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Announced in September, Riot has announced that it will be hosting a special game mode at the upcoming IWC All-Star Event in November. Voting for which alternate gametype will be played has opened and will run through October 29th.

Vote for the IWCA special game mode!


By Riot Manisier – Friday, 10/23

While the marquee event of International Wildcard All-Stars is undoubtedly the 5v5 tournament on Summoner’s Rift, it isn’t the only game mode to be featured at Margaret Court Arena. You’ve voted in your All-Star teams, so now it’s time to decide what special game mode they’ll be playing in the Fan-Voted Game Mode showmatch.

The showmatch will group together regions in close geographical proximity as follows:

Team Asia: Japan, Oceania and Southeast Asia
Team Europe: CIS and Turkey
Team South America: Brazil and Latin America


The game modes that you can vote for are:

Ultimate Bravery is a game mode played on Summoner’s Rift in which every player is handed a card with a build that they have to follow to the dot.

“But wait,” you say. “How is that different from any other game? Doesn’t everyone just rip their builds from Faker’s match history anyway?”

Good question! The difference in Ultimate Bravery is that each and every detail of the build is randomly generated. From champion to skill order to item build, the players will be bound to the will of the random number generator. Zhonya’s Hourglass on Zed? Sure. Trinity Force Heimerdinger? Why not? The glorious return of Crittlesticks? We hope so.

It’s often said that at the professional level of League of Legends, champion control is a product of instinct and muscle memory rather than active, constant decision making. In Doubles, that hypothesis will be put to the test as two players commandeer one champion together. One player will handle the keyboard, while the other will pilot the mouse.

It’ll be a true test of teamwork, synergy and raw instinct. Think of the Jaeger pilots from Pacific Rim – the winning team will be the one that is more ‘Rift Compatible’.

We all know someone who has an ARAM-only account full of champions like Ziggs, Lux, Ezreal and Blitzcrank. Now it’s time to see what it would look like if ten of those players were in the same game by giving them complete freedom over their champion choice.

The poke will be heavy, the teamfights will be constant, and the tears will be salty. For a taste of simple, no-nonsense 5v5 action, All Pick All Mid is your mode.

Voting is open now and will run until October 29, 23:59 AEDT.


Which game-mode do you want to see?


  1. Ultimate Bravery: Randomly generated builds on Summoner’s Rift
  2. Doubles: Two players per champ on Summoner’s Rift
  3. All Pick All Mid: Blind Pick on Howling Abyss


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