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Karthus Champion Spotlight

Preview of New Summoner’s Rift

Red Post Collection: Update on Yordles

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Karthus Champion Spotlight

Following his recent visual update, Karthus got his Champion Spotlight. Warning, video contains a lot of Phreak puns about death.

Samsung vs NaJin Shields on New Summoner’s Rift

Here’s a preview of how the new map will look like in action, courtesy of Korea’s top teams.

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Update on Yordles

We’re getting at least one more new yordle this year!

[ Question ] Will we be getting any new Yordles this year or VUs of existing Yordles?

IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: Howdy.

So as you know, Heimer was sort of our new flagship for yordles, male yordles at least. He was built off of the framework of such characters as Ziggs and Lulu.

Now that he’s out, we’re ideating on several different yordle designs, revisiting a lot of our furry/semi-furry friends which need love. What’s ended up happening is not so much a grand exploration or style guide creation, though some artists have chosen to take on entire swaths of general yordle anatomy/shape/character exploration. Most of what we on ChampUp have been doing is adhering generally to what we’ve set forth in Heimer, what we’ve seen other internal collaborators make, and then let the individual concept artist working on a design execute with their own discretion with heavy feedback from the team. The results have yielded really good concepts for a number of characters. Currently we have two yordles in the concept phase which are candidate for production. These concepts still represent the very beginning of our production pipeline, and any such concepts won’t be contributing to a VU or otherwise for some time. However, my hope is that by the end of the year we’ll see at least one more yordle make it out. My hope is that it’ll be a female yordle 😉

With that said, no promises, no certainties, but that’s what preference is.

My current priority is the building of a concept “front-log” which will supply our production pipeline with approved character concepts in the form of a bucket which characters can be easily plugged into the production pipeline without a problem. All of the above characters in the OP qualify for a VU, some higher priority than others.

Hope that helps! Sorry for a certain amount of ambiguity.

[ Question ] Why do you think Lulu needs her model updated?

IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: She’s in generally good shape, but she’s going to start to look like she has problems the further we go with other yordle VU’s. She has more anatomy than most, but right now she’s pretty much all head. Though Heimer’s head is gigantic, I’d attribute that to him being a brainiac.

That said, she’s not nearly anywhere near the top of the priority list.


Bonus! Awesome Yordle Concept Arts

Art is done by Knockwurst, who’s done a lot of splash arts for League and even draws comics! 


Yordle Exploration by Knockwurst

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[ Question ] Is there any chance you release a list of champions scheduled for an update? 

IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: I wish I could share such a list, but most likely not. Our priorities can sometimes change, or something could explode, get re-slotted, etc. 

There’s a lot of factors in how we consider candidates for VU’s or even more overhaul. If it’s mainly art, each discipline will go in and grade at what level they feel the current execution is. So in someone like, let’s say, Morgana’s situation, concept, 3D, animation, etc, will give her low marks. That will decide how much in need she is from an artistic standpoint. Now this need could be really high, but cross reference that with how much of the champion we see in the game, is that champion in need of a gameplay overhaul, etc. That will slide up or down the likely hook of us devoting resources to a character and in what order in front of or behind other characters. 

Other things to consider are opportunities, or “low hanging fruit” (I hate that term). Which means, is the bang for the buck substantial? Will the proposed changes really enhance how much love this character gets from players? Is this character thematically a home-run and doesn’t need much ideation? Those factors can dictate whether or not we take on something which is merely fidelity, like Karthus, versus something that’s akin to making an entirely new champion, like Sion. 

Further variables arise when the team itself is taken into consideration. How much work will this character need? Is it excessively animation or VFX heavy? How many skins does the character have? These factors can be mitigated by bandwidth, resources on the team, team excitement, etc. Right now, I think the team is more interested in tackling Eve than Morgana honestly despite them needing about the same amount of work. 

All of these factors fluctuate. As we dig into our roster and analyize them by plugging in these data points, we sorta get this order of priority spat out. However, we don’t just stick with what an excel spreadsheet tells us. We’re going to weigh costs and benefits. 

So, while we currently have our “fantasy slotting” of champions on our hit list for the rest of this year and the next, we’re going to go back in and analyze our decisions and see what’s actually possible to make and at what cadence. I’d love to be able to post that up, but I have a feeling my producers wouldn’t really be cool with that. Heh.

I think when we have it more or less locked down, we can start talking about characters we really want to tackle without spelling out specifically what we’re doing in what order. I’m very wary of raising expectations.. I also don’t like ruining surprises when we have some potentially in store 

[ Question ] Why don’t you increase the amount of Bans in Ranked?

Riot Moonleaf Button Rioter Riot Moonleaf: There are many different philosophies of banning
– What has the highest win ratio ATM
– What is perceived to be OP
– What is the FotM
– What is difficult to play against
– What popular streamers ban/play well with
– Banning out a player by removing 3 common picks for a role and firstpicking the fourth

Some philosophies even contradict each other, eg banning Akali due to perception would make no sense for someone who looks at her 50% win ratio.

For some of those mentalities a fourth ban could be useful, for others it would be abusable (eg the last one) while others won’t benefit even though they might think they do (eg FotM). For that reason it’s impossible to please everyone.

Also, adding a 4th ban would hurt the players with smaller champion pools (eg Bronze, Silver).

In general I think that the number of bans at the moment is a good middle ground.

[ Follow-up ] Are you refusing to add more bans just because of LCS?

Riot Moonleaf Button Rioter Riot Moonleaf: We want a healthy LCS, but we also want a healthy ranked play in all tiers. These two are not mutually exclusive.

I’m not disagreeing with the 4th ban, there might be a 4th ban for each team in the future. But I’d like that change to happen in order to promote gameplay instead of hampering it.

[ Question ] What’s your opinion on Ichors on Twisted Treeline?

Ichor of Rage Ichor of Illumination

Scarizard Button Rioter Scarizard: My general thinking is that Ichors, while kind of imba atm, are important distinctions from Summoner’s Rift. (opinion: i think by definition, all ‘alternate maps’ items should be treated as a cool lever that can be used to help identify the map they’re on – feel me?)

We could easily ‘nerf’ them by just removing them and replacing them with Elixirs, but it’s a clear thread through my lurking that TT players like their map being ‘SR Kinda’ and not just SR Lite.

I’ll be pretty up-front and say i’m interested in removing the Resource Regen from Blue Ichor altogether. Structure DMG (while probably OP) is at least interesting to me in that it calls for a specific action once you take it – Resource Regen is like ‘I wanna fight…maybe? Maybe i just want to stall forever.’ When the map already has a global chalice aura, it gets difficult for me to justify Ziggs Potion as an item.

-gauging if TT players enjoy the secondary ‘map-only’ effects ichors give or if they just want reg. elixirs
-looking to replace blue ichor’s effect with something more defining/actionable, and hopefully more balanceable than stallfest ZiggsPot
-bonus round: if players feel RagePot is too unsatisfying, Structure DMG could become something else

that’s kind of where my head’s at atm – this is purely ideation phase, so don’t worry – not the end of the world! would like to get Ichor changes relatively soon into an upcoming patch tho, so speak up if y’all got thoughts!

[ Question ] Has the Exterminator skin for Twitch been canceled?

IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: Story time. When we were doing the twitch VU, I was actually entering into 3D for the first time. So, part of what I did was to take Grumpy Monkey’s sculpt of Twitch and make a costume. I decided to revisit exterminator twitch and did a high-rez sculpt of him.

We used some of those assets to prime our demo for PAX East. So, currently he has a zbrush model hanging around. Right now I don’t know plans or timelines for the skin, but we think it’s a great idea. It won’t end up being my call, but my hope is that the skin sees the light of day, but I doubt it’ll be any time in the immediate future.

Here’s hoping!

[ Question ] Why am I being endlessly chat restricted?

Keyru Button Rioter Keyru: The reason for chat restrictions is to help players notice the negative behavior they are displaying and work towards reforming in a more positive manner. Most toxicity comes from chat. We don’t expect this to be a quick change but a work in progress. Acknowledging is the first step into reforming. We understand that the game can be frustrating and make people rage, especially ranked. I’ve been there. This should not happen on a consistent basis though.

Looking into your account, it seems that you don’t want to focus on becoming a cooperative team member but rather use your restricted chat to consistently abuse and harass your teammates with derogatory terms. It’s actually not surprising that you are continually getting hit by chat restrictions after your last set ends. 

Restrict chat to only specify objectives or give positive reinforcements. If you have nothing good to say, it is better to not say anything at all. Chatting is not obligated and is why we created the smart ping system to help with communication.…803-Smart-Ping

Work towards reducing negative behavior displayed and the chat restrictions will decrease overtime.

[ Question ] Why do Ahri’s tails all come out of different places on her body?

Riot Whist Button Rioter Riot Whist: Back in the day we outsourced rigs, animation, and models for just about everything.

It could be worse. Ahri VU would not have this. (Ahri VU is not anytime soon though)

It bugs us too.



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