka’s healer theme. 

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My ideas for Soraka


[ Question ] Is it true Morello doesn’t want Soraka to be a healer?

Vesh Button Rioter Vesh: Actually, Morello has been the one who has really been driving the vision of her remaining as a healer above all other things, at any cost.

pls nobody tell him i told u dis. it would ruin his reputation of hating healerz


[ Follow-up ] So Soraka will remain a dedicated healer?

Vesh Button Rioter Vesh: That’s the goal . We sat down and said “what would we be willing to sacrifice to make Soraka the best healer we can” and we decided the answer was everything (if we had to).



[ Question ] How do you balance a healer to not stay back and just heal everyone from safety?

Vesh Button Rioter Vesh: This is absolutely the biggest risk with a healing champion. Heals undermine action and make it feel pointless to engage with the enemy. One way we are looking at solving this is the idea of the “infuse healer” who martyrs herself by giving up her health to an ally. Ideally, she has some interactive way to regenerate her health if she is successful (for instance, some form of offensive spell with adequate counterplay). If you make the healer more at risk as they heal (by making them at lower and lower health) then the “kill the healer” gameplay becomes much more realizable.

[ Question ] Will she have both health and mana costs?

Vesh Button Rioter Vesh: It would probably also need a mana cost to make Soraka not feel bad about buying all the mana items that we push supports towards. I’ll be able to talk more about what is working and what types of things we’re trying as we build more confidence in the direction. Right now we are really just exploring whether this healing pattern can work and feel fair and impactful for both teams.

[ Question ] Will you keep Starcall unchanged?

Vesh Button Rioter Vesh: Starcall is literally just a stat-check. It also tells Soraka to build tanky and stand in the middle of the fight. These things directly conflict with the goals of making an interactive character who can also be a best-in-class healer as her unique support niche.

[ Question ] Why not add risk to healing by making Soraka’s heal melee-ranged?

Vesh Button Rioter Vesh: Haha, don’t want to talk about specifics too much while we are still uncofident, but that’s literally the change I made for this week’s testing. It solves that problem to some degree but feels realllly bad as Soraka when people are over walls or running from you and you can’t help them. (trying a new passive that might help with this though)

[ Opinion ] Soraka’s pushing strengths are a big part of her niche in lane

Vesh Button Rioter Vesh: Didn’t say she wouldn’t still have that aspect. The auto-target starcall that just hits stuff for damage can’t stay though. Can still find ways to preserve the pushing aspect without sacrificing interactive gameplay.

Single Posts banner

New theme for Baron’s pit

[ Update ] More ideas for Diana

Related Collection

Ideas-for-Diana-Rework-Banner (1)


gypsylord Button Rioter Gypsylord: Hey guys,

Thanks a ton for all the feedback. Am reading through the whole thread.

Again, it’s unlikely these changes will happen. I’m just spitballing with you guys to better understand Diana’s identity and what could be done with her.

Some general trends I’m picking up:
Assassin pattern would be missed.
What’s a “fighter” anyways and how does that help define a champ’s identity?
R damage spike at 6 would be important to laning and sorely missed.
Maybe switch R and E?
If she doesn’t just kill a guy how does she survive in a fight?

Will try to respond to some of this stuff later this evening when I get more time. Gotta get back to work on next champ D:

[ Question ] How are Sona and Sion’s reworks coming alone?

MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: Actively in progress is about all I can say at the moment. For Sona timing’s going to depend on availability of art support once possible design changes are locked down. Sion on the other hand’s a really large job (same amount of work as a new champion in many regards, but with more skins) so he’s coming along well but a mammoth project.

[ Follow-up ] Sona rework

MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: We’re investigating ways to address some issues with her auras at the moment (how can we can that power more appreciable, get some additional skill differentiation). Some more details/discussion here.

[ Update ] Darius Rework

morello Button Rioter Morello: These are very specific and not ready to talk in detail about those (I always think the details are pretty mutable anyhow!). But I can answer a few queastions:

  • What about bleed damage? I think Bleed Damage should be rewarded more in the skill damage ramp than the bleeds. Maybe at higher levels is could go up over the current amount, but I’d imagine the bleed damage itself wouldn’t be seeing huge increases.

  • Will he get tankiness? In this Darius model, he actually needs to be very tanky – agreed. We’re requiring him to spend more time in combat to score kills, so more tankiness is required to get him to be able to do that. Some of this would be itemization, some maybe in skills, or base stats.

  • His kiting issue will NOT be addressed – on purpose. This version of Darius would eventually win any long fight. The key play to deal with Darius is to peel him and keep him off you. I think being kitable is a fine weakness, and there’s quite a few champs with moveblocks who can be played for those players who hate being kited 🙂

Does this help?

Thoughts on Headhunter Caitlyn’s looks

My criticism of Headhunter Caitlyn


Riot Whist Button Rioter Riot Whist: Headhunter Cait is just the headhunter line (which is heavily predator inspired) and is not made to be a future-tech skin.

This doesn’t close the door to a future/mecha/battlecast/pulsefire/whatever kind of skin at all. I’d love to work on a future tech Caitlyn skin, though I’d prefer to wait until after her VU.

Also in defense of cleavage/miniskirt…
That’s Cait. Take a peek at the base model, big boobs and a miniskirt. You’re noticing her boobs more probably because the texture work is better and they look like boobs, not a shelf. Part of the task of Skins team is to make sure skins still look like the base champion. We are looking into addressing some of the concerns though.

A lot of the complaints about the skin seem more like a discussion about Cait as a character and would fit more into a VU discussion. We here at Riot all agree (at least those I’ve spoken with) that a Sheriff probably shouldn’t have a miniskirt.


[ Question ] Will we have a better explosion animation for the Nexus when the game is over?

RiotForScienceButton Rioter RiotForScience: Yup I can though I am certain that the end-of-game-ceremony is stilll work-in-progress

[ Update ] Indicators for Blue/Red buffs on Summoner’s Rift

Button Rioter Les Nomerables: We’ll be creating new ones later in the process 🙂

Riot Games paying employees to quit

Link to announcement (scroll a bit down).

Riot WhistButton Rioter Riot Whist: I expect utilizing this program to be a fairly rare thing thing as stated we are very careful with hires.

This is something other companies like google and amazon have done for years now. It’s a win for both sides, we don’t have new employees who aren’t enjoying their job not giving it their all, and they don’t have to hang around at a job they don’t like.

Riot’s an amazing place to work for a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everybody.

We aren’t paying people to leave, Riot doesn’t initiate this. The new hire is the one who decides to leave and get money for it.

[ Follow-up ]

Riot WhistButton Rioter Riot Whist: It’s only for new hires in their first 60 days. If they’re doing a terrible job, we will let them go with no pay if need be (though I doubt we’d ever consider firing in the first 60 days and they’d have adequate warning they need to up their game first). It’s up to THEM to decide if they want to leave.

I don’t know where this elaborate sketchy scheme came about, but Riot would not do this. No sane company would do this.
If you aren’t working out with the company we let you go. There’s no “hey you’re going to get fired in a few months”. That would be a really dumb move.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


PBE Ashe Icons



Xerath New Portrait

Rite_of_the_Arcane    Rite of the Arcane [ R ]

  • Damage increased from 180/235/290 to 190/245/300





Spirit_of_the_Ancient_Golem_itemSpirit of the Ancient Golem

  • Bonus damage to monsters increased from 20% to 30% (same as live)
  • Health decreased from 400 to 350 (same as live)


Spirit_of_the_Elder_Lizard_itemSpirit of the Elder Lizard

  • Bonus damage to monsters increased from 20% to 30% (same as live)
  • AD decreased from 35 to 30 (same as live)

Spirit_of_the_Spectral_Wraith_itemSpirit of the Spectral Wraith

  • Bonus damage to monsters increased from 20% to 30% (same as live)


Spirit_Stone_itemSpirit Stone

  • Bonus damage to monsters increased from 15% to 20% (same as live)



New Ashe Icons


Ashe New Icons



 Single Posts



What role would you want Diana to have on a team?


Vesh Button Rioter Vesh: I imagine a more fighter-type Diana to build Zhonyas and Nashor’s tooth, jump into a fight, moonfall, de-aggro with zhonyas, and then come out of it and wake on squishy’s with her passive until they die all while staying alive with a more defensive-centric shield.

Diana should still want to be a back-line fighter (after all, if you give her the tools to jump to the carry she will do it regardless). She will still want to be on the softer targets. I don’t think “tank killed” is what she wants to be or what she should be, I just think there are better ways to accomplice her goals than press QRR and one shot someone if she’s ahead.

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Firecracker  Jinx banner


PBE Update: 31/01

Official Announcements: Scorched Earth Renekton

Vesh: State of Diana

IronStylus: Visual Updates, Reworks and More

RiotSilver Splash Art Q&A

Fan Art Showcase

Champion/Skin Sale: 31.01 – 03.02



PBE 31 January



Ashe New Portrait


HawkshotHawkshot [ E ]

  • Ashe now gains bonus gold from killing structures as well as enemy units



Mundo New Portrait


Infected_CleaverInfected Cleaver [ Q ]

  • Slow reverted to 2 seconds flat, changed from 1-2 seconds based on range


Burning_AgonyBurning Agony [ W ]

  • CC reduction returned to 10/15/20/25/30%, changed from 10/12.5/15/17.5/20%



Kassadin New Portrait


  • All changes reverted to live state



 Khazix New Portrait


 Taste_Their_FearTaste Their Fear [ Q ]

  • Reverted back to live values.


Void_AssaultVoid Assault [ R ]

  • Reverted back to live values.



 Renekton New Portrait


 Cull_the_MeekCull of the Meek [ Q ]

  • Reverted back to live


Slice_and_DiceSlice and Dice [ E ]

  • Reverted back to live



Xerath New Portrait


Rite_of_the_ArcaneRite of the Arcane [ R ]

  • Damage increased from 170/220/270 ( +0.4 AP ) to 180/235/290 ( +0.43 AP )



Perseverance ( Defense Mastery t4 )

  • Regen lowered from 0.7/1.35/2% to .o .35/0.675/1% of missing health per 5



Heartseeker Ashe




Scorched Earth Teaser

For many moons our prison held the butcher at bay, but now it’s simply a matter of time before he erupts onto the rift.

You’ve been warned.




Diana topic

Is Diana a healthy Champion for the League? Would she make a viable bruiser?



Answering feedback from Summoner


Vesh Button Rioter Vesh: This is an incredibly well done post and you’ve correctly identified a number of key issues with the champion.

“This is because she has a fighter/assassin design and you guys don’t like shields on assassins or burst damage on fighters. You’ve accidentally given her too much durabilty in situations where she gets a full shield off which makes her feel unfair to play against even though one crit will probably eat her shield assuming she gets it off and doesn’t have to use hourglass immediately or get hit with some form of CC. “

This is pretty much the problem. Diana has a role identity crisis right now where shes pretty good at a lot of things but not really the best at any of them. When she’s strong, she’s good at way too much. Her vacuum on E also accentuates this problem because it puts a huge amount of her power budget into her team’s followup ability (Diana when Rumble and J4 were really strong in competitive was really scary despite her average winrate in soloqueue/normals)

Let’s talk about both the fighter and the assassin role and what some options and challenges are for each.

Assassins generally have one primary goal: Get in, get a kill, and get out. Diana on live currently can get in, kill someone, and then just generally stays alive due to tankiness. She doesn’t really have that many hoops to jump through to do this either. Squishier assassins like Akali have to measure very carefully when they go in and then have other elements of evasiveness (her twilight shroud) that gives her play/counterplay with the enemy that’s both positioning and sight based.

Diana doesn’t have this however. She just needs to jump a guy and hit all her buttons and if she’s ahead enough then she wins. This is especially problematic due to her AP scaling shield (get defensive rewards for building offensive) and you correctly identified that as a core problem. Even without it, if she was powerful enough to just nuke somebody from full but then squishy enough to die for it, Diana post-6 might as well have a Q that reads “on hit, both Diana and her enemy die.” Clearly not a very exciting ability for either party involved.

I personally find her prospects as an AP fighter to be much more promising. Taking off some of her crazy burst while giving her tools to do more in fights late game could be a cool approach, especially since she has a cool tuning point in her passive. Increasing base attack speed could definitely allow her to make better use of her 3 hit passive pattern which is generally a little less “bull****” then getting Q -> R -> R’d to death as a carry.

There’s other ways to do this as well, and I’m not saying in any way that Diana should be an auto-attack-only champion. Her passive definitely feels pretty good but to add to that, her pattern of making a grand entrance with Q -> R -> E -> Zhonyas is really awesome. After that effect wears off though, we need to ask what Diana should be doing. Should she get to auto burst a carry with another Q->R->R combo, or should she be using a mix of her spells and autoattacks to have a longer time to kill but with more sustained damage?

I personally believe that this approach would be better for Diana overall and would allow her to have healthier tuning points.

This is seriously a great post though. I’d love to have more discussion about her.



Why does Diana stop moving when casting Q?


Vesh Button Rioter Vesh: Q is already an extremely reliable skillshot. it has a large width, moves very fast, and has an AoE explosion on the end. Making her not stop to cast it would accentuate this problem even more.

Thematics are important, but should not compromise gameplay.

(Part of the reason why the Q being so reliable isn’t very good is because it enables her to go R->R right afterward extremely reliably to just kill someone)



What’s a good style for Diana to transition into?


Vesh Button Rioter Vesh: I feel that it would be even cooler if she started off in a more “initiator” type role with her R->E and maybe zhonyas that set up her team to follow up with additional CC and then transitioned into fighter mode after. Diana feels really good when she’s hitting people with her epic moonblade.

With the way she functions currently, her assassin pattern would basically just degenerate to an even more bursty Akali with less options and less points of mastery.



Suggestion: Moonlight stacks don’t get consumed by R


Vesh Button Rioter Vesh: I don’t think the core Diana fantasy is spamming R on everything she hits with her Q. Plus, this is an unrealistic expectation of her. When given the tools to jump a squishy, Diana isn’t going to make 4 other pit stops on the way there, she is going to go kill the target she can kill immediately. By the time that target is dead, it’s not really important if other targets have moonlight on them because her Q is on such a short cooldown. Plus if moonlight lasted long enough for this to relevant the enemy team would basically be permanently revealed and there’s a ton of power in the fact that it grants sight.



Suggestion: W scales with HP, not AP


Vesh Button Rioter Vesh: The shield scaling with health instead of AP has been suggested a couple of times. I agree with the goal, but it’s hard to say if a specific solution will actually work when it’s on paper.




IronStylus Rework Topic

Learn more about Riot’s schedule for releasing new Champions, reworking old ones and get some insight on how it’s all developed.






What’s next in terms of release?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: Currently we have 4 VU’s/Relaunches in the pipe, including the Sion relaunch which is a while out. Not going to spoil what’s grouped into our launch cadence but we’re now beginning to project what’s going to slot in between other slotted relaunches if Sion’s takes a while longer.

That said, we have aspirations to do a relaunch per month, but it’s not a hard deliverable we must hit. It’s what we want to hit. It’s what we plan to hit, but it’s not always feasible if we encounter problems.

Problems can be anything from the theme of the character being unclear and how we go about tackling that more philosophical side of a relaunch. That can sometime be the biggest point of contention. Production is often easy. Modelling, animation, VFX, while challenging is often more of a straight forward process and series of deliverables than something that’s a lot more malleable and subjective like the concepting/thematic solidification theme.


IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: In addition to process and concepting, we also had a fairly long break over the holidays, and that’s pretty standard not to be producing content during that time. We had about 3 champions in various states of completion before we left. Some near the end of production, some in the middle, some at the end of the concept phase. Who knows, we might end up having a few close proximity VU’s together because we have a couple of champions as a pretty late state hanging out in the polish phase. Not sure.

Either way, it’s the beginning of the year, and we only recently got back into full steam. There’s a lot coming this year. I think you’ll be pleased with the results.

Also, we’re still hammering out process, especially with the aforementioned concept phase. That’s not just concept art, that’s also thematic clarification/overhaul. Creating some pillars for the character, reinforcing/revamping story, and generally figuring out how to capture charm. It’s a very intense process actually because unlike champions or skins, what we’re dealing with has a ton of emotion attached to it. Everyone has an opinion and everyone has feedback. It can be challenging to navigate those waters, but it’s our job to come to a consensus. With a large group of passionate people, that consensus takes a lot of discussion.

We’re still figuring out how to best approach that concepting process. Get people involved, pitching in, and letting people who are passionate drive the product and hold vision. I’ve found myself not doing as much straight forward concept work, but rather finding who’s passionate about a relaunch and getting them assigned as the primary artist. I think that’s a better allocation of my time and better way to insure people feel included.

It’s a process fraught with challenges and emotions but we’re working on it.



Why has production slowed down?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: There’s a mix of reasons. Some of it is resource allocation, some of it is the philosophical things we’ve talked about previously. We’re sort of sitting on a clump of content that’s close to being done, but polish and a few sort of.. existential things need to be resolved.


I know that sounds vague, it’s hard for me to describe. A lot of what we do sort of revolves around: “Is this _____?” as in, what makes this champion? Every step of the way we ask ourselves, does this animation set, does this model, does this VO, feel like an updated/enhanced/re-envisioned version of that character. That’s a very methodical process with a lot of feedback and a lot of work done based on that feedback. While yes, I’d love to fire out content week after week, we have to do our due diligence. My hope is that our pace picks back up and we can hit 1 per month. That’s my hope at least.



How do you decide which Rework gets done first?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: We like to let people know we’re addressing, be it slowly sometimes, the big elephants in the room. Like Sion. He’s a major issue in the game for many many reasons. Because he’s far out, and we have no dates attached to him, the benefit of telling the community “hey, we got this” is helpful in showing that we at least have it on our plate.

On the other side of it, characters like Master Yi, being a bit straightforward and not as intense of a UV/Rework, was a nice surprise that we could keep a lid on because it wasn’t some dramatic thematic/artistic/gameplay abomination (Well.. AP Yi.. sooooo.. yeah) That was one of our easier relaunches to do because of the concept being pretty much established, the charm identified, and most of the production time just spent on making the visuals awesome.

Case by case basis really. I feel there needs to be a balance of “Hey, yes, we know this one thing is a big deal, here’s where we are.” and “HEY LOOK! It’s a thing you didn’t expect and it’s SHINY NOW!”



Is “one VU per month” a deadline for the company?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: The goals is not to drop a date and have it done by then, the idea is to have enough stuff in the works, staggered if need be, and have it pop out in it’s full done-ness at a general ballpark projected time. The time it takes to create the content dictates the time frame. There are no “deadlines” per se.



How do you decide which Champions are aging/outdated?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: That’s a tough one..

We don’t even know ourselves. Right now, we’re even looking at champions as recent as last year possibly being on the hit list, probably not for complete overhauls, but at least TU’s. I can feasibly seeing us going up at least until mid 2011 and still be deep in the initiative.

We’ll see, it’ll evolve. Every character is different in it’s needs.

It’s prompted by a lot of factors from individual dev interest in particular character, something needed for an event, an arising opportunity because of new tech being developed that we can piggy back a relaunch onto, and a lot of other stuff. Characters are relaunched for all different reasons and at different tiers. That makes things really fluid.

I can’t answer what champions are currently in the timeline aside from Sion which people already know about.






Will Rumble’s upcoming skin make it easier to develop more Rumble skins?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: Any new skin for Rumble will make it much easier to do subsequent skins for. This is a result that any new skin will have a rebuilt rig.

Currently we’d be unable to do any of the cool fan ideas out there because all of that wackiness in his current mech would carry over. We can only do geometry changes over that. Anything that would involve a more slick set of movements, a more advanced mech, whatever, is dependent on a new rig being in place.



Is Eve’s VU in there or is that still on the backburner?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: Eve currently sits in the “what is she?” land of concept development. She needs something more of a hook than just “blue lady in tights”. Maybe she’s a shadow isles hybrid. Maybe she’s a demon. She needs not just an update in fidelity, she needs a thematic overhaul. That said, she’ll probably get a traditional skin to go with whatever we do with her. We’re only just in the early, early phases of her development. Very slow burn.



Any plans for Warwick?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: Actually.. Warwick has recently come up on my radar.. We may try to figure out a way to slot him somewhere in between or after what we have planned for this year so far.

NO GUARANTEES. But we’re doing some very VERY early exploratory work.



Will you be doing visual changes to Renekton?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: Funny thing is, I think we could simply replace base Renekton’s head and we’d be cool. His animations are fine, his rig is fine, his particles are decent, his face just looks a little derpy. I’d like it to fall in line with the splash.




Can you reinforce, rather than replace Sion’s lore when you rework him?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: Well, Sion needs something. But I do like the idea of reinforcing. I’m not 100% up on his current lore, but the idea of a giant undead brute who signifies the glory of old Noxus is a pretty good playground.




 Any news on the Ryze VU you mentioned a year ago?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: Because he’s pretty straight forward and we didn’t see any real need to dramatically shift him, we did a model (Grumpy Monkey did it in his spare time actually) and it’s hanging out. Though that’s “done” we still have to go through the motions to make sure it lives up to where we want him conceptually then of course go through actual production along with his skins. We don’t have him on the board yet. My hope is later this year, no certainty on that though.



Can you perhaps update Zilean’s visuals?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: We’ve got some nice ideas for a good VU approach for Zilean. Not slotted, not in pre-production, nowhere on the list at the moment. Time will tell…





What happened to Kassadin’s VU?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: Karthus is in the pre-production concept phase. No ballpark date whatsoever though.

Nothing on Kassadin, but I’d like to put him into pre-production soon.



Can we expect any news on the Yordles front?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: With one relaunch, we’re currently diving into yordles. It’s going to set a precedent, and off of that we’ll base the Great Yordle Unification Pass (YUP) of 2014 will be started. Currently our goal, even if we lack a style guide on yordles, is to bring them more in line with Ziggs and Lulu, our current standard for male and female yordles.



Splash Art QA Topic

What’s happening to outdated Splash arts? How long does it take to work on one? This and more.



RiotSilver Button Rioter RiotSilver: Dudes!

Sorry about the delay. I’m going to answer all of the questions I can and that the team is ready to answer. Feel free to continue posting feedback or questions. I will do my best to get back in here as often as I can to update.


Any word on old splash art for skins? eg: Nidalee and Master Yi.

For context. A while back around the time we reworked the Morgana/Miss Fortune/Tryndamere splashes, the splash team at riot reevaluated what our goals should be with all future splashes. We decided that if we were going to work on creating higher quality splashes, one of the things we would need to do is to start spending more time per splash. What used to be under two weeks (and in some cases, a day or two) has become 4 solid weeks of work per splash and while our team has grown to about 8 artists, this is still very limiting in the resources we have to make splashes. Because of this, we’ve had to prioritize what we are able to work on at any given time. Right now, our first and foremost priority as a team is to rework all of the base champion splashes that don’t meet our standards along with new content. The main reason for this is that the base champions are both IP defining and also what the majority of our players see when they play the game. Once those are done we will prioritize skin reworks for the champions who have been relaunched where the skin splashes no longer accurately represent the in game model (champions like Trundle, Karma, and Nidalee) and after that we will work on the rest of the skin splashes but do not currently have a priority list defined for those. We are working on setting up a pipeline for working very closely with some of our trusted partners to begin working sooner on those relaunched skin splashes. No guarantees at this point, but we are constantly looking for ways to improve our process and get updated splashes for all of your and our favorite champions/skins as soon as possible. We’ve also been looking very hard to find artists (and passionate gamers) that are capable of hitting both the league of legends style and quality bar so that we can increase the rate at which we can achieve these goals.

Do you guys plan to replace the Chinese art you were putting in the game at one stage? 

Yes this is an idea that was brought up a while ago and again very recently. We want to avoid communicating the idea that the splashes from the Tencent client, which we would theoretically substitute, would be a final solution for the current live clients in most other territories. This is because a lot of the older splashes created for the Tencent client no longer match the style of our new target. That being said, as a team we do agree there are probably splashes in our current client where the benefit of replacement might greatly outweigh the difference from our visual style. It’s something we will explore.

Question regarding Pantheon’s splash. In the Facebook page, as well as during the shifting portraits in the LCS, he uses a unique splash image that looks quite well. The one currently used is the one from the Chinese client years ago. What is the status on that splash, and what reasons were made for not using it in the game?

This splash was made a while back but we felt that it didn’t accurately represent pantheon as a champion and what he is able to do in game. I would say however that the quality and personality of the splash overall is higher than the one currently live in game. We may revisit this one as a temporary replacement, since it is already done, until we can get to creating Pantheons actual reworked splash. I will talk to the team about it.

How much time is spent making ONE splash art?

For one person, 3-4 weeks depending on the artist.

How do you determine the position the champion will be in?

Our normal process is to make 3-5 quick black and white sketches exploring different compositions for the splash. We talk to writers, modelers and enthusiasts of the champion to find what we feel is the best version, pose and story for the splash. After we pick a direction we do a few color explorations and start to draw/render the final.

Is a splash art being “created” by one artist, or multiple?

Yes and no. Splashes are worked on primarily by one artist but we do regularly help each other to complete splashes based on each artists strengths and also to accommodate deadlines. On some cases, we have a large number of artists jump on one splash. (Elise’s base splash was made in just under 4 days with 5 people working on it simultaneously.)

People point to Dragonblade Riven, the new Lux splash, the new Sivir splash, and others as being “humanly impossible to recreate”. While I do see this and recognize the disjointed look that these art pieces give, I personally view these with a more open-mind because I give benefit of the doubt that there must have been some visual basis for these poses. If that is not the case, how did you decide on such postures?

You’re right. I’m not sure if the team has previously highlighted our goals for the current target on splash art and if not, then that is probably my fault. We have a bunch of things that we want to aim for when creating new splashes and illustrations. For this question in particular, I’ll talk a bit about character poses. The world of league of legends is a fantasy world where things and characters outside the realm of possibilities in the normal world exist. Furthermore, the game and stories are focused primarily on the champions, the super human characters of that world. Our champions have very exaggerated proportions, some can shoot fire from their hands, and some can jump 30 feet in the air. To be able to fully convey the force and impact of these moments, we employ a lot of the same principles used in comic books. We purposefully break anatomy to enhance the gesture of the pose and push characters into extreme perspective. The idea here is to communicate something that is not possible by a normal human. I will take some time in the near future to make a post where I deep dive into what we feel is our splash style. Right now the high level goals are: exaggerated comic book style character proportions and poses, high polish, but still hand painted rendering, limited color palettes with powerful accents, and dramatic lighting.

Are you guys responsible for splash-based animated login screens as well? if so how do you do it?

The illustration/splash team makes the 2d assets, separated out into Photoshop layers that the motion graphics team animates in programs like After Effects.

How do you guys feel about posting videos of the splash art creation process?

Unfortunately, around the same time that we reevaluated our splash style and timeline, we had to stop making process videos. Due to the larger file sizes, lag that’s caused by the recording process, and the fact that we regularly collaborate on splashes, we found it unrealistic to continue to record the process. We are exploring new ways of opening the doors to our art process though. I’m not sure when things will be solidified, but its something regularly talked about at Riot HQ.

What other software are you familiar with for working on art? Which is your favorite? Do you use different software for different things?

Splash artists at Riot use Photoshop in tandem with other programs like Maya to create environment/prop models for reference, and a few internal tools. Photoshop is the medium that I’ve learned how to control the best, but Ive seen people make amazing works of art with MS Paint and Gimp. It all comes down to decision making rather than tools.



Fan Art Elite Skins



Elite Squad Skins


Artist: darkosz12



Elite Squad Ashe


Elite Squad Darius


Elite Squad Caitlyn


Elite Squad Fiora


Elite Squad Jinx



Firecracker Jinx


Artist: Anti-Pioneer (can’t find blog or website)


Lunar Revel Jinx

Lunar Revel Jinx



Pupper Master Rumble


Artist: kanekomodera



Puppet Master Rumble



Katarina, Ryze, Tryndamere and Ziggs Statues


Link to full album



Katarina Statue Up-front


Katarina Statue Back


Katarina Statue Face Close-up


Katarina Statue Profile


Ziggs Statue Profile


Ziggs Statue Close-up


Tryndamere Statue Close-up


Tryndamere Statue Second Close-up


Ryze Statue Profile


Ryze Statue Close-up


Ryze Statue Face Close-up


Ryze Statue Second Profile



Sale February 3





  • Amumu – 292 RP
  • Skarner – 440 RP
  • Varus – 487 RP






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Renekton PBE banner


PBE Update

The legend of Dragonblade Riven

Vesh: State of Renekton

Single Posts



PBE Update









Barrel_RollBarrel Roll [ Q ]

  • AP ratio reverted to 0.9 from 0.8 (same as live)


Explosive_CaskExplosive Cask [ R ]

  • Damage reduced from 150/300/450 (+0.9 AP) to 150/200/250 (+0.6 AP)
  • Cooldown lowered from 100/90/80 seconds to 100/75/50
  • Mana cost decreased from 100/125/150 to 100 at all ranks





Null_SphereNull Sphere [ Q ]

  • AP ratio reduced from 0.7 to 0.5


Nether_BladeNether Blade [ W ]

  • No longer deals double damage to minions and monsters
  • Damage reduced from 60/90/120/150/180 to 40/70/130/160


Force_PulseForce Pulse [ E ]

  • Damage lowered from 80/115/150/185/220 to 80/105/130/155/180


RiftwalkRiftwalk [ R ]

  • No longer refunds half the mana cost if Riftwalk hits an enemy






ReckoningReckoning [ Q ]

  •   AP ratio reduced from 1 to 0.6


Divine_BlessingDivine Blessing [ W ]

  • AP ratio increased from 0.35 to 0.45
  • Now grants an additional 1% movement speed per 10 AP


InterventionIntervention [ R ]

  • Mana cost removed




Cull_the_MeekCull of the Meek ( Q )

  • Now scales with 80% of bonus AD, changed from 15/20/25/30/35%  of total AD
  • Furious version now scales with 22.5/30/37.5/45/52.5% of total AD, changed from 120% of bonus AD
  • Heal from minions and monsters decreased from 5% of damage dealt at all ranks to 3/3.5/4/4.5/5%
  • Heal from Champions decreased from 20% at all ranks to 12/14/16/18/20%
  • Fury bonus % heal lowered from 10% at all ranks to 6/7/8/9/10%


Slice_and_DiceSlice and Dice [ E ]

  • Damage ratio changed from 0.9 of bonus AD to 0.5 of total AD from 0.9 bonus AD (currently, it’s a 0.05 ratio on PBE, probably a mistake)
  • Damage changed from 30/60/90/120/150 to 40/60/80/100/120
  • Fury bonus now slows enemies hit by 25% for 2 seconds. No longer reduces armor


In regards to the PBE changes to Renekton


Button Rioter Vesh: Hey guys, just a reminder that the numbers on PBE are not final. Sometimes weird stuff will go out but that’s why it’s the beta environment. This was a snapshot of an earlier iteration and you will see more changes soon. All of this feedback and conversation is great though and I really appreciate hearing your perspectives.


Is something wrong with the AD ratio on his Q?


Button Rioter Vesh: Yes. the Ratio on Q is just flat out wrong. Really really really wrong. Please remember that PBE is a beta environment and some weird stuff comes and goes on there all the time.





  • Base Health Regen increased from 0.2 to 0.5 (currently 1.1 on live)


ValorValor [ E ]

  • Shield increased from 80/110/140/170/200 to 90/120/150/180/210






Wind_WallWind Wall [ W ]

  • Bonus flow decreased from 4/8/12/16/20% to 3/6/9/12/15%






Spirit_of_the_Ancient_GolemSpirit of the Ancient Golem

  • Bonus damage to monsters decreased from 30% to 20%


Spirit_of_the_Elder_Lizard_itemSpirit of the Elder Lizard

  • Bonus damage to monsters decreased from 30% to 20%



The legend of Dragonblade Riven



One tale tells of a woman, her sword forged in dragon’s fire, descending into an enemy enclave in the aftermath of a bloody battle. She leaped and slashed through hordes of foes, slaying captors and freeing their captives. Refusing to bow to those who would enslave the innocent, she stormed across the countryside, giving hope to refugees and the unprotected. Those who witnessed her crusade soon knew the truth behind the proverb, “There’s no shield like a Dragonblade’s sword.”



Preserve the path to freedom as Dragonblade Riven for 1350 RP and available only during Lunar Revel, on sale for 975 RP through January 31.



State of Renekton


Renekton banner

Why is Renekton being changed at all?



Why nerf a Champion with a 50/50 winrate?


Vesh Button Rioter Vesh: So, even though Renekton’s win rate is pretty much exactly 50/50, that doesn’t mean that he’s in the best place he could be in. Right now his early game is extremely strong and he tends to fall off really hard late game as other characters (especially range AD) outscale him with items.

I’m going to be looking into doing some changes that takes down his early game dominance just a tad so that we can give him a stronger late game and also keep him from just shutting out most top lanes before level 9.



Is his sustain making him hard to deal with on top?


VeshButton Rioter Vesh: I definitely think the sustain on Renekton in particular is a problem early and contributes to how he can consistently out-trade his opponent. Going to test out some changes with a slightly less powerful heal on Q initially that will scale back by level 9 to what it is on live currently.



Does he really fall off lategame?


VeshButton Rioter Vesh: He definitely falls off late game (we have teh dataz).





Will Renekton get buffs in return for this decrease in heal and early damage?


VeshButton Rioter Vesh: Like I said, his late game is weak so if we take away some of his power early that’s going to need to be added to his late game power. There’s a number of ways to accomplish this (raw stats, utility, etc) and it’s worth exploring all of them. One option that might work out well is giving his Q/E total AD ratios instead of bonus AD. Then his spells can keep getting more powerful with his champion level as he gains his AD per level. Not saying this is the option we should definitely go with, but it’s definitely one I’ll be taking a close look at.



Why decrease the heal, when it’s already capped?


VeshButton Rioter Vesh: The healing cap makes it so you have to his literally 12 minions at once to hit the cap. It’s mostly to prevent abuse cases where a super wave is pushing and he could heal to full without the cap and also to make him not heal crazy amounts with an empowered Q in a teamfight where he manages to hit 4-5 people.



Will you make his Furious Slice and Dice ( E ) bonus useful?


VeshButton Rioter Vesh: I would definitely like to do something with the E besides the shred. Most people use that accidentally while ulting and would rather have had an empowered Q. The shred can be situationally very powerful but is totally invisible.

A slow could be one approach, but I think it could also be really cool if we look at the dash itself, possibly giving it more length on empowered state, or maybe a third dash altogether if used with fury. Few options here, probably going to be testing a number of them.



Can you make his Passive more engaging or relevant?


VeshButton Rioter Vesh: I agree that his passive isn’t the most interesting thing in the world, but I’m not sure I want to risk changing a core system of his too much when the goal is to even out his power curve. Definitely something to look at it in the future, but I suspect that lowering his sustain early and possibly giving him some more damage after that point will make the passive a bit more meaningful.



Giving Slice and Dice ( E ) a third dash when used with 50 Fury will make Renekton even harder to deal with


VeshButton Rioter Vesh: It’s just one option that can be considered – in no way am I saying that’s the best approach or then one we should take.

It would be a tradeoff however. It costs fury so if you get the extra dash you will lose out on an empowered Q or a longer W stun.



Single Posts



What’s being done to help newer players get accustomed to the game?


boourns Button Rioter boourns: We do care a lot about the new player experience. There is a team dedicated to improving it! We’re experimenting with a bunch of things like a landing page for new players with some (hopefully ) relevant information about the game and having a different set of free to play champions for new players so we don’t have someone really complicated like Lee Sin or Jayce for new players.



Any plans to improve bots in general?


boourns Button Rioter boourns: Not really my specialty, but I know there are folks working on bot AI. I do not think harder custom game bots are part of the plan though. The custom bots are actually much “dumber” than the co-op vs. ai ones from what I understand because we can’t be sure what combinations of human/bot players there will be.



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Lunar Revel Splash Arts


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WoadKing Darius Banner


PBE Update


Red Post Collection

Bonus – Yorick, the Crazy Cat Lady



PBE Update


experimental changes



Champion Balance




Death_LotusDeath Lotus ( R )

  • Total damage increased from 400/500/700 to 400/575/750 (second buff on PBE)





  • Base mana decreased from 200 to 190
  • Mana-per-level increased from 35 to 45


UndertowUndertow ( Q )

  • Damage increased from 65/110/155/200/245 to 70/115/160/205/250


Vicious_StrikesVicious Strikes ( W )

  • Lifesteal increased from 8/10.5/13/15.55/18% to 9/12/15/18/21% (same as live)
  • Mana cost lowered from 35 at all ranks to 30


Reckless_SwingReckless Swing ( E )

  • Damage decreased from 100/145/190/235/280 to 70/115/160/205/250
  • Now scales with 40% of Total Attack Damage
  • Now refunds the health cost if it kills the target.





  • Base health decreased from 400 to 360 (same as live)
  • Base armor decreased from 15 to 11 (same as live)





Moonflair_Spellblade_itemMoonflair Spellblade
  • Can now be used by melee




New Splash Arts


Olaf New Splash JPG

Olaf New Splash

Xerath New Splash JPG

Xerath New Splash



Championship Thresh






Official Announcements



Teamwork OP


Riot have released an animated video showcasing the benefits of working together in a match. Beware of bad language.




Red Post Collection


Riot logo decoration


Nerfing Last Whisper and Void Staff

Fixing the Ward issue

Matchmaking FAQ

Calculating League Points

Discussing RP+ and scamming

Fixing Blue side XP Bug

Xerath’s New Art

How to become a Creative Designer

3D Character Art



Nerfing Last Whisper and Void Staff



Shouldn’t these two items be effective only versus high resist targets?


morello Button Rioter Morello: I agree, actually. Will look into timeline on a fix.

This will require a little change to some penetration math to make this work as intended, Void Staff’s the most egregious, but LW isn’t much better.






morello Button Rioter Morello: The problem is mostly based around that Void Staff and LW are just simply solid damage items as opposed to situational buys to deal with heavy resist stacks. BC’s flat pen doesn’t apply to this because flat pen is actually more effective against lower resistances (due to diminishing returns on the effect of resists). BC is a damage item that helps physical damage teammates.



Suggestion: Apply the Unique Passive penetration only for Bonus Armor and Magic Resist (ignoring base)


morello Button Rioter Morello: We’re actually looking at this direction right now. Some of the risks there are how to communicate “bonus” so you can make smart item choices, but it’s definitely a possibility.





Fixing the Ward issue


Xelnath explains the design decisions that went into the ward mechanic. This is a continuation of a recent thread noted in my last article.



Community’s Opinion


XelnathButton Rioter Xelnath: Still reading through this. Between US and EU, this is a 200 page + thread.

Trends I am noticing:

* People feel the gold burden of supporting is too high
* People feel like others should participate in the vision game to some level
* People want items that better support playing in the vision game
* Some people are concerned about what happens to supports with a solid gold income
* Many support players feel they don’t need a huge swing in incomes – just a reduction in non-permanent expenditures



Some wild ideas


XelnathButton Rioter Xelnath: Okay, a number of people have floated this idea, so I’m going to pose it with a little tweak:

Add a unique slot that can only contain special vision items. In this slot, you can buy:

  • A) A re-usable ward (1 hp, 90 sec cd) [Upgrades into dropping real wards]
  • B) An item that is basically a mini CV (90 sec cd) [Upgrades into longer range/radius]
  • C) A scanner that lets you reveal hidden wards (90 sec cd) [Upgrades into shorter cooldown/limited oracles effect]

However, you can only have one of those items. Would you buy one? Assume 150g gold cost.



Why do wards cost gold?


XelnathButton Rioter Xelnath: Gold is a limiter. You use it when you want to make the decision to down a particular path meaningful. You should weigh your decisions wisely, adapt them to suit the battlefield and not simply be a pre-defined choice.

Furthermore, it gives us the ability to tune effects. Let’s pretend that the CV item is too powerful. We can increase its cost until it has the appropriate trade-off. If we don’t do that, we create another scenario like summoner spells – where Flash currently trumps all of the other spells and there’s not a lot of room left to tune it.



Aren’t CDs and limit of wards bought per minute appropriate limiters?


XelnathButton Rioter Xelnath: No, that’s missing an axis of tuning. Consider this:

In the A/B/C model, A creates gold on the map. B is neutral, C consumes the gold created.

Due to the nature of this reward structure alone, gold is necessary to compensate for the fact that these items modify your income stream. In theory, we could make killing wards not grant gold, but… why? That’s just unsatisfying.



Matchmaking FAQ


Exekias Button Rioter Exekias: Hello Summoners!

Recently the Player Behavior team has been seeing a lot of questions about matchmaking. In the future, we’d like to do more regular updates on how matchmaking is working and share some of the results behind our matchmaking systems. But for now, we’d like to start with a FAQ that answers some of the more common questions we see about matchmaking. Lyte, Glacest, and I will be happy to answer any questions and will add to the FAQ as needed.

Q1: Does ELO Hell exist?

Based on our data and analysis, the answer is no. However, that does not mean that the pain many of our players feel is invalid. Many players feel that, through no fault of their own, they are stuck in a situation where they can no longer progress. And there are several key factors that can heavily contribute to this feeling. The first of these is that when we take a look across all games, some players actually require a pretty high number of games to reach their true matchmaking rating. For these players, what feels like an unsurpassable wall may end up being just a small road bump.

The two major psychological factors which contribute to the sense of ELO Hell are the Dunning-Kruger Effect andnegativity bias. The Dunning-Kruger effect refers to the phenomenon where people tend to rate their own abilities as much higher than average, regardless of reality. For League of Legends, this translates into most players rating their matchmaking rating at about 150 points higher than their actual matchmaking rating. Negativity bias refers to the cognitive trend where people negative experiences tend to be more mentally “sticky” than positive experiences. In other words, negative experiences, such as playing with a leaver or a troll, will have a larger impact on your memory.

Q2: How does matchmaking work right now?

Currently the matchmaker attempts to match players with similar matchmaking rating (referred to as MMR from here on out) and number of wins for that particular queue. Players have a separate MMR for each queue, each of which evolves independently from the others. This means that your wins and losses in Dominion won’t impact your MMR for Summoner’s Rift. The one exception to this rule is that in some special cases, we’ll look at your performance in other queues to help kick off your MMR. For example, when starting a ranked team, the team’s initial MMR is impacted by the past performances of the members in ranked solo queue. After the team is made, the individual solo queue experience of the members will stop impacting the team’s MMR.

Q3: If that’s the case, how do I keep ending up in games with players whose skill level differs greatly from my own?

There are a few factors that can make a match feel more imbalanced than it actually is. A teammate may have just had a bad game and performed worse than they usually do. Alternatively, as we’ve seen in LCS, snowballing can still occur despite the two teams being very evenly matched. Snowballing can then lead to the very reasonable perception that a mismatch occurred. Finally, both Dunning-Kruger and negativity bias also play a role here in shaping players’ impressions of their matchmaking experiences overall.

For the matchmaker itself, the conditions often cited for mismatch are low concurrent users (CCU) or having a very high MMR. But when we take a deeper look at this pool of games, the impact on the quality of matches ends up being very very low. Instead, the matchmaker is much more likely to increase the queue time as can be seen in the longer queue times seen in the Challenger Tier.

That is not to say that our matchmaker is absolutely perfect. But we are also constantly monitoring our matchmaker and making any necessary tweaks to help reduce the chance that players of vastly different skill levels are matched together.

Q3.5: But according to their ranked borders and third party website X, their MMR is way higher or lower than mine! Why does this happen? 

There are two different issues to consider here. For borders, the main consideration is that they only represent the skill level of the player at the end of last season. Since the last season ended in November of 2012, this represents a skill evaluation that is ten months old and very likely inaccurate. In terms of third party websites, their estimation of players’ ELO is based off of incomplete information and thus can be fairly inaccurate.

Q4. Is the matchmaker punishing me for my winning streaks? I’ve heard that it tries to force everyone into having a 50% win chance. How is this fair!?

This is false. While the matchmaker tries to create games in which the teams are balanced and have an even chance of winning, this is not always possible. As a result, the ultimate goal of the matchmaker is to be as accurate as possible in predicting the winner of the game, thus allowing their matchmaking rating to be adjusted appropriately. In some cases (particularly for players new to that queue) win streaks can lead to a rapid increase in your MMR, which will cause you to face tougher and tougher opponents. Naturally, this will eventually end your win streak, but you’ll find yourself landing at a new level of more challenging competition.

Q5. Why don’t we just put toxic players into a different queue?

This concept, also known as Prisoner’s Island, has been proposed multiple times and considered by the Player Behavior team. However, we ultimately determined that this model was not a good fit for League of Legends. Not only does it go against our goal of reforming toxic players, but it also feels extremely negative in the rare case someone is incorrectly sent there. Finally, since League of Legends is a free to play game, prisoners may opt to just abandon their account and transfer their toxicity to our newest players.

Q6: Why is duo queuing allowed?

While duo queuing can sometimes create less than ideal situations in matchmaking, the vast majority of our players actually prefer to play with their friends. While we have to be cognizant of this fact, we are also monitoring the solo queuer experience.

Q7: How does Riot feel about smurfs?

Riot does not officially condemn or condone smurfing. We understand the cases where players make new accounts in order to help teach new players the game, but are working on newer systems to provide a similar experience in a more positive way. Creating smurfs simply to beat lower level players is heavily frowned upon. Permanently banned players who make smurfs are quickly banned again. A permanent ban means that unfortunately, we feel that there is no place for you in our game.



What if toxic players changed their behavior?


ExekiasButton Rioter Exekias: Long ago, toxic players who genuinely wanted to reform and could demonstrate their honesty were offered a second chance. I don’t remember the specific details, but it had an extremely high failure rate (~95%) and we discontinued it.




Why are Season reward borders visible during Loading Screen?


ExekiasButton Rioter Exekias: We actually ran a few studies on how having a border impacted toxicity. To quote Lyte: “Players with ‘lower’ border colors did not receive any additional harassment or reports compared to the players with higher border colors in the same game.”



Does Ranked Team queue take each person’s MMR into consideration or just the team’s MMR?


ExekiasButton Rioter Exekias: The answer is actually somewhere between. While the MMRs exist independently, ranked teams are one example of where there is a little bit of crossover. When a team is first made, the MMRs of the members impact the starting MMR of the team. Once that’s established, the team’s MMR exists independently from each of the member’s solo queue MMR.



Will the client match a player unevenly in a case where queuing takes too long?


ExekiasButton Rioter Exekias: It actually prefers to extend queue times over sacrificing accuracy in those cases. That’s why challenger players can face much longer queue times than the average player.





Calculating League Points


Zydion iterates on why climbing through Diamond ranks can be an intimidating task with the current method of handling MMR.



Zydion Button Rioter Zydion: The problem, in my opinion, is that Leagues simply propel you too fast.

To give you guys some perspective, when I reached Plat 1 80LP, my MMR was only ~1900 (which would have only been a plat 4 or 5 level in the old days since 1850 was plat cutoff). Not surprisingly, I got clamped pretty hard. I played twice as many games going from 80LP to Diamond 5 than I did from Plat 5 to Plat 1. Even when I reached diamond 5, my MMR was only around 2k, which was far from the diamond cutoff from the previous season. In short, Leagues makes is easier to reach new tiers since LP grows so much faster than MMR but due the way clamping works right now it feels very bad when you get clamped. Hope that helped clear it up a bit.





ZydionButton Rioter Zydion: Believe me when I say that even when I knew my MMR, the clamping did not feel any better for me. I can definitely understand how it is incredibly frustrating to feel like you are so close when you are actually not. In the end, all you can really do is just keep playing and winning. I can’t say for sure as I’m not part of the Leagues team but I do think they are trying to make the system much better for s4.



How can we calculate our MMR with the current League system?


ZydionButton Rioter Zydion: The only real way to approximate MMR right now is to see what League you are at and how much LP you are winning/losing. Unfortunately, even then it is a pretty rough estimate as Leagues seems more lenient than hard MMR cut-offs in season 2 for example. Although part of it can be due to increasingly growing player base, so top 0.5% player from this year will include a lot more players than top 0.5% last year. To make it easier though, I would just go off the league you achieved as your achievement since that is what you really earned this season.



Discussing RP+ and scamming


VeshButton Rioter Vesh: Hey guys,

As you might have seen, we teamed up with American Express Serve so that they could offer a full service reloadable prepaid account that offers RP rewards for loading/spending money. We’ve heard some rumors going around about some of the features of the RP+ card as well as questions about what the card actually is.

(If you want to know all the details on how the card works, check out our FAQ and announcement here:…s-Serve-RP-FAQ)


Is RP+ a scam?

No, it’s not a scam! This is an official partnership, but make sure when you’re on the signup page where you enter your login information that the top level domain of the site is either or Currently it’s .


Will I pay fees for using my American Express Serve Card?

American Express Serve does not currently charge fees for using your Card for everyday spending, sending/receiving money, or linking a bank account, credit card, or debit card.


What if I want to withdraw money from an ATM?

There are no ATM fees if you use your American Express Serve Card at an ATM in the MoneyPass ATM network. American Express Serve charges a $2 ATM fee for ATM withdrawals outside of the MoneyPass ATM network. In addition, ATM owner fees may apply. Transaction limits apply. Subject to account privileges/permissions.


Can I overdraft with this card? Will I be charged anything if I overdraft?

No, if you do not have a backup funding source designated, you can only spend the money that you have added to your account.


Why do they need my social security number?

To verify identity. Everyone who signs up with needs to provide a SSN. They want to make sure you are who you say you are!


Why are they asking for a photocopy/fax of my social security card and/or photo ID? My friend didn’t have to do this!

Every player is different, and sometimes additional proof of identity may be needed. Especially for the younger players!


How exactly do I meet the “Direct Deposit” requirement? 

Set up Direct Deposit with your employer! This is different from transferring money into your Serve account from another personal account or check/cash deposit.


Will this affect my credit score?

Nope. This is not a credit card and will not affect your credit score at all.


My card isn’t here yet! Halp!

It’ll usually take 5-7 business days to get your card, so hang tight and if you still don’t receive it, contact American Express’ support department at 1-800-954-0559.


How can I tell when the RP is credited to my LoL account?

Your transaction history in the store should have entries like the ones seen below:


RP History


I didn’t get any RP yet!

In most cases, you will receive your RP instantly. However, please allow up to 6 days for RP to appear in your League of Legends game account once you sign up for RP+, after your funds transfer is complete, or once your eligible Card purchase settles.

Once the sign-up process has been completed, your Serve account enters a “Pended” state. This means that your account is being reviewed for authenticity. It can take up to 6 days to verify your email address with Serve.
To check the current state of your account, log in to Serve. If it says “Your Account is being reviewed” at the top of the page after you log in, your account is currently “Pended”.

The RP will be credited to your account after it has unpended.


Can I get this card if I live outside the US?

We’re sorry, but RP+ from American Express Serve is only available to U.S. residents at this time. Consequently, only the NA accounts are eligible for registration and RP rewards.

If you have any other questions that aren’t addressed here or in our official FAQ, we’ll be reading and responding to comments in this thread throughout the week!



Fixing Blue side XP Bug


A hotfix for the recent bug where blue minions started giving 2 XP more than purple ones will soon be deployed on live servers.

RiotRival Button Rioter RiotRival: Hey Summoners,

We wanted to let you know we’re fully aware of the blue side EXP bug where blue minions are giving 2 more EXP than purple minions. We currently have a hotfix ready to go on Monday.

We understand that this problem is a potentially significant issue. When we attempted a solution on Wednesday, additional complications arose. Currently we have a confirmed fix for the bug, but given that server stability is of high importance to us, deploying it over the weekend just isn’t viable. We will be getting this out as soon as possible on Monday.

The tournament servers have already been hotfixed for the World Championship Group Stage games being played this Sunday.

Thank you for your patience, summoners, and we apologize for the inconvenience.





Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: We will be increasing the XP of blue minions so that purple team gains the missing xp per melee minion.





Xerath’s New Art



XelnathButton Rioter Xelnath: I’ve seen a number of new threads about Xerath’s new splash art cropping up in various forums. To talk about this directly:

This splash art is actually based on the new VFX for the Xerath rework by Bitsplosion. Xerath was slated to begin PBE testing this patch, with an expected release date sometime in the future. However, after some discussion, we feel the new splash art is supremely badass and will be releasing it early with 3.12.

Xerath’s new VFX (including his new ultimate pictured in the background) will be released alongside the Xerath rework once PBE and competitive testing have concluded.

Hope this answers your questions, and thank you for your incredible patience as we finish up his rework.



Will Scorched Earth Xerath have amazing new animations to match?


XelnathButton Rioter Xelnath: I don’t know. Bitsplosion is doing some work to improve Battlecast and Runeborn Xerath, but I haven’t seen Scorched Earth’s updates yet.





How to become a Creative Designer


Rioter Entropy shares his experience on how he got the inspiration and the opportunity to work in the field.



Riot Entropy Button Rioter Entropy: Heh, people usually raise an eyebrow at the term “creative designer” (I can’t blame them). It’s deliberately catch-all, but to such a degree that it almost loses all meaning. Narrative designer is more common throughout the games industry, as is writer, but in some ways they don’t really cover all the parts of my role here at Riot. The gist of it is that I’m a storyteller and if I’m doing my job right you should feel like our champions are more than a sack of stats with some slick graphics.

How I got into the field? I’ve always loved video games. I’ve been playing them since I was kid and they influenced my development in interesting ways. Fun fact: I learned to read because my mom got tired of having to drop what she was doing to come tell me what was in the text bubbles of the Legend of Zelda. (It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this: Hooked on Phonics Acquired!) From video games I branched out into all manner of gaming hobbies, but it was my interest in pen-and-paper RPGs that lead me into writing.

Long story short, online role-playing on bulletin board systems is a lot like writing a novel collectively. Eventually, I started putting the words to the page without the need for other players. So that pretty much clued me in to the fact that I actually liked writing as a thing independent of games. After getting my fill of dead end jobs after high school, I decided I’d go to college as a first step in the pursuit a writing career. I hadn’t really thought to consider my options in the games industry until I was job hunting in preparation for graduation. I’d have been hard pressed to have succeeded at it, too, if the stars hadn’t been aligned just so.

Right when I was in the thick of job hunting and feeling pretty concerned about my prospects, I caught wind of a golden opportunity. BioWare was in need of writers for their new Austin office and despite the fact that I was not remotely qualified on paper I applied anyway. They liked my submission module, so I spent the next six months iterating on more materials as they screened their candidates. Eventually they invited me out for an interview and offered me a position. That’s more or less how I got my foot in the door.



How can I get a job working as a writer in gaming?


Riot Entropy Button Rioter Entropy: “How can I get a job in the industry” is a pretty common question. It was the single most asked question I got at PAX. I don’t think that it’s that game devs are secretive about it so much as they are afraid of opening the flood gates to becoming a career counselor. Part of it might be that game development tends to be a career that’s highly romanticized by gamers: I love games, therefore I would also love making them.

It’s a dream job to us, which is why so many fly by night online universities try to lure in starry eyed kids with the promise of getting one. Maybe more devs would offer advice if they felt like there weren’t so many people who aren’t “really serious” about being a game developer. Then again, the misconceptions wouldn’t exist if there were clearer avenues for getting into the industry. Vicious cycle that could use breaking.

What I pursued was a degree in English. I wanted improve my writing skills through practice and studying those who came before me. I’d recommend reading a lot of good books. They have things to teach you even if you aren’t looking for the lessons. Some universities offer dedicated creative writing tracks, though that’s a degree you might have a hard time shopping around outside of the arts should you find the writing career not to be your cup of tea.

This will sound flippant, but the best advice I can give would be: Keep writing. Like any skill. You will suck at it when you start and you will get better as you continue to practice. You’d be surprised how many people say they’d love to write, but never actually do it. After that, get honest criticism. Take your writing to people who will tell you the truth. That doesn’t mean you need to suffer abuse, just that getting a lot of pats on the back won’t necessarily help you improve. They are good though, you’re going to need the pats on the back, because I think the single most important trait you can have is tenacity. Stock up on Mercury Treads, because being a professional writer means a lot of rejection. Odds are rare that your first draft will also be your last draft. You need to be able to take criticism well, learn when to apply it or ignore it, and iterate on your ideas over and over and over again until you’ve got the version that everyone is happy to see go out the door.

Beyond that, put together a solid professional resume, write a good cover letter, submit a well-crafted portfolio, and start applying to any job you can find. It will be an uphill battle, but if you stick with it and you have the skills to do the job you should eventually get your break-in opportunity. Networking is also a really good skill to learn. It’s a surprisingly small industry, so a lot of jobs are filled by people reaching out to people they know.



3D Character Art


Sam Yang (cgsammu) shares some wonderful 3D meshes of his work for Riot!



cgsammu Button Rioter cgsammu: Hey everyone!!

Thought I share the stuff I worked on at Riot with you guys, these are final renderings of some of our champs!!

Along with some of my personal art =)

Hope you guys like it!



Woad King Darius


Pool Party Graves






Arcade Hecarim




TPA Ezreal


Lucian Sculpt


Baseball Trundle





Yorick, the Crazy Cat Lady


I tried projecting all my currency towards the monitor but achieved no result.

Yorick the Crazy Cat Lady

Best Art NA

Art is done by Summoner slowgun9.



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PBE: Massive Changes to Olaf, New Ward Skins & Champion Trading || News: Pool Party Skins on Sale! || Reds: Fighters, Supports & Warding in Season 4, Zac to get future nerfs, Shaping Player Behavior & Concept Art of the New Sivir!

Riot teases New Champion, an Elemental Dragon! PBE Update: Visual & Balance changes to Garen, Better Menus, Creator Viktor and Minion VFX || Rioters discuss Garen’s number tweaks and New Design and Scarizard talks glass-cannon Rengar and Sustain Necklace

Visual update for Garen || Patch 3.11 Notes – Changes to Draven, Galio and Zac, 3v3 and Dominion Balance & New Spectator Mode Features || New Minion Effects, News on Rengar, Nika leaves Riot, Cosplay Pictures from PAX, tweaks to Season 3′s Rewards and the latest Sale!

Double AMA for Lucian: get all your questions answered! Rengar returns to stealthing, rollback on W and the latest Sale!

Patch 3.10A – Riven jumps over walls, Nerfs to BotRK, Phage Reworked; PBE Update: Balance & New Turret UI; Dunkmaster Darius teased at Gamescom, New Skins & Lucian in Store, Scruffy explains Skarner changes & the latest Sale!




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