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Celebrate CBLOL Banner

You can now get the logos of Brazil’s top teams as Summoner icons in the store.


NaKyle New PortraitThe Circuito Brasileiro (CBLOL) hosts Brazil’s top League teams, including the internationally-known paiN Gaming. Available now are permanent summoner icons featuring CBLOL team logos for 250 RPeach. If you’re a hardcore CBLOL fan, snag all eight icons for 1600 RP (20% off the full price).

Show off your team allegiance as they race to the top of the Brazilian scene and compete for a place on the world stage! As before, you’re not simply hoisting your team’s battle standard—20% of each purchase goes straight to the team, and the other 80% directly supports esports through prizing, streaming and live events!

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IronStylus Banner

Everyone’s favourite parrot talks what he did before joining Riot Games, what his current job is and how the team balances VUs with skin releases.




Context: Mecha Aatrox & Malphite are new skins currently in testing on the PBE. You can check out previews of them here.


IronStylus New PortraitFact #1: I didn’t work on these skins. I really, really like these skins because I have a long-standing love of sci-fi art. Here. Have a colony construction ship:



Fact #2: My first “real” job as being a concept artist was on the season of Power Rangers SPD. I designed a LOT of sets, any prop that wasn’t used by the Japanese version of the show first, and a lot of other stuff. This is mostly what I did, back in the days of pen, marker and paper:

SPD art

I also designed and worked on the prototype model for the SPD laser firearm, which was a unique weapon not used by the Bandai production. I was only used by the NA actors in the Western iteration of the show:…weps-laser.php

(Blue Ranger Chris Violette there is still a buddy of mine 

This was really my break. I went from being a very cash-strapped college student to a slightly less cash-strapped entertainment artist. Since I initially did more sculpting than illustration, it was really difficult to draw and paint. Add to the fact that there was virtually no digital art pipelines at the time. Everything was traditional aside from scanning images and drawing/painting over them traditionally. I have cases filled with my old production art from the traditional days. Fascinating time. I learned a whole hell of a lot. Set me up to be the artist I am today.

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IronStylus New PortraitI’m the Senior Concept Artist on Champion Update (Relaunch) and therefore:

  • Design 2D concepts of the new base for champions I choose to work on as well as their respective existing skins.
  • In charge of cultivating concepts for champions I don’t work on from other artists.
  • Provide general 2D concept support for 3D, VFX, etc.
  • Other shenanigans.

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IronStylus New PortraitSince VU’s vary in scope and are subject to changes and hiccups, we don’t limit ourselves in terms of skins or updated splashes unless something is really wrong with the champion and/or that it’s somewhere in or in some sort of proximity to entering our production pipeline. 

…there’s a reason Eve hasn’t gotten any new skins recently.

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IronStylus New PortraitWe’ve been doodling around with some concepts.

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IronStylus New PortraitJust SPD. The guy I worked under had a contract for just that season. By then Power Rangers was changing stories each season. It was the most appropriate season though for both of us since we were very much sci-fi nuts with a love for practical effects.

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Ziggs Nerfs in 4 point 11 Banner

Ziggs was nerfed in Patch 4.11 in a way that’s worded somewhat confusingly. Meddler brings context on these changes and why they were made.



Meddler New PortraitThere are two different values that makes up Ziggs’ Q. The first is the detection radius. This is the value that, if the target is within it, will cause the bomb to detonate on the first and second bounces. That’s being nerfed from 180 to 150, making Ziggs more reliant on either predicting the enemy’s movement or using other abilities to set up his Q. The second radius determines how large the explosion actually is once the bomb goes off on hitting a target/at the end of the final arc. That’s unchanged in this patch and equal to 240 (for points of comparison Karthus’ Lay Waste has an explosion radius of 200). Not sure what’s up with the wiki.

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TLDR PortraitTL:DR – What’s being nerfed is the radius of detection around the bomb as it bounces ( if an enemy Champion is within that range, the bomb detonates) .




Meddler New PortraitThat’s a pretty good analogy yeah.

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Meddler New PortraitShort version is we believe he’s too strong, but in a way that’s relatively easy to adjust. There are definitely other champs that also need power changes, up or down, and we’re working on a number of them too as we prepare for the patch Worlds will be played on (still a way off, but one of our big focuses nonetheless).

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Toxicity Causing Toxicity Banner

On EUW Forums, Ymir disproves a Summoner’s arguments that him being toxic because other players were toxic in the first place excuses his behavior.




Ymir New PortraitI’m going to swoop in and say that we’re not in Gotham City, which appears to be the overall thrust of some of the posting here. ‘YOU MADE ME,’ in the way you describe only really works when you’re yelling it at Batman and we, the audience, stroke our chins and consider the circular nature society.

There is something to be said for toxicity breeding toxicity and it’s why the core of what we do is preventative measures in part and aim to rehabilitate. People playing and realising that the most successful, fun way to play is playing with respect is a major part of that and in the main that is how most people play League of Legends.

It’s a myth that there’s monsters out there and there’s a pessimistic side of the internet that believes everyone outside of their group of friends is a monster. They’re just other people with their own flaws and a boatload of conflict comes down to expecting the worst from others. A mistake becomes an attempt to troll, advice becomes sarcasm and what you end up with is a whole load of normal people yelling monster at the mirror.

Losing the game then becomes intentional rather than understanding you can’t win every game but you can learn from them.

You have to make a break with that belief if you want to enjoy yourself. I’m intentionally not talking about our systems here because this entire thread is leaning way more to the side of trying to justify being a jerk.

There is never any justification for it, sure there may be reasons but if someone is a jerk then that is what gets remembered. It’s not a sign of victory, or running against the herd it’s just a small and petty thing that leads people to think you’re petty and small.

If you keep your head high then you’re not only known as a better person you feel like a better person. You can be passionate about winning and be nice, you can feel wild emotions about events in a game and be honourable. 

Everyone has passion and everyone feels emotion but it’s what you do with it that makes you you.

Just be a cool person and it doesn’t matter what other people do, you can report them and move on shaking your head. I often meet people and they ask how to not be punished in game, I always take that as how do I be a better person. Not just player, but person.

It’s pretty simple, stop it at your fingertips don’t let what you want to type out and be stronger. Just respect others and the rest comes easy, it shouldn’t matter what anyone else does because all that you can shape is yourself and by being positive you actually do have a positive effect.

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TLDR Portrait TL;DR – You can never justify being a jerk online. Toxicity causing toxicity is one of the things Riot tries to prevent with player behavior systems. Helping players understand that the most rewarding way to play LoL is by respecting both yours and the enemy team is a core priority. If you keep a positive attitude, you not only know you’re better for it, you feel better too. This applies to both in-game scenarios and real life.




Ymir New PortraitThat really isn’t the case, everyone is free to have their own view and the only thing that matters is behaviour in game. If you feel that something doesn’t work then we can try and explain why it works how it does or even look at feedback as it’s valuable.

I mentioned in the other post the talk in this thread is pretty distant from system discussion as it’s more about why people turn to extremity in game than what we have in play  What I was referencing there is that I’m not trying to change the minds of people I’m talking to, any discussion online is really a lot bigger due to readers than those taking part and it really helps to keep that in mind as when you start viewing what you write through the lens of an audience it can change your opinion as you question your position.

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Ymir New PortraitReports from a premade like that don’t work out anywhere near how the Community tends to believe, this is something we’ve stressed.

We’re pretty keen on carrot but we also use a lot of stick as well. What I do see is a few responses where people just outright refuse to believe that being the kind of guy you’d like to play with and against is a positive. I’ll be honest, I’m not trying to convince you as your mind is made up and you’ll either find your way or the system will find a way for you.

There’s a lot more readers here than posters and every interaction online is to the audience, this tends to be something people miss and there’s two messages in this thread for them. Be a cool person and you can do awesome things or that’s bollocks, just be a jerk because of…reasons.

Personally I think that first message is the one that resonates more with people. 

If you want to get rid of hippy stuff then our recidivism rate has been steadily going up all the time and as much as we aim to deliver on rehabilitation and better experience we have absolutely no qualms with taking any action that protects players. We’re not talking being saints here, just treat people good and you’ll not go wrong. 

The number of stories I’ve heard from people face to face at events who decided to try and be decent people and worked their way up the tiers is crazy. It helps you win games and it helps you to lose games with grace.

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TLDR Portrait TL;DR – Some players don’t believe that behaving in a way that makes other people enjoy playing with or against them is something positive. That’s what Riot hopes to reform with toxic players.




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Steiny New PortraitSup Oceania!

I’ve been blessed by Riot Games with the opportunity to Support Rioters along with the Community and troll as I deem fit. You’ll probably be seeing more of me on these forums so I wanted to give you a big ‘ol howdy introduction, with a “Ask me Anything” post.

Am I good a League – unfortunately even though I’ve been playing since Beta, I’m pretty mediocre. (not enough time dedicated to the game!) =(

What do I [email protected] – I configure/setup & support “IT related” technologies at the Riot office in Sydney. Including such things as troubleshooting issues & fulfilling request for printers, email, laptops, monitors, telephony, file shares, Rioter Accounts. To name a few things! 

What did I do before Riot – I worked in IT Desktop Support for a Managed Service Provider (pretty similar job, just not as cool of a company!)

What do I do in my spare time – I’m an avid traveler, that use to do a whole bunch of hiking and rock climbing. I now spend less time doing that and more time liking tasty craft beers and wines. Enjoy spending time with my other half and playing league whenever I can.

Favorite Beer – generally I like hoppy summery type beers but Bright Brewery down in the town of Bright in Victoria has my favorite beer of all time which is a Belgium’s Dubbel!



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Context: Quill Coat is a new item that builds into the reworked Spirit of the Ancient Golem.

ManWolf New PortraitHey dudes,

Ya, this is unintentional and has already been fixed internally. We may get the fix to live if there is a redeploy, otherwise it won’t be until next patch. I know that sucks, sorry all.

That being said, we do like the item and will be replacing the active for it and SotAG for TT – not just removing them.

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ManWolf New PortraitUpdate: The fix is already done and being tested. Once it’s “fit for live” we’ll be pushing it out. Won’t have to wait until next patch.

Sorry dudes and dudettes!

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Context: Bloodthirster got some pretty significant changes on the PBE test server. You can read them all here.

Meddler New PortraitBT’s not changing in 4.11. We are continuing to test that passive and it could end up in a later patch if it tests well. That’ll depend in part on how various ADCs perform and the ongoing impacts of the previous set of itemization changes as well though.

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Draggles New PortraitWe’re gonna have a message up about this shortly.

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Riot Noc New PortraitSummoners,

Due to some issues we are seeing in other regions after the 4.11 deploy, we’re postponing the 4.11 deploy for OCE at this time. We do not have a new time scheduled yet for the deploy and will update this post when we know more information.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



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Riotchun Patch 4 point 9 Forecast Banner

Riotchun has shared on the forums what we can expect from Patch 4.9 in terms of balance.



Hi guys, here is Chun with 4.9 Patch Forecast, where I’ll be talking about the major issues we’re looking at in League of Legends. Keep in mind that the forecast is more about identifying problems that we’re looking at, and not promises of changes to come in each patch. Some changes might take longer than others!


Khazix New Portrait


As Jag mentioned in last forecast ( ), we have been working on Kha’Zix. Currently Kha’Zix is being played and built like a brute-force fighter who can initiate a team fight while also being able to survive to clean it up. Assassins in League need to rely on fighters or tanks to initiate fights before they take the opportunity to engage, but Kha’Zix is able to do it all by himself, which gives him a lot of free power. We’re looking at highlighting Kha’Zix’s assassin powers over his fighter abilities.

As a side goal, some of Kha’Zix’s evolutions are really powerful and certain ones are really weak (hello W), so we want to make all 4 of his evolutions compete with each other (maybe not equally, but situationally), so you can choose the evolution to adapt what you need it in certain phases of games.


Kassadin New Portrait


As a rework follow up, we’ve been keeping track of Kassadin as he continues to become a more and more dominant force. We think we released Kassadin in a good state but then gave him a little too much strength as we saw players struggling with the new kit. The buffs taught players how to play the updated Kass, so we’re peeling back the layers we added to get him back to a correct power level.


New Portrait Kayle


Kayle right now is being played as an AP-scaling supportive mobile ADC because of her consistent burst, her high ramping damage and her high utility. What this also does is give her very few weaknesses as she can shred everyone in the fight while staying just out of range to use her Intervention on a teammate. We’re looking at ways to give Kayle some real weaknesses to compensate for her high strengths so she needs to think about how she gets into the fray.


LeBlanc New Portrait


As mentioned in 4.7 forecast, we’re continuing to look into LeBlanc. Some of the things we like about LeBlanc are her high precision, her skill requirements, and her trickiness. Unfortunately she’s doing all of this along with having crazy high burst damage without any counterplay for the enemy. LeBlanc has so much damage that in competitive play she doesn’t even need a Deathfire Grasp to burst down enemies (and DFG is potentially overboard at doing this). This tells us that LeBlanc is scaling very well (too well?) as a burst champion, and we’re trying to find a way to balance her tricky / precise burst while making her fair to play against.


Braum New Portrait


As a follow -up to a newly released champion, Braum is a little too powerful at this point. We are happy with what he can do for his team in team fights as a shield man, but meanwhile he is getting very tanky too quickly and he’s a strong lane bully at same time. When we release champions we have to think about how players will get used to their playstyle, but people were mastering Braum very quickly so we’re keeping an eye on his performance across all levels of play.


New Portrait Pantheon


Grand Skyfall was always intended to be a high risk, high reward – a high damage global ability that’s inconsistent. We’ve never been a fan of Pantheon’s ability to cast spells while landing (which made his ult very reliable), but as he’s gotten more into the spotlight, we finally decided to make the fix (and then forgot to document it, which was a big mistake). Either way, we’ve fixed the bug with Pantheon’s ult where he could be affected by AoE abilities before he lands, but we’re still trying to find a good way to make Grand Skyfall feel good to use without directly buffing its power levels (Pantheon has actually been pretty stable from some of our internal statistics).


Jungle XP New Portrait


We have bigger plans for the jungle, but currently we’re seeing problems where junglers are getting really far ahead of the game, especially if they have a strong start. We think it might have to do with lane EXP versus monster EXP, as lane minion EXP doesn’t scale with average champion level, but jungle monster EXP does. Basically a snowballing jungler gets his teammates some kills, they get levels and bring up the average level of the game, and then the jungler gets even more experience as he clears camps for additional rewards. No other lanes get this kind of bonus, and we’ve always been aware of strong junglers controlling the pace of the game, so we’re looking for ways to tone that down.



Q: Isn’t the lower Jungle XP a nerf to tanky support junglers, who are already weak in the current meta?


SmashGizmo Button Rioter SmashGizmo: I get your concern here and just wanted to offer up a couple responses.

The first is that while it’s true that this will also be a slight nerf to jungle support tanks, the relative nerf is much lighter on them than it is on fighter/assassin junglers. Basically, this XP scaling ramped up as the game ramped up, meaning that it has a very minimal impact on the first 6 levels of the game and was mostly impacting the XP from camps in the mid to late game. During these later phases of the game, not only are Tanks slower at dedicated jungle farming, but they’re also spending more time ganking, assisting lanes, and donating camps to teammates than their damage dealing counterparts. So all in all, yes, their strength is slightly lower from this change than it was prior to this change, but they lost much less than the class that they are trying to compete with and thus get relatively stronger (slightly).

The second response I’ll offer up is that we’re still working on larger jungle projects aimed more directly at bringing Tank junglers back up to par with Fighters/Assassins. The change for XP in this patch is merely a response to a problematic trend we’re seeing, it’s not nearly large enough scale to be aimed at solving the larger issues that are causing Tanks to suffer in the Season 4 jungle. As I said above, I believe the net result of this change is a small relative benefit for Tank junglers, but this change is not aimed at the problem you’re stating and rather, we have a larger on-going project that is working towards the issues you’re seeing.



Q: Do you think these changes will solve the current issues with LeBlanc and Kayle?


RiotChun Button Rioter RiotChun: At this point, we are just doing experimental changes to LeBlanc/Kayle and there is a good chance that we will not release those changes for 4.9.

To be more specific, I personally believe LeBlanc’s damage is a little too high as she has above-average base damage and very-high AP ratio (3.7 ap ratio for a QRWE combo -_-). Changing the Mimic damage is a good direction to try but we are still trying to find a way to balance her tricky / precise burst while making her fair to play against as I mentioned in the OP.

For Kayle, it is not the case you are afraid of. There are high strengths of Kayle and she just needs some real weaknesses. Range reduction would be effective but we are still exploring.



Ymir Chat Restriction Banner

Chat restriction has been a hot topic this week, with thousands of players expressing confusion as to why they were suddenly punished. Ymir steps on the forums to clear some of the misconceptions about labeling people “toxic” in-game.


Relevant Red Post Collection





Q: Why are you chat restricting people who flame with the intention of showing a teammate what they did wrong?


Ymir Button Rioter Ymir: What we want is to let you know other people don’t like playing with someone who is a constant critic. You’re not actually improving the game or the individual and that means anything you type is entirely negative.

If you can just let your flame end at your fingertips then, like the vast majority of players, you’ll be 100% fine and never experience a Chat Restriction or anything else.



Q: What should we do if we’re not allowed to critique a bad player / intentional troll ?


Ymir Button Rioter Ymir: What I wouldn’t do is get down to his level because there are still eight other people in the game who want to play the game and getting into a fight with someone who quite obviously isn’t thinking straight or is just confused is always a recipe for a disaster.

It’s quite obvious that dude made a bad call and is probably more angry with himself than with you.

I’d mute the guy and encourage the rest of my team before dropping a report. It doesn’t need to be an extreme and most people who play League of Legends have never encountered any form of punishment or warning. They constantly give advice, but they’re not critical in the way I tend to see people talking about their restrictions here are. 

If you’re using words like flame or witty to describe your critiques then you’re looking to own someone and not make them better players and that is a key difference.



How do Chat Restrictions work?


Ymir Button Rioter Ymir: Chat Restrictions actually have a lot going on, a misconception I’ve seen here is that it’s simply a set number of reports = punishment. There is more to it than that and you don’t have to worry about that guy who reports everyone because the system is elegant enough to pick it up.

The reason some of the higher numbers of both people with these and also 40+ games is down to the Tribunal changes and not the everyday system. We may have more going on with that in the future so we may not be done with waves just yet. One thing we can’t do and it’s a bit of a pickle for us is go into depth about numbers and levels of the system as if we talk too much about it the effectiveness is lessened as people attempt to game the system.

This has always been the case in any Player Behaviour initiative and it sucks because where we need transparency we can’t bring it as it has the potential to break things. This is far from just a Riot concern.

The main thing with Chat Restrictions is they are fast and have been in game for close to a year now. They are not a new feature and they’re pretty much proven through speed of action and having players think about where they allocate their communication to educate and make rapid improvements. Which has long been a request and long been a goal of ours.

We’re constantly monitoring this and one thing we have most definitely not seen in Chat restriction experiments is that they cause games to be lost. What we have seen is people with Chat Restrictions receiving less reports and improvement that makes the game a far better experience.



Q: Isn’t going alone in fights a sign of intentional trolling?


Ymir Button Rioter Ymir: As someone who everyone in the office can vouch does this with some regularity it isn’t about ruining the game it’s a weird barbarian complex where the opportunity for something epic is dangled like a carrot and I can’t help but chase it.

‘YMIR NO!’ Is a common shout on Skype or across the office.

Sometimes it pays off and I cackle madly, sometimes I get my ass kicked. The main point is the followthrough on this, I’ll never blame anyone else and I’ll make sure that if I’m in a game with strangers I halt myself from going too crazy. That said I have sympathy for people who make a questionable play, they’re genuinely not trolling to them at that time and on their screen they saw a BIG PLAY and tried to take it.

Whether it’s inexperience, greed, bloodlust or Teemo Hate something drove them to do it beyond trolling or feeding. A reaction against the rest of the team afterwards is them venting at themselves most of the time and the key thing there is not to engage on it as it just gives them an outlet to continue venting.



Q: Have you ever considered adding a self-chat-restriction buttons for players who can’t control themselves?


Ymir Button Rioter Ymir: This is an interesting one.

What we found was that actually allowing players to mute themselves did not have any real effect, or the potential for effect. It became a crutch and they didn’t actually learn what they were saying was wrong. If you do this then it becomes a system where any change is reliant upon tools to change whereas the system now puts it on you to change.

For very few people it may work, but for most it’s an option that doesn’t really work out the way it should and if they need a Chat Restriction they’ll end up with one through the system.



BelligerentSwan New Audio Engine Banner

League of Legends will be getting a new sound engine in a few patches time. Senior Sound Designer BelligerentSwan has stepped on the forums to answer community questions regarding the upcoming feature.



Reporting bugs with the new audio engine


BelligerentSwan Button Rioter BelligerentSwan: As always, if you find a bug (with the current or new audio engeine) let us know! If it is an audio specific issue, feel free to report them directly on the Audio Section, or for general issues the Bug Reports Section. Also, if you have a PBE account, stay on the lookout for periodic PBE tests where the engine will be activated.



Q: Will this allow me to mute character voices without muting the entire game’s sound?


BelligerentSwan Button Rioter BelligerentSwan: You can currently do this already! When in game, open the settings menu, select sounds, and click the small speaker icon at the end of the “Voice Volume” slider to mute the in-game voices.




Q: Will the new audio engine be supported by Windows XP?


BelligerentSwan Button Rioter BelligerentSwan: If you can run the game, you shouldn’t have an issue with this new audio engine! If you run into any problems though, feel free to report them over in the Audio Feedback section, or the Bug Reports section.




Q: If you are in fact aiming for the camera being the listener, as we were told here, then why not just put the microphone at the camera?


BelligerentSwan Button Rioter BelligerentSwan: This was actually more involved than just moving the listener (microphone). When you move the listener, it affects all the sound levels in game. It has a big impact on how things sound at a specific distance based on your current position. We essentially had to go back in an re-mix all the content to match this new position without having a negative impact on the gameplay feedback that sounds deliver. However, fixing the listener was just one part of the changes with the New Audio Engine, and not the only reason we are changing Audio Engines.



Q: Will the new engine fix the delay in voice responses when emotes are requested?


BelligerentSwan Button Rioter BelligerentSwan: For some VO that is processed (added effects to make it sound a certain way like Thresh, Blackfrost Anivia, Lissandra, etc…), they will usually have long “tails” where the sound might not be immediately audible in some cases, but has reverb or something that adds to the overall quality of the VO. You are correct in the fact that a new line of VO won’t trigger in some instances if a previous VO line is already playing.



Q: Will we be able to change the language pack without messing with the game files?


BelligerentSwan Button Rioter BelligerentSwan: We won’t be changing anything regarding how you select the language packs.





Q: Will the new engine have an option to lower both Champion Select sound and in-game sound at once?


BelligerentSwan Button Rioter BelligerentSwan: The New Audio Engine is separate from the champ select screen. You can adjust these volumes separately. For Champ Select music, I believe you can select the Gear looking icon in the upper right corner and adjust the sfx and music volume there. For in game sounds/music/voices, open the opens menu in-game, and select the Sound page.



Single Posts banner



Q: Is Irelia’s rework still underway?


 Button Riotermorellovatar Morello: Irelia would be easier than Soraka – but I think we gotta stare down Sion and Poppy before that 🙂





Q: Is Soraka’s ultimate in need of changes?


 Button Riotermorellovatar Morello: We actually like Wish, it’s one of the most strategically good spells she has.





Q: Any chance you can update Taric’s visuals?


morellovatar Button Rioter Morello: I don’t think Taric’s in the immediate priority, but we agree he’s on the “ugh” list of badness. 🙂 I’d have to ask artists on their thoughts of VU and how that relates to gameplay update.

In this case, we’d be waiting to add Gameplay until a VU, since we can easily piggyback on the new VFX and animations (which lets us release more reworks when we do this!)



Bug Report: Purple splash particles missing from Koi Nami’s taunt animation


RiotNurseFlan Button Rioter RiotNurseFlan: Oh dear, water shortage crisis!
The water particles should be there on Koi Nami, thanks for pointing it out :]





Q: Do you plan on updating older Legendary skins to the quality of current ones?


Riot jXe Button Rioter Riot JxE: I think they will definitely consider it, there’s no doubt about that. I don’t know if they’ll do it or not, because there’s a lot of variables and trade-offs that go in to making these decisions.




Q: Why was I Chat Restricted?


Riot Moonleaf Button Rioter Riot Moonleaf: We have pre-announced that chat restrictions are coming here. If you want more information on why your account received a chat restriction please send a ticket to Support and the Support team will provide more information. Obviously we can’t discuss account details over the forum.



May 24 TLDR Banner


1. The forecast for Patch 4.9 has been shared on the forums.

  • Kha’Zix is too tanky in teamfights for how well he deals with priority targets and this is something the balance team will address. Evolutions will also be evened out so all 4 are viable options and dependent on the flow of the match.
  • Kassadin was buffed in response to players struggling to counter his kit. Now that they’ve adapted, his power will be toned down a bit.
  • Kayle is currently lacking big weaknesses, while bringing a lot of up-front damage and utility for her team. The team is exploring ways of adding counterplay to her kit.
  • LeBlanc‘s damage is simply too high for the amount of mobility and utility she brings in high-level play. This will be nerfed in an upcoming patch.
  • Braum is currently becoming too tanky with little effort. The team is still monitoring his performance.
  • With Pantheon‘s recent bugfix leaving his ultimate severely weakened, the team is exploring ways to make Grand Skyfall feel satisfying while maintaining its high-risk global skill factor.
  • Jungle XP currently scales with average Champion level, which means snowballing junglers can greatly pull ahead in terms of XP on the map. Experience from monster camps in the mid- and late- game is going down significantly.

2. Ymir has answered some of the community’s concerns regarding the recent chat restriction wave. Recommend you read through it if you’ve been affected or you’re just interested to see how this punishment is distributed.

3. Morello has confirmed Soraka‘s ultimate is in a good place and that long-cooldown heals are a fun mechanic in League.



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo.


Mafia Jinx Banner


PBE Update: Jinx

Jinx AMA

Red Post Collection

Champion/Skin Sale – Expires October 11th


PBE Update






Zap!Zap! (W )

  • Mana cost increased from 45/50/55/60/65 to 45/55/65/75/85


Flame_Chompers!Flame Chompers ( E )

  • Range reduced from 950 to 900
  • Cooldown increased from 20/19/18/17/16 to 24/22/20/18/16 seconds
  • Damage reduced from 120/175/230/285/340 to 100/150/200/250/300


Super_Mega_Death_Rocket!Super Mega Death Rocket ( R )

  • Minimum damage decreased from 150/200/250 to 125/175/225. No changes in ratio
  • Maximum damage decreased from 300/400/500 to 250/350/450. No changes in ratio



Why are these nerfs necessary?


gypsylordButton Rioter RiotGypsy: Hey guys,
Super sorry I don’t have time to talk but we’re trying to get Jinx out as soon as possible which means I’m spending all my time tweaking, balancing, and burning down bugs. Again, thanks for all your feedback. I’ve read all of it.


The damage nerfs are intended to trim excess power that Jinx doesn’t necessarily care about. E is more about the snare and R is still going to deal a ton of damage to low health targets thanks to the execute.

The E range and CD changes are targeted at the situation where Jinx gets ahead in lane, runs up to you with minigun, and then throws traps WAAAAY behind you when you try to run away. This circumvents the arm time and guarantees either a snare or a ton more minigun shots. We want Jinx to be able to use E offensively but the range and frequency was making it much too effective.



Jinx AMA





Personality / Visual

Gameplay / Balance


Funny / Off-topic





[Inxplotch] Why did you decide to make a Mafia skin for Jinx?


Ransom Button Rioter Ransom: Hey! So Mafia Jinx is dressed as a flapper from the 1920s. Flappers were basically the fun-loving party girls of their time. Now who does that sound like? 🙂 So it was a natural fit, as flappers were also known to hang out with mobsters back in the day.



[TheFearlessSeal] Why was Jinx at the pool party?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: It’s pretty clear to everyone that Jinx loves to have fun, and is the life of every party. Of course she’d show up, and I’d like to think Ziggs invited her, as they have a lot in common. In fact, you guys may have noticed that her original model had quite a bit of tan. That’s because she was at the pool party! 😉 I think whether a champion likes Jinx depends on who that champion is – Zaunites in particular are more likely to get along with her. Piltover gang – not so much.



[Vorx] Who thought of Jinx’s dance animation?


RiotYoung Button Rioter RiotYoung: It’s from RiotTeaTime’s idea originally, and there’re couple devs also suggested the adventure time dance. We really liked the idea, and it was successful matching with her characteristics.




[FutureHeroNextGen] Who wrote her lines?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: The writing team at Riot! I was responsible for compiling her script, and, of course, wrote a bunch of her lines.




RiotYoungButton Rioter RiotYoung: Riot’s creative team is working hard to create all lines as well as stories, lores and stuff. Also the whole Jinx team reviewed and gave lots of feedback in production.




[LullabyGaming] What was your favourite thing when creating her?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: Too many things to choose from, but I would have to say that I loved, loved, LOVED working on her VO script with the rest of the writing team. Those were some of the most hilarious meetings of all time. So many people pitching funny jokes!



[Pabro] Where did you get idea for Jinx weapons?


RiotTeaTimeButton Rioter RiotTeaTime: We wanted Jinx to have an ARSENAL of weapons (her code name was actually Psycho Arsenal)!! We visually explored tons of ideas including hextech SMGs, tazer crossbows, flamethrowers, in the end we settled on Rocket Launcher, Minigun, Tazer pistol and grenaaaaades!! Those weapons are really easy to read and understand what you’re probably going to do (like minigun will attack fast and rocket launcher will do mega splash dmg).


gypsylord Button Rioter RiotGypsy: From a design standpoint it was a desire for new and unique weapons that we hadn’t done before with strong silhouettes in regards to in-game readability. We knew from day one that she’d be a form swapper and we wanted to make sure the different guns were as readable as possible. Both guns are huge heavy weapons that contrast with her skinny form. The rocket launcher is carried high and on her shoulder while the minigun is carried low and on her hip.



[LullabyGaming] Why was the passive named “Get Excited” ?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: The story behind “get excited”: An acquaintance of mine used to leave messages on people’s phones, and end them with the saying, “The name’s so-and-so. Get excited.” I always thought this was hilarious, and would say it all the time to my coworkers at Riot, much to their chagrin. Which meant that they would never allow the saying to make it into Jinx’s script (I wanted it for her champion select line), and I quickly gave up on trying to sneak it in. Then when it came time to name Jinx’s abilities, I couldn’t come up with a name for the passive, and RiotGypsy asked, “Why don’t you just call it ‘Get Excited!’”? When opportunity knocks, you have to answer.



[vakabiel] Are you going to get the same band that did Vi’s login music to do Jinx?


gypsylordButton Rioter RiotGypsy: Not same band. Still going to be awesome. Like really awesome. Like oh man just wait 🙂




[Mrjelioy] What was the hardest part in designing of Jinx?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: I think one of the hardest challenges of designing Jinx as a character was deciding where on the spectrum between funny/crazy and evil/crazy she sits. She has obviously killed a lot of people, but we don’t think of her as a truly evil supervillain or straight up psychotic. We had to hit that balance really carefully in order to allow for the funny VO lines that you guys dig so much.



[idlephase] How did you come up with the idea of Jinx sabotaging various champion pages?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: As well as being on the champion team, I also work on all the lore teasers and reveals for new champions. We knew that we wanted Jinx to sabotage the LoL website in some way, as a big part of her lore is vandalism. And then someone had the brilliant idea of having her target her nemesis and make fun of Vi, which was something she did constantly in her VO. The visual designers who worked on that piece had a blast, and we owe them big time. True fact: each of the vandalized Vi pages in every territory is HAND PAINTED. The designer didn’t use a font!



[rockfules20] Did you already have plans for Jinx when you released Vi?


gypsylordButton Rioter RiotGypsy: Fun story. Jinx and Vi’s original concepts were designed by TeaTime and Zeronis around the same time. I saw them up on the concept wall together when I started at Riot last July and immediately thought I MUST MAKE BOTH OF THESE. Vi because OMG PUNCH GIRL and Jinx because OMG CRAZY GIRL WITH TONS OF GUNS (I wanted to make a ranged character who could swap out her weapon)!

Vi had just been approved so she was a natural first champ but during her whole development I delved into Jinx during my free time. Worked reaaaaaal hard with Ransom and TeaTime to get “Psycho Arsenal” (as we called her back then) approved. Been working on Jinx for over a year at this point and am soooooo psyched to finally get her out to you guys.



[xorobas] What part did Pamela Horton have in bringing Jinx to life?


RiotTeaTimeButton Rioter RiotTeaTime: Pam is actually a good personal friend of mine and I asked her and some of my other friends to send me photos of crazy expressions, I had to do a LOT of studying to get the appropriate expression for Jinx in the concept and splash art. This is actually something artists do A LOT at riot, the splash artists especially are always getting eachother to hold weird poses so we can study how a hand grasps a weapon, or how a leg looks when it’s bent that certain way 🙂



[xorobas] What was the thought process behind Jinx’ body type?


RiotTeaTimeButton Rioter RiotTeaTime: The thought behind Jinx’s body type was diversity and variety, the majority of League of Legends female champions have a similar body type, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, but it can get stale if you see the same thing over and over, I felt like it was due time to maybe try something new! The thin pale frame also contrasts really well when you put her in front of a bunch of chunky huge weapons!!



[DAGRONX] What inspired you to name her ‘Jinx’?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: Awesome question. So 1) Jinx is something children say a lot when playing games with each other, and Jinx is a fun-loving, youthful personality. 2) Something that is jinxed is usually followed by trouble and bad luck. Who does that sound like? 🙂 So that name always seemed like a great fit to us.



[Griffinite1] Are there going to be any interactions toward Jinx by existing champions, such as new VOs?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: Nothing planned at the moment, but I wouldn’t rule it out. We have our hands full with new stuff at the moment.




[Hlemguard]  Since when has Jinx been in development?


RiotYoungButton Rioter RiotYoung: It’s been taking quite a long time… once we set the initial ideas, the actual development doesn’t take that long as it follows our production schedule but the idea about the Jinx started somewhere last year?




[maatttxd] What gave you the idea / inspiration for another crazy champion like Shaco and Ziggs?


RiotTeaTimeButton Rioter RiotTeaTime: When I did her first sketches I thought it would be cool to introduce a new female villain unlike any others, we have some quirky ladies but no downright insane ones. The team really pushed for that crazy aspect of her!




[tomato-andrew] Did you have any ideas or concepts you wish you could have fit into her kit/personality/gameplay that you ultimately had to cut?


gypsylordButton Rioter RiotGypsy: Story time! Here’s some crazy abilities I eventually cut:

Drop the Hammer (R): Jinx calls in an orbital light strike anywhere on the map, dealing MASSIVE damage in an AoE 5 seconds after cast. Think pantheon ult here, except it’s just the damage. Cut this because it was totally awkward to use. Liked the idea that Jinx has her own super weapon floating above the battlefield ready to wipe out everything!

Insanity (Passive): After Jinx is in combat with champions for 10 seconds she gains 100% multiplicative attack speed while using minigun and shoots an additional rocket at nearby enemies when using Rocket Launcher. Liked that this made her feel very crazy and unhinged but at the end of the day it was a raid boss passive meant for a tank, didn’t work for a squishy marksman.

Stinger Swarm (R): Jinx takes aim in a direction and let’s loose a volley of hundreds of rockets over 3 seconds. This was like MF R that could be blocked. Very awesome, very chaotic, very the same as MF ult. CUT!

Circle of cats (R): Jinx fires a rocket across the map that she can detonate at any time, spawning a circle of gas around that point that turns enemies into adorable kittens (think polymorph). This skill was fun and thematic but Jinx really didn’t need anymore CC on her kit with W and E.

Finally – Ranged Udyr (Old kit): Jinx originally had an Udyr like kit. Q, W, and E were all different weapons she could equip and the ultimate changed depending on the equipped weapon. Eventually canned this kit because it ended up creating a character with a tool for every situation and no real weaknesses. Udyr is okay like this because his weakness is built into the fact that he’s melee. Wasn’t all bad though, managed to preserve a lot of the “different weapons for attacks” feel in the current Q.


Personality / Visual



[Zerglinator] What does Jinx think of yordles?


RiotTeaTimeButton Rioter RiotTeaTime: Yordles… She likes them, for the most part, especially Ziggs. They’re entertaining and she likes being entertained.




[Zerglinator] Is blue her natural hair color?


RiotTeaTimeButton Rioter RiotTeaTime: Her hair was not the color she was born with, but it’s definitely permanent now. Same with her eyes.




[hmblcat] What about a possible relationship between Jinx and Ziggs?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: I think there’s no doubt that Jinx has a real fondness for Ziggs – they both have a fun-loving, explosive personality. But I also think Ziggs is terrified of Jinx. So it’s like Jinx wants to hug Ziggs all the time, but Ziggs is all like, get me away from this lady! But hopefully he’ll come around someday…



[Redefusion] How old is she?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: Jinx is approximately – to use a reference you guys all know – Vi’s age. Maybe a little bit older, despite acting and looking significantly younger. She’s a youthful, fun-loving personality, and I think she’ll always be that no matter how old she gets. I can’t even imagine grown-up Jinx.



[MrEyus] How does Jinx feel about the more eccentric yordles – Lulu, Veigar and Ziggs?


RiotTeaTimeButton Rioter RiotTeaTime: They’re the only ones who might really -get- her, ya’know?





[tubbimurra] Does her laser pistol have a name?


RiotYoungButton Rioter RiotYoung: Zapper!





[atomsk216] Does she still love cats?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: Regarding her love of kitties – that was me referring to the ears on Pow Pow, her mini-gun. Since then, there’s been quite a bit of discussion about which species those ears belong to, and I admit to not being a cat owner. That being said, it’s clear Jinx has some affection for cute critters. And I think you will DEFINITELY see her love of graffiti appear again. Get excited!



[richaslions] Why does Jinx stray so much from the typical female archetype in LoL?


RiotTeaTimeButton Rioter RiotTeaTime: I think the standard female champion archtype is cool, it’s a good and rather safe neutral base (in most games) for a female hero, however, when you have 100+ champions having a single female body type gets stale, diversity really gets important! We wanted to add some variety with Jinx, and she was a great champion to give a super thin frame when we can contrast it with enormous chunky weapons! 😀



[Time4ManMode] What exactly is the story behind the tattoos?


RiotTeaTimeButton Rioter RiotTeaTime: The story that I had in mind was that she’s so enamored by weapons that she went to get a full body smoke and bullets tattoo but she can only sit in a seat for so long without getting SUPER bored, thus a quarter-body tattoo 🙂



[Griffinite1] Do you think Vi is too serious in her teaser for Jinx?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: Great question. Vi’s teaser certainly doesn’t sound like her in-game. But the point is, Jinx’s crimes have hurt a lot of innocent people in Piltover. And for the first time, we’re getting a glimpse of serious Vi, the one who realizes that she has to protect her citizens from this terrible menace. We all know that Vi is tough – we’re just seeing her at her toughest in that piece.



[fr3nzical] Can Jinx and Varus get married?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: I have to say, I love the relationships that the fans come up with our champions. Right now, I don’t know that Jinx is dating anyone, but if I find out about anything, I’ll let you know!

Also, this wouldn’t be a RiotRansom post about shipping unless I mentioned that I think Quinn and Jarvan IV are definitely a thing.




Gameplay / Balance



[vakabiel] What makes Jinx a viable pick?


gypsylordButton Rioter RiotGypsy: The two most “strategic” things Jinx brings to a team are her ability to cleanup teamfights and her strong objective control. Her always-on steroids contribute to both of these, allowing her to drop baron, towers, and champions very fast if allowed to just stand there and autoattack.

If Jinx’s team is winning a fight and one champion falls she is very likely to chain that kill into another thanks to the passive. Also, in higher up competitive play, she offers a strong 2v1 with the pushing potential of rockets.



[vakabiel] What’s a good support champion for her?


gypsylordButton Rioter RiotGypsy: I’ve seen her do extremely well with Janna and Nami. Janna shield gives her insane poke once her rockets get to about 650 range + the passive is very appreciated given how slow Jinx is. Nami E is strong for the same reason and Nami bubble allows Jinx to easily follow up and CC chain the target with her E into W.



[Holoflash] What inspired you for the Chaotic Neutral trait?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: So all the hardcore D&D players totally called me out here for not understanding the strict definition of chaotic neutral, and I deserve it. My understanding of alignment is not quite as nuanced as your typical dungeon master’s! When we were working on Jinx, we repeatedly described her as chaotic neutral in order to convey the fact to our team that she’s not an overtly malicious murder machine in her every waking moment. Not the Joker, in other words.

If she were walking past a stranger in a dark alley, she wouldn’t automatically stab that person and take their money. But if she were walking past a stranger in a dark alley near a PILE OF FIREWORKS, she would totally blow up the fireworks and unintentionally light the stranger on fire because fireworks are freakin’ fun. That’s her attitude. She’s not a classical villain archetype, but more of a trickster archetype who loves chaos.



[TwoTurtleLoves] Can she jungle?


Solcrushed Button Rioter Solcrushed: I think she can jungle decently, I consider her jungling as pretty good as far as Marksmen go. (Quinn being the best at it)




[Seth_Bader] How will Jinx contribute to late game teamfights?


Solcrushed Button Rioter Solcrushed: Late game she will bring a lot of poke power coupled with AOE damage due to rockets. She is one of the strongest late game carries in the game but generally takes longer to get to that point than others like Kog or Vayne. Also as you said, she brings a lot of cleanup power.



[H4jr0] What’s the current state of her burst and overall DPS?


Solcrushed Button Rioter Solcrushed: I actually consider her burst as one of her weakest points and the reason she can have ‘high’ numbers. Most of her damage is deferred (Minigun needs ramp up time, W and R have long cast times and E has an arm time). She generally cannot win short burst trades and need to either hit them without them hitting back (Rockets and W) or engage in an extended engagement where she can make use of her minigun.



[AmeliaPondLoL] Suggestion: Allow Jinx to manually detonate her ult


gypsylordButton Rioter RiotGypsy: Her R had this at one point. It was a simple 3000 range AoE nuke that she could detonate at any time after launch, causing shrapnel to rain down on the battlefield. I eventually moved away from that because the spell didn’t feel at all crazy enough. It was just too precise in its execution. Felt like a spell a sniper would use, not Jinx.



[ChaoticPenor] What is Jinx’s weakness compared to other Marksmen?


Solcrushed Button Rioter Solcrushed: Jinx has a very key weakness not shared with most other Marksmen and that is her lack of burst. Almost all of her power is deferred and not fit for short trades. Her steroid also looks stronger on paper because she has very bad base AS and AS per level. This was done mainly to emphasize the difference between her Rocket and Minigun form





[Drunkasarous] Will we get more lore on Mr. Fishbones?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: Poor Fishbones. All he wants is a normal life in the suburbs and some kids and a dog. But Jinx just won’t settle down! This doesn’t quite answer your question, but I will say that as a writer, I feel that Fishbones represents Jinx’s subconscious preoccupations and desires – her hidden, repressed self. She may be a crazy party girl outwardly, but she has some latent desire for normalcy on some level, which I think is fascinating.

I’ll also drop a making-of story here. Fishbones is a classic story of Riot teamwork. RiotTeaTime gave the launcher his name. Then one of Jinx’s animators had the brilliant idea of having her perform a ventriloquism act with Fishbones, and asked me to write some lines for it. RiotGypsy asked whether it would be funny if the rocket launcher had a completely normal, law-abiding, and boring personality. So I remembered this ancient claymation show that used to air on TV called Davey and Goliath, about a boy who would get into trouble and get moral lectures from his sermonizing dog. Fishbone’s voice and personality is a pretty blatant parody of Goliath, and Jinx’s actress had a blast doing that voice.



[FutureHeroNextGen] Is Jinx connected to Zaun?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: So Jinx’s origins are quite mysterious – she just shows up in Piltover one day to wreak havoc, with no rhyme nor reason to her madness. But Piltover’s finest have tracked her for long enough to deduce that she has spent a significant amount of time in Zaun. Her weapons are dirty and vicious and modded, as if they were assembled from parts collected from the hextech black market in Zaun.

They’re certainly not clean and streamlined like Jayce’s inventions. And her style of dress is a little dark and street for Piltover. And the graffiti – that’s something you see in Zaun more than the other factions. So there’s clearly a past chapter of Jinx’s life that takes place there. As we learn more about her, perhaps that story will be told…



[FutureHeroNextGen] Is she involved with Viktor’s lore?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: I think Viktor is a bit serious for Jinx’s taste. Not sure how they would get along.





[Pabro] Are Vi and Jinx sisters?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: Not sure why this is such a hot topic. Vi and Jinx don’t behave like siblings at all! I mean, they’re always bickering and making fun of each other, and that’s not very sisterly, right? Actually, wait a minute… Perhaps this topic DOES merit some further consideration. So here’s what we know: Vi claims in Jinx’s teaser that she has no idea who Jinx is or where she came from. So if these two are related, Vi clearly hasn’t gotten the memo yet. Which is interesting, and there’s also the fact that we don’t know a whole lot about Vi’s past as a street urchin. So who knows? Seems like there are a lot of interesting story paths this rivalry could go down. I can’t wait to see how it will play out!



[Pabro] What experiences from Jinx life made her so crazy?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: As I said earlier, Jinx’s past is an extremely mysterious one. The citizens of Piltover have deduced that she’s spent a lot of time in Zaun, which is certainly not the sanest city-state in Runeterra.




[hmblcat] Will we ever learn of Jinx’s true identity?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: I think there’s a lot about Jinx we don’t know yet, and her bio simply introduces her and doesn’t really say much about her past. Our goal is to definitely continue this story in some form, as clearly you guys are fascinated by this particular rivalry.



[Griffinite1] Is there any more story planned for Jinx’s release/the near future?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: We obviously wouldn’t kick off the story of Jinx and Vi with such a bang if we didn’t intend to keep it going in some form. Now while that may not happen as quickly as everyone would like, it’s definitely the plan. So please be patient with us. We’re just as excited about Vi and Jinx as you are, and we want to wow you! You do bring up a good point, though. It seems like Jinx performs a lot of her crimes just to get Vi’s attention. As if it’s her way of hanging out with her favorite police officer. That’s kind of a strange behavior for a criminal, I think.



Did you feel torn between Jinx and Vi’s characters?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: I worked on the champion concept pitches for both Vi and Jinx, and obviously wrote a bunch of stuff for Jinx alongside the writing team. I’ll be honest, I was very much in love with Vi from day one, but the process of working on Jinx brought me around to the side of the Loose Cannon. I agree, Jinx picks on Vi a great deal, and much of it is totally not called for. But that’s Jinx’s personality – she’s a wiseacre and a troll, and she clearly has a favorite target. As for why that is, we’ll just have to see how the story unfolds.


Funny / Off-topic



[DawnSpace] New Year Jinx with fireworks and stuff?


RiotTeaTimeButton Rioter RiotTeaTime: erhmahgerdd.. such a good idea!!!!





[Pabro] Is Fishbones Mrs or Mr rocket launcher?


RansomButton Rioter Ransom: Fishbones is definitely a Mr!





[Zeet19] What is Jinx’s opinion on Poros?


gypsylord Button Rioter RiotGypsy: She thinks they’re adorable.




RiotTeaTimeButton Rioter RiotTeaTime: Especially when set on fire.





[Errandar] What’s her favourite food?


gypsylord Button Rioter RiotGypsy: She loves sweets but she forgets to eat sometimes.





[DICKPUNISHER] (writer’s note: lol) What does Jinx love buying the most?


RiotTeaTimeButton Rioter RiotTeaTime:  Probably skittles. Yep. And guns. Skittles and Guns.





[BuggyMuShi] What happened to Art Spotlights?


RiotTeaTimeButton Rioter RiotTeaTime: The splash artists do miss doing them but recording splash art actually makes the process of creating the art waaaay longer, every hour we have to compile video so it breaks up our work a lot. We’re trying to think of better ways to bring back the art spotlights though, so we have not forgotten!!! ^



[AsperaAstra] Follow-up: Can’t you upload the entire video without editing?


RiotTeaTimeButton Rioter RiotTeaTime: Splash arts take around 40 to 80 hours to paint, those would be pretty long videos~! We still would have to stop and compile the recordings, past 1hr or so it starts lagging the computers because we’re simultaneously working on enormous photoshop documents. We do the timelapsing afterwards but it just is so inefficient to record the splash arts :'(



Riot logo decoration

Battlecast Skins in the making!

Pantheon’s Visual Rework

Announcing Heimerdinger’s Rework QA

Dunkmaster Darius Preview

Soraka’s Passive


 Battlecast Skins in the making!


The Bravo Ray Button Rioter The Bravo Ray: Hello fellow summoners and lovers of all things Battlecast,

We wanted to create a place for you to come and post, share, and ask questions on the Battlecast skin line. By creating this thread, we hope to help you understand our vision for the line, and gain insight into “The Glorious Evolution.” We welcome any and all feedback and suggestions on how you feel we can improve the line. The sky is the limit!

Our first discussion about the line is our most popular question….

Who is targeted for evolution?

As it stands, we are focusing on creatures and non-humanoids. This gives us a bigger playground when it comes to the visual thematic. (ie. arms evolve into cannons, multiple legs evolve into tank treads)

There are exceptions to the rule, Viktor and Xerath.
For Xerath, one of his launch skins was a sci-fi themed robot aptly named Battlecast. This was the beginning of the line. There was no suggested story attached to the name, but it was a very cool idea.
For our most recent skin, Creator Viktor, we took the design sense sparked from Xerath and continued that through Urgot and Cho’gath. This allows for an implied alternate universe that these champions share.

We would love to hear what other champions, you feel, are viable candidates for the BC line and why.

In the meantime, please feel free to ask us anything. We will be checking in with you and we will post more insight when we can.




The Bravo Ray Button Rioter The Bravo Ray: Mecha vs Battlecast skin line

This is another question that comes up quite often, what is the difference? Are they not the same?

Well let’s try to clear it up for you.


Battlecast design language is composed of heavy, crude, thick plating; exposed mechanical components; and sci-fi based weaponry. We like to show all the champions abilities on the design of the skin.

Let’s take Cho’gath, for example. In his BC Prime skin, all his abilities are visually identifiable on his skin. From his iron jaws, arm cannons, and his sonic speakers, these give artistic reason behind the champion’s skills.

Mecha or Full Metal etc.

Khaz’Zix’s Mecha skin slightly differs from the design language of BC, his being more high tech and stream lined. Unlike BC, he has more covered components and very high tech weaponry. Mecha tends to lean towards a Anime inspired design language.



Will Battlecast Xerath get a rework to fit him into the glorious evolution?


The Bravo Ray Button Rioter The Bravo Ray: We would love to get him more aligned with the recent iterations of the BC line, for sure. At Xerath’s launch, the overall theme was not established yet. It was not until BC Urgot, did we realize, we had something really exciting.

This would be a good discussion to have, with the skins and rework teams, to help tie him more thematically with his BC brothers.

He does retain the iconic face plate grill that they all share stylistically, maybe we could switch the paint scheme to the sinister black and grey.


Pantheon’s Visual Rework



Will you keep his character intact?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: Personally I’d like to make Pantheon not just a “faceless Spartan”, but that doesn’t mean necessarily giving him a face. I mean, I think he’s iconic because ya know, the image of a Spartan-like warrior has that shape language.

Logistically, maybe if we did a VU on him we’d put a face under there, actually add some geometry so that it’s not just a hollow helmet, but I don’t think we’d bust open the helmet to reveal a head.

Even if we don’t make it particularly visible on the model, I’d like to give him a bit more depth, figure out to wrap him up in what stuff has gone down on Mt Targon with Protecty Sun Lady and Grumpy Moon Chick.



Maybe a skin where he shows his face?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: Hmm.. I actually don’t know if I’d do a Pantheon skin sans helmet. I think the helmet is a big part of him, but heck, who knows? Maybe a good idea will crop up that warrants him unmasking.




Why do we have un-masked Kayle but not Pantheon?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: I don’t see any immediate benefit for a helmet-less Panetheon skin, while with Kayle, you sort of have that unmasked Samus thing going on. As for Kayle, I’d say her big reads being her wings and sword trump the helmet/no helmet thing. It’s a neat aspect to her, but I don’t think it’s as equal value to her wings and sword. Just my opinion though.



Maybe do a recoloring of his armament?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: Recolors are a big playground for us. I’d like to give his weapon and shield, base or otherwise, some personality. Base wise, if Targon is all about relic melee weapons, maybe we should figure out how to make his special.




Follow-up: Maybe expand on his weaponry, since it’s so deeply connected to his lore?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: Yeah, that seems to be a trend with Targon champions. Funny thing is, I wasn’t even cognizant of the relic weapon thing when we made Diana. Started to all fall into place by coincidence honestly. But hey, Pantheon, Leona, Diana, all have relic weapons/shields/armor.



Is Pantheon’s VU on the way?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: “On the way” is a very subjective term. Nothing planned or scheduled, but some artists have gone out of their way to make some awesome concepts for if and/or when a Pantheon VU happens.




Will there be a revealed connection between Pantheon, Diana and Leona?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: There’s nothing set in stone. My hope would be to figure out a way to make Targon much more solid and tangible. There’s obviously some **** going down up there. Crazy eclipses, entire celestial body worshiping tribes being slaughtered every so often. It’s a big place, but these character must have some sort of connection. I’d like to figure out how we can explore and tell stories of those connections.



Offtopic: How many Champions are in line for rework?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: Take a look at the list of Champions in the Roster. It’s safe to assume that.. oh.. 50 of them are in need of some sort of finesse. Model tweaks, texture update, polish. Others, say maybe 20, might have a usable rig, but could really use a geo swap-out and a new model. A legendary skin for such a champion might even create the ability for a VU to happen faster than expected, because we often have to do heavy work on the rig, or possibly rebuild it, making it ripe for a VU. Then 10 or so, of those 50, are high priority. Champions that require a major overhaul.

That’s a large pool of champions, and I’d go further than the supposed 50 to enact some level of VU on. We as a team look at pretty much everything up until early 2012 as ripe for some level of VU depending on current quality from stylistic, craft and thematic aspects.

Again, things can change. We do have those “Relaunches of opportunity” that arise. Sejuani-type situations.

Fun thing is, I’m not the exclusive concept artist for Relaunch. I physically work on the characters I’m best suited to work on, or most interested in, and for those that are beyond my scope, or aren’t really served best by my strengths, I cultivate work done by other artists who are passionate about the champion that needs concept art resources dedicated to it. We work very openly like that as a team. It’s not a single artists’ responsibility or duty. It’s the entire art team coming together to decide what’s best, put input into the pot, and submit whatever art they have time to. It’s resulted in some awesome results. We find that our designs end up looking more stylistically consistent when there’s a lot of influence from around the different members of the art department.

That said, there’s a lot of concepts sitting around just waiting for the team to crunch through the priority list. So, it’s possible anyone’s favorite champ is in that concept backlog waiting for the right time for production to start!



Off-topic: Any chance for a Halloween Diana skin?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: Unfortunately no. She might be up for something early-ish next year. We’ll see




Announcing Heimerdinger’s Rework QA



Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: Hey guys,

Have you met 20thCenturyFaux?

No? Perhaps you should. 20thCenturyFaux has been super helpful QA’ing the Xerath rework, supporting the creative team and generally chatting with you guys on general discussion. However, more importantly:

Coming in 3.13, 20thCenturyFaux will be gathering feedback and iterating on our favorite Revered Inventor – Heimerdinger.

When 3.13 comes to PBE, Heimerdinger and Xerath reworks will be available for testing, but not necessarily be shipping in 3.13. While we’re not ready to release their kits today, I want you guys to give a warm PBE welcome to Faux. This is his first time taking heavy feedback on PBE, so please do your best to help him out!

EDIT: 20thCenturyFaux desired his titled be changed to “The Donger Raiser”. I have made this appropriate for ages K-12 instead.





20thCenturyFaux Button Rioter 20thCenturyFaux: Hello! I’ve been around the forums a while but I’ve never done a formal introduction thread, which should be false by the time you’re reading this. I’m 20thCenturyFaux, and I’ll be in on this PBE iteration strat because more communication makes the Dinger more awesome.

Some random stuff about me:

  • I’ve played probably 300+ different levels of DooM II
  • I sometimes mix Diet Mountain Dew with bad whiskey, a crime against alcohol I will eventually be jailed for
  • I need a dispenser here
  • I grew up in Wisconsin, where I did terribly irresponsible things with fireworks every 4th of July. Since moving to California, I have yet to build a single sparkler bomb. This is awful.
  • I get a certain awful joy out of dying in Roguelikes because I know it’s happened to tons of other people the same way



Anything new you can share on Heimer’s rework?


20thCenturyFauxButton Rioter 20thCenturyFaux: I think so, but I figure it’s probably better to save that for when 3.13 hits PBE. Once I start talking details it’ll be hard to stop xD




Are these changes targeted for a 3.13 PBE release?


20thCenturyFauxButton Rioter 20thCenturyFaux: I’m not sure, but I know as soon as the release guys have something nailed down they tend to announce it. There’s a million considerations about when to put content out–what other stuff is coming out, localization, etc.

I also don’t have a ton of understanding about Production generally, haha



How’s development coming along?


20thCenturyFauxButton Rioter 20thCenturyFaux: I got the bug sweep back and I’m chewing through all the stuff they found the last couple days. There’s a particularly tricky code bug with Heimer turrets refusing to shoot after he dies plus one or two little things, but I fixed the other stuff they found. I have to figure out how to get his backend set up for PBE and talk to publishing to figure out the exact time yet, but from my end it’s mainly polish stuff. As for the kit, if I save the juiciest reveal for when he’s playable, he gets more playtesting ^^. I will say that I picked up where Xypherous left off, rather than starting from scratch.

I also want to make sure I get it right and not just give in to temptation at a billion in the morning on a friday night, lol.


Dunkmaster Darius Preview





Ymir Button Rioter Ymir: Hey guys,

While recorded on a phone, this is badass and I thought you guys might enjoy watching it.

CaptainLx is a guy who has really been a major part of making the in game animations amazing for years now, if you were at Gamescom you may have seen the Dunkmaster Darius splash worked on and here he runs through how the animations were added to that original concept.

It’s very cool, interesting and makes me want to play Darius right now (while dribbling a ball irl).

Thanks to this Reddit thread for putting it in front of me.


Soraka’s Passive



Will there be any changes to Consecration?


Meddler Button Rioter Meddler: If we do end up making changes to Soraka at some point her passive would definitely be a prime spot to do some work, agree there’s plenty of room there to make something more engaging. The current one’s certainly not useless, there’s only a tiny amount of gameplay associated with it though, and even then the power it offers is pretty hardly to directly appreciate. Would be inclined to look at passives that support her healer with some combat effects playstyle in a way that didn’t buff her passive sustain (which has been the big problem we’ve had in the past with her).



Isn’t her passive efficient in its own way?


Meddler Button Rioter Meddler: Her passive definitely offers power, particularly early on in lane and once team fights start, no argument there. It doesn’t create much gameplay though. You don’t stand near allies you wouldn’t otherwise stand near because of it, the decisions associated with the rest of her kit instead overwhelm that as a consideration. There’s also not much you can do to be a more skilled user of that aura, it’s just there, and the actions that maximize it (be with your team, don’t die, be in a fight but no need to be right in the center given its large range) are the actions you’ll be taking anyway.

Compare that with say Nami’s passive by contrast. Sure, often the extra movement speed’s just be an incidental benefit, there are regularly moments though where you’ll get an opportunity to use spells in a way or at a time you otherwise wouldn’t if you want to access the power that passive offers you (E an ally to help them get away, even if they can’t spare the time to auto attack, look to angle an ult through your team as well as the enemy’s etc).



Does that mean that AoE auras from items are also toxic to gameplay?


Meddler Button Rioter Meddler: In a lot of games item purchasing results in some really significant decision making (what, when, on who). How feasible it is to properly utilize many of the auras is a big part of that decision (will I be able to get close enough to get them within Abyssal’s range, can we create teamfights that take advantage of WotA’s sustain enough etc). As a result I generally feel much better about our item auras than passives like Soraka’s. That’s not to say they’re great examples of gameplay versus power, there are some solid arguments in their favor though.



Will you be reworking her ultimate as well and will Infuse lose its mana gain component?


Meddler Button Rioter Meddler: Can’t see any reason to significantly alter Wish, it’s a great spell and a really healthy heal (generates clutch saves, has skillful uses, has multiple use cases, comes with a significant cost).


As far as Infuse goes mana restore to ally has been a bit problematic, particularly given there’s no cost apart from the CD to Soraka so much of the time it’s simply ‘Push Infuse on ally without max mana or you’re doing it wrong’. A healthier approach there would be something along the lines of giving Infuse a mana cost, so it’s not an automatic choice to give mana to an ally, but then also reduces Soraka’s other mana costs to compensate. Might result in too much transfer of agency from support to team mate though (‘Spend your mana to heal someone else while they actually engage with the enemy, then give away the remainder as well’) so some potential issues there too.



Isn’t Soraka a weak aura support compared to others?


Meddler Button Rioter Meddler: Sona’s auras are somewhat better certainly, there is some play going on there, though the decisions associated with the activation effects do often drown out decision making based on the auras. Wouldn’t be inclined to put something like that on Soraka though, in part simply because that’s already Sona’s thing – would much rather create more distinctive niches for champions where possible than homogenize them unnecessarily.

R.E. picking Soraka for her aura, particularly against certain comps, then yes, there is some decision making offered there. Again though it’s pretty overwhelmed by all the other things that go into ‘Should I pick Soraka’ – how she’ll match up against lane opponents, what sort of team comp you’re running etc. It’s definitely the best argument in favor of the current passive in my eyes, feel there’s strong opportunity to do better though.


Champion/Skin Sale – Expires October 11th


October 11 S3





  • Galio - 440 RP
  • Shyvana - 487 RP
  • Sona - 395 RP



Bioforge Darius - 487 RP


Biorforge Darius


Giant Enemy Crabgot - 260 RP


Giant Enemy Crabgot


Sandscourge Skarner - 487 RP


Sandscourge Skarner



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