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PBE 25 April


Previous PBE Updates from Patch 4.7 Cycle:



New Animations for Flash, Cleanse, Exhaust and Clarity



Braum New Portrait


Q BraumWinter’s Bite [ Q ]

  • Mana cost reduced from 60/65/70/75/80 to 55/60/65/70/75


Dragonslayer Braum Passive Icon


Check in “Single Posts” for context.


Dragonslayer Braum Passive

Dragonslayer Braum Passive



Lyte AFK Topic

Lyte hopped on a popular thread on Reddit to discuss what’s being done to address unfair scenarios in Ranked.



Do you think you can better handle player disconnects / AFKs in Ranked?


Lyte Button Rioter Lyte: Actually, we agree that we could do more when it comes to better feedback loops (like giving players more information about the results of their reports) or better ways to handle AFKs/DCs.

For example, we’d like to restart games if players fail to connect in the first few minutes, and we’d like to put more aggressive measures into Ranked Modes. But, it takes time to research the underlying problem space and truly understand how to improve it.

We have been working on Team Builder for awhile, and are interested in exploring a version of Team Builder for Ranked Modes–this should address a lot of the frustrations players currently experience with Ranked and do so more effectively than one-off small band-aid features. We want to improve the foundation of the experience, which is way better than giving players better ways to report one another. We want to prevent negative triggers, not just give players ways to react to negativity.

When we start advancing further into the research and prototyping for a version of Team Builder in Ranked, we’ll work on some of the smaller features that are ‘obvious’ along the way. For example, in Team Builder, we actually can do stuff like temporarily ban players from Ranked Modes, or automatically mute players after a streak of negative behaviors.

We took a lot of risks with Team Builder, and we fully plan on taking more risks when exploring the Team Builder for Ranked space. Ranked is my main mode after all, and I’ve accrued over 3000 games in the last few seasons–I’m excited to think about what we can do with this space and I hope players are too.



How was Team Builder a risky undertaking?


Lyte Button Rioter Lyte“Let’s be fair, how is restarting games when a player fails to connect risky? How’s giving players more feedback about their reports risky?

Risk could be assessed in a variety of ways–how much impact a feature will actually have on a problem space (and the cost it took to implement it), the player perception of the feature (i.e = whether they support it or not, or think it’s fair or not), and the long-term engagement of a feature (i.e = is the effect of the feature robust enough to last through years? Or, will players stop using it after a few weeks?)”



Why is nothing being currently done to address these issues?


Lyte Button Rioter Lyte: Well, I wouldn’t say nothing is done about it. Players who AFK/DC are actually automatically banned for X games, and they lose LP regardless of the team winning or not.

We could increase the punishment for AFK/DCs, but that doesn’t solve the real problem; the real problem is that you, as a player in the game, feel helpless because you are left playing a 4v5 and 4v5s are extremely tough to win. You feel helpless because a player can AFK/DC and basically force you into a high chance of losing LP.

This problem is actually pretty complicated, and isn’t fixed by just letting you leave games with no LP loss. For example, what about premade situations? Can 2 friends queue up, and 1 friend always leave when they have a disadvantage, allowing the 2nd friend to leave with no penalties?

Do you know how many more games would never complete and would ‘reset’ in 5 minutes, if this feature was implemented? Can you imagine the frustration of playing 5-6 games in a row, and 2 hours later getting 0 LP and completing 0 games?

Again, players that AFK/DC often are automatically banned. I agree, we could improve the experience for the remaining 4 players in the game, but that’s not actually a simple problem.



Will you add picking Champions to Team Builder?


Lyte Button Rioter Lyte: We definitely wouldn’t want to incorporate Champion picking as early as standard Team Builder, because team synergy is more important in competitive League; however, there’s still a question of whether enforcing the meta is OK in Ranked Team Builder and whether that makes it extremely difficult for players to evolve the meta over time.



League in Chicago C2E2


This weekend, for the first time ever, we’re packing up and heading to the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2)! Our expo booth will feature live art demos with Riot artists, a gallery of jaw-dropping community art, and 360 degree video booths where players can digitize their C2E2 experience with Teemo. We’re also sponsoring the Crown Championships of Cosplay and the Cospitality Lounge, where cosplayers can get dressed, touch up, and chill out.

Can’t make it to C2E2 April 25 to 27? Check out our live coverage on Twitter and tumblr.

Miss the League action at PAX East? We’ve got you covered with tons of cosplay, booth, and behind-the-scenes shots on our tumblr.



C2E2 Poster



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Will Warwick be the next rework?


ZenonTheStoic Button Rioter ZenonTheStoic: Warwick’s not next. Sion’s going to be before Warwick. Warwick is a bit smaller in scope. Sion is going to be a massive overhaul of the champion.




Will Sion be fully relaunched?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: Yeah, full relaunch is the plan for Sion. Looking at a complete visual overhaul, mainly or entirely changed kit (focusing on the undead juggernaut part of his current kit has) and some thematic tweaks.




Follow-up: How far into Sion’s rework is the team?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: In progress (kit and visuals), but not mostly done – while yet. Stuff so far’s looking cool though, both visually and in general.




Why was Dragonslayer Braum’s Passive Icon changed?


RiotWrekz Button Rioter RiotWrekz: This is a totally reasonable question.

Braum’s passive requires a lot of ally interaction, probably the most of any ability in our game outside of thresh lantern. Braum getting Concussive Blows on an enemy is a call to action for his allies to focus fire that target, as a result the call needs to be very clear. We evaluated these things and made the decision that changing the iconography on his skin was too different from the base for allies to be expected to follow up in the way that we wanted, so instead took an approach to make changes to the base icons color that make it feel at home on the skin while still maintaining a consistent and readable shape language/symbol.

We totally think that the dragon face icon was cool, but pushing towards our game design goal of clarity we felt in this case making the gameplay oriented decision of providing a consistent symbol was the best choice for all players experiences.




If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo.



Team Meat Playground needs no introduction. Formed by Atlanta and Pobelter the team gained renown as being a team that likes to have fun, even if that fun is anti-meta. After the departure of Atlanta, Pobelter, LightSludge, and erwinbooze, their current roster was made up of Lemongod, xHazzard, Nk Inc, Balls, and Arthelon. Nk Inc is currently hoping for a job as a SoloMid caster, the status of the rest of the team is unknown.

Team RenewaL was the team made by Phantoml0rd after Team Goat Zoo’s disqualification from the Top 32 Tournament. Team Goat Zoo was comprised of Vfx, Ginormous Noob, GGod, Nancy Pelosii, Only Jaximus, and of course Phantoml0rd. They were disqualified after some very unfortunate events caused them to break the rules. Team RenewaL was formed with the remaining members of TGZ with the exception of Vfx and Ginormous Noob, and the addition of Vibez. Phantoml0rd is now a free agent looking for a team.




Pro POV is a segment where I bother harass annoy ask, solo queue heroes and professional players their opinions on current events. There’s a lot of speculation about season 3 changes and who the IPL5 victor will be; so that is the topic for today. I talk to Dmace, Wappa Chang Mang, Scarra Trainer, HaoZ, Kandiez, Vfx, and TiensiNoAkuma. Additionally I ask a few low and medium range ELO players their opinions to get a wider range of perspective.


Season 3 Impressions

Wappa Chang Mang / King Wappa Chang / KSG Wappafet

Diamond Jungler. Terror Cho’gath Jungle.


How do you feel about the new items we’re getting for season 3?

Explorer’s Ward is going to help junglers a lot, especially against scumbag Nunus. If I see a Nunu in Solo Queue and it turns out to be Dmace, I’m like fuck… Time to buy 3 times as many wards as I usually do. For season 3, I really don’t like how I’m forced into buying Machete. However I really like the new spell vamp item from Hunters Machete though.

What champion are you looking forward to playing in season 3?

Darius with Black Cleaver



Diamond Jungler. Nunu Hero.


How do you feel about season 3?

Well initially I thought the jungle changes were terrible and not really looking forward to it however. Riot always makes positive changes that prove to be great so I have faith.

Any top secret plans for Nunu?
Yea something I’ve been working on. I think it fits well in season 3. Cdr runes w/ Cdr masteries , max consume maybe cdr boots , consume wiill be on 6 sec cooldown at level 7. Build spirit visage.

Responding to Wappa Chang, do you think Explorer Wards will effect your early game invasions much?

Haha yea get a lot of people who get frustrated with my aggressive Nunu playstyle. Counterjungling will depend alot more on team comps like if my top lane is Malphite vs lets say… Lee Sin, probably shouldn’t invade top.

is there anything you wanna add?

Yea, I hate Salce fans because they DDOS me!


Hao / HaoZ / Fgxl Hao

Diamond Player. The best 3v3er in the server, the region, but also the world.


How do you feel about season 3?

I don’t like season 3. Riot is making the game way too different, and also much easier. I feel like they’re making the game easier and easier to cater to the newer players. I don’t like I’ll enjoy it as much as season 2. I really like the UI changes though!

“I can say that season 2 and season 1 is the best of LoL, and will always be.” – HaoZ

Are there any items you’re looking forward to?

I haven’t played PBE yet so I’m not sure. I guess I’m excited about the new items and crap, but some of the items are stupid.

What champion are you looking forward to playing in season 3?

I play League for fun. I play champs that are fun!

Thoughts on the new Twisted Treeline?

Friggen annoying. Even noobs can win. It’s not based on strategy or anything anymore. People just play annoying shit and it snowballs way too much. When Riot asked me, I told them this, and he said “ok” and stuff, but they barely changed anything.



Diamond Xin Zhao, Diana; but also Katarina Hero.


Nyjacky really likes that new Liandry item on Diana, what do you think of it?

I personally think DFG is better on Diana but we’ll see. Liandry is just too weak to take out the enemy carries(when the enemy is low you’ll see that Liandry ticks at 0). Hat/Void/Abyssal/Hourglass/GA/Boots still look like the best build on Diana. The issue with DFG is that you can’t guarantee the damage output, also it only lasts for 4 seconds, Katarina and other burst mages can get all of their damage out in less than 4 seconds. As a more of a sustained damage caster Diana can’t utilize DFG to its fullest potential especially against good players who can disengage when they are marked by DFG. Also with Liandry+Rylais HP doesn’t help the fact that after her skills are on CD diana is just a sitting duck. It’s better for her to stack as much AP as possible since she has an amazing ratio.

Xin Zhao

For Xin Zhao, the blade of the ruined king was a lot more underwhelming than I had hoped. I will still be picking up Youmuu’s first, but I’m not sure if any of the new items can replace the power/survivability that a bloodthirster provides. I’m probably only going to replace Maw of Mortilus with the new Mercurial Scimitar if I’m against heavy magic dps. Until they come out with a new Ad/Armor item I’ll stick to randuins if I’m against Heavy AD dps.


My build will stay the same for her.


Scarra Trainer / Pika Trainer / Xmas Dolphin / Xazori

Triple Diamond. The artist formerly known as Dolphin Trainer


Are there any champs you’re looking forward to?
Kog’maw with Hurricane and Caitlynn with Hurricane. Because if you stand in a brush with Hurricane while her auto hits 3. It’s a headshot every auto-attack.

How do you feel about Season 3?

I think most of the items for ranged ad are too situational and wont be bought like the Hurricane. The new masteries will be interesting. You can’t build into offense and still get the life steal for sustain. The sustain options are in the utility masteries with the biscuit as well so maybe some heroes that really need it will spec into utility. Some of the items are totally broken, but most of them are totally situational. The site stones are kind pointless since they don’t give gold per, but technically give out 2x the amount of gp/5 if you spend all your gp/5 earnings on wards.


IPL5 Predictions

IPL5 is the last important event of 2012, and since I’ve been asked – here are my IPL5 predictions and the predictions of some popular players who I bothered. Along with a few random low ELO to mid ELO  local players who happened to pass through as I was typing.


Group A:

World Elite (China)

China’s pride. Although they aren’t as highly respected as other Asian teams in the North American scene, they’ve crushed any and all comers in China most notably Invictus Gaming, eHome, Canis, and LoL Ladies. Although they’ve played poorly at IPL Face Off and suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of CLG.EU at Azubu Champions; WE is a strong team and the Season 2 Finals proved that. The long war of attrition style of CLG.EU came out on top in the quarterfinals, but who knows, if there was no technical issues perhaps the early game dominant WE could have grabbed the win. A footballer that can sprint throughout both 45 minute rounds doesn’t exist.

Team Dynamic (North America)

Formerly known as Monomaniacs. The team has been around since IPL4 and pulled off huge upset victories over TSM and CLG in early 2012. Lately though, TD hasn’t been looking too good at lan. There’s been no shortage of drama on this team. Has the coup to remove the former captain NintendudeX and replace him with Atlanta and the removal of their long time member Zig impacted their play? Has Nintendude’s return to the team and the addition of MashMe made them cohesive enough to be a world contender again? Who knows, as I’m posting this they’re taking Dragon vs Azubu Blaze.

FnaticRC (Europe)

The Former Global Champions. They’ve fallen on hard times, they’ve lost most of their championship lineup with the departure of Shushei who many attribute their season one success to, the retirement of their championship support Mellisan, and most recently the departure of longtime member LamiaZealot after the season 2 finals. They’ve scored a massive win at dreamhack, with this line up, but is it enough? Never count out the will of a champion.

Azubu Blaze (Korea)

One half of the MiG brothers. A powerhouse team who took the crown in the OGN championships only to have the throne usurped at the Korean Regionals. A terror of a team with decisive victories over TSM and for a long time the only team that could stand up to MiG.Frost. Can their new top lane elevate them even higher than Reapered could?


Group A Picks:

Myself – Azubu Blaze

Scarra Trainer – Azubu Blaze

Kandiez – Azubu Blaze

Dmace – Azubu Blaze

Vfx – World Elite

400 ELO Player – Azubu Blaze

1500 ELO Player – Azubu Blaze


Group B:

FeaR (North America)

Team Aphromoo. Formerly known as Monomaniac Ferus, FeaR has done a great job at beating up their opponents. Carrying with them the dreams of ApictureOfAGoose, Monomaniac, MTW, and even TSM.Evo, they’re certainly a threat to Group B. A lot of people may count them out, but to that all they have to say is “Don’t condescend to me!”

冰島IceLanD (Hong Kong)

A lot of you don’t know IceLanD, but what if I told you they didn’t drop a single game in the Hong Kong qualifiers? Also what if I told you that they systematically destroyed the champions TPA? Licken is a monster, maybe the best in Asia. TkSing is an amazing support, his heavy roaming style is terrifying, and if you let Licken get ahead you can expect to see TkSing popping up everywhere on your map. Top laner iCe RED is also a scary guy!

Counter Logic Gaming (North America)

What can you say about CLG? They’ve gone though some really rough times lately. Their last 1st place victory at lan was over a year ago. Now they’re armed with Locodoco, one of my favorite players of all time. Loco promised to bring the Korean mentality to the team, and now that the tactician Chauster is jungling and the King of Kimchi has returned to top lane – I expect great things from them.

Counter Logic Gaming EU (Europe)
Few things are as terrifying both mentally and physically then playing against CLG.EU’s stranglehold strategy. Getting an early lead against them is a moot point when they drag them game out to such extreme lengths. What more can I say about them? They’re fearsome, with good reason.


Group B Picks:

Myself – 冰島IceLanD

Scarra Trainer – CLG.EU

Kandiez – CLG.EU

Vfx – CLG.EU

400 ELO Player – CLG.EU

1500 ELO Player – FeaR


Group C:

Meat Playground (North America)

Team Dadlantabelter. A team of hardened veterans and solo queue heroes. Although Atlanta is gone, Pobelter’s Team Pobelter is always an entertaining team to watch. Even though they aim to please the fans, don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re a push over.

Curse EU (Europe)

Party Hard EU. Curse EU is a strong team, but with the very recent departure of their support their chances of winning have gone down a lot. They’ve got a great sub in Dignitas Patoy, but no matter how gifted a sub is his cohesion and synergy with his AD carry is going to be questionable.

Singapore Sentinels (Singapore)

We miss you ToFu. With the loss of ToFuboi, the legendary DotA player and their starting top lane; I’m not sure how well SGS can do in this tournament. The NA scene remembers their poor performance at their first international lan, but us GPL fans are reminded of epic battles against TPA and SAJ. Although their trusty manager Hammy isn’t in attendance, even though ToFu has gone to his conscripted service, even though they had to fly out on Chawy’s birthday to get to Minneapolis; they’re gonna give it their all!

Team SoloMid (North America)

BAYLIFE. Home to some of my favorite players, and what remains of AoN. I’ve been a fan of this team since the start. They are without a doubt the most drama ridden and controversial team in League of Legends. Although Dyrus isn’t playing so great lately(I might have to kick him from my Fantasy LoL team huehuehue), Hawaii players know him as a beast. Even though the days of Jax and Singed are over and his unrivaled domination of top lane has ended; the solo queue all star is never someone to take lightly. Sensei Reginald the former rank 1 player and master LoL player can stop anyone in their tracks. The perfect marriage between Chaox and Xpecial will surely put on a great show for us. General OddOne is the king of the forest and he commands his troops like no other. Sure, they’ve been losing a lot lately and had some poor performances, but you can never underestimate these guys.


Group C Picks:

Myself – Singapore Seninels or SoloMid

Scarra Trainer – SoloMid

Kandiez – Meat Playground

Vfx – SoloMid

400 ELO Player – SoloMid

1500 ELO Player – SoloMid


Group D:

Curse (North America)

Party Hard NA. Curse is a little rough around the edges and they haven’t performed well at lan, but if you take a look at their recent matches in the TSM invitationals they are starting to polish up. Elementz is back on the bench, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t trying hard to improve the team. Saintvicious is amazing, he’s an incredible jungler and his aura of swagger is so immense that it frightened me when he glared at me at the season 2 finals. They’ve got mansions and money, you best be lookin’ out for Crs son.

Moscow Five (Russia)

Comrade Boy Band. M5 is an amazing team. They constantly bring in innovative new ways to play. There’s really not much I can say about them. They were looking rusty at season 2, but they are terrifyingly powerful. They are one of the best teams in the world and their unorthodox play is the most threatening thing for any team coming into this tournament. Shock & Awe.

Black Bean (Thailand)

It’s not the enemy you can see that kills you, it’s the enemy you don’t see. Black Bean is a team even I know almost nothing about. They lost at the SEA regional but have improved even more than the Saigon Jokers did, and in half the time. They crushed the qualifiers and they defeated a GPL favorite the Bangkok Titans. Sun Tsu once said “if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.”

Taipei Assassins (Taiwan)

Team Colalin. I’ve been a fan of them since long before their season 2 finale games, and I’ve always been impressed with them. Even back when they were just playing with ehome and iG with Colalin. They have the cutest manager, the best teamwork, and the best work ethic. TPA has earned the right to be called the best team in the world. There’s nothing more to say.


Group C Picks:

Myself – TPA

Scarra Trainer – TPA

Kandiez – TPA

Dmace – Curse

Vfx – TPA

400 ELO Player – Curse

1500 ELO Player – m5


Who is going to win overall?

Myself – TSM<3. Just kidding. I think TPA will win. I’d like to see TSM, iCe, CLG, or SGS take it though. I’ll be rooting for them.

Scarra Trainer – “I’m biased as hell. TSM!”

Kandiez – “Azubu Blaze”

Vfx – “CLG.EU or TPA”

400 ELO Player- “TSM TSM TSM!”

1500 ELO Player – “FeaR!!!!”

Dmace – “Azubu Blaze! However I’m rooting for Crs NA, I’m #1 Rhux fan”


Scarra Trainer – VGL Dolphin Trainer –

Vfx – Jungler for Team cRev –

Kandiez – VGL & UBC eSports –

Dmace – KING NUNU –

Wappa Chang Mang – King Wappa Chang  &

TiensiNoAkuma – Katarina Hero –

Hao – Formerly HaoZ & FGxl Hao -