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Choosing to focus on behind the scenes business at Origen, Enrique ‘xPeke‘ Cedeño Martínez has opted out of the upcoming 2015 All-Star Event in Los Angeles. Taking place from December 10-13, the event will feature players from around the globe competing in teams voted in by their region.

Normally, Febiven would take the place of xPeke, receiving the second highest amount of votes. However with a two player per team limit to each squad, and Heo ‘Huni‘ Seung-hoon  and Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson already set to attend, it is likely that the player with the 3rd most votes, Henrik ‘Froggen‘ Hansen will fill in. Should Froggen attend, it will be the first time witnessing the long awaited, much hyped duel against SK Telecom T1’s Lee ‘Faker‘ Sang-hyeok.


Crossing new waters

In addition to the news of attending All-Stars, there is also speculation that he may join the wave of players transferring to play in the North American LCS. During a stream on Saturday, he said “I would say there’s a good chance I’m gonna go to NA instead of Europe” 

While unconfirmed, Froggen’s current team, Elements, consists of just him and support player Patrick “Nyph” Funke. With the team in disarray and his contract having ended on November 1st, it wouldn’t be out of the question for the veteran mid laner to get a fresh start after a disappointing season under the Elements banner.

NoL will continue to provide updates as information becomes available.



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After a tenure in Team ROCCAT and joining newly formed Team Origen in late April, Titus “Ducky” Hafner has surprisingly announced that he will be stepping down from his position as Head Coach.

Finishing at 2nd place in both the Summer Split and Playoffs, Origen made an impressive debut with Ducky at the helm, qualifying for the World Championship in their first split of the LCS. With worlds looming just a month away, this move comes at a critical time for the team, as Ducky has stated that he will not attend worlds. Here is an excerpt from his post, citing some of the reasons for his departure:


There are many reasons for this decision, but I don’t intend to share any details with the public. I can say that Origen as an organisation is very player focused / protective, which makes it difficult as an authority figure to push changes and break old habits. Not being able to contribute as much as I want to and being limited in my role built up a fair share of frustration. I’s important to me, that I don’t stagnate and improve as a person and go beyond taking care of analysis and preparation.


Ducky also took to twitter to clarify his statements:

Read Ducky’s statement in full
Currently it is unclear who will fill his shoes at the World Championship, though Ducky has said that he proposed a “strong successor”. NoL will update this story as details emerge.


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In Europe, Origen did not falter against the Unicorns of Love, sweeping them 3-0 in 107 minutes of game time. This marks the first trip to the World Championship for the team, who joined the EU LCS in the Summer Split. Origen is certainly not lacking in experience however,  with mid laner and Season 1 world champion Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez at the reigns. Backed by his long-time team mate Paul “sOAZ” Boyer, and veteran players in Alfonso “Mithy” Aguirre Rodriguez and Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider, the team has provided an excellent environment to foster upcoming talent, as seen in their AD Carry Jesper “Niels” Svenningsen, who walked away with the rookie of the split. A combination of new blood and experience, Origen has managed to become a real force in Europe in a short period of time. Living in the shadow of European powerhouse Fnatic for most of the split, Origen heads to worlds with something to prove.





On the other side of the globe, Cloud 9 pulled off nothing short of a miracle against heavy favorites Team Liquid. Battling through two best of fives on their way, the team managed to climb back from 0-2 deficits both times before taking down the #1 NA seed 3-1 in the finals. Heavy favorites coming into the Summer Split, Cloud 9 struggled in unfamiliar fashion, falling as low as 10th place. When things started going south, Cloud 9 decided to mix it up, adding Royce “Bubbadub” Newcomb to their support staff, and initiating a roster swap that saw a retired Hai “Hai” Du Lam take on a surprisingly effective role in the jungle, replacing longstanding jungler Will “Meteos” Hartman. With Hai back at the helm of the team, newly added mid laner Nicolaj “Incarnati0n” Jensen could finally shine, dictating the mid lane for the entirety of the regional qualifiers after a very slow start to the summer split. Led by Hai’s renowned shotcalling and featuring star performances from AD Carry Zachary “Sneaky” with Derek “LemonNation” “Hart” and An “Balls” Van Le taking on a more supportive role, Cloud 9 managed to turn their worst split in team history into yet another World Championship appearance. Though Cloud 9 has qualified for the World Championship every year since they debuted as a team, this time the road had a lot more obstacles, and the team heads into the biggest international event of the year as underdogs, a position they haven’t been in since joining the LCS in 2013.


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Left: Cyanide, Right: xPeke

Following Rekkles’ move to Alliance, Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño-Martinez and Lauri “Cyanide” Happonen have officially left Fnatic. Three of Fnatic’s 2014 Roster members have left since the end of the season, leaving only Paul “SoaZ” Boyer and Bora “Yellowstar” Kim at the moment.


New Team for xPeke

xPeke intends to create his own team, to start from scratch. He wants to build a team the way he envisions, which he could not do as part of Fnatic. It appears as though his new team will be called Origen, as he recently added a photo to his Facebook page, which happens to be present on Origen.GG as well.

 (Origen logo)

xPeke has been with Fnatic essentially since the beginning of his career, even winning the Season 1 World Championship with them.

Here’s his official statement on leaving the organization:

I have a lot of god things to say about Fnatic, and my teammates. But to not make it too long I’ll say there is only one reason for me to leave fnatic and it is fulfill this dream I have had for a long time now… And I think now its the time to go for it and create my own team.
At some point I said that I was gonna stay in fnatic for the next year and that’s because I thought so that way, but with the events that have happened lately I thought that this was the time to have a change in my life and start this new adventure.


Cyanide to Retire

Cyanide on the other hand, has stated he feels burned out of League of Legends. He’s made the decision to retire, but has appeared to not rule out coming back at some point.

Here’s his reasoning for leaving:

Ever since season 3 world championships I didn’t like the game as much. I got totally burned out there and really never regained my thrive to play. Entire season 4 I wasn’t able to play as much and stay focused as I was before just due to simple boredom of the game. I tried my best but overall I feel like my season 4 was disappointing from my part and I didn’t play at the level I used to. I had my moments, but I’m incredibly self critical and put a ton of pressure on myself and I considered retiring already during the season as I was unhappy. I decided to play until the Championships as I thought I’d be able to get my shit together and perform as I did in the past.

However, that was not the case. I always told everyone that the time to retire as a pro is when you lose the passion for the game and that arguably happened to me already a year ago but I wasn’t able to recognize it. I thought I could force myself to practice and keep up focus through sheer power of will but I was wrong. That being said, I still enjoy playing League more casually, just not the insane hours required to be a top competitive player in tournaments. I always played multiplayer games with the goal in my mind to be the very best like noone ever was. I see now that is not possible with League as I am now. I hate the thought of playing a game competitively with the goal of being average which I could easily do but that’s not who I am.