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PBE Round-up: Patch 5.18

September 12th, 2015


PBE Roundup Patch 5 18 Banner

Patch 5.18 will hit live in the early hours of September 16th, assuming there are no delays:


Store Content





Championship Kalista will be available in store for 975 RP.


Kalista_Splash_2 Kalista_2


MODEL Banner

Kalista Championship Model 1 Kalista Championship Model 2


Recall Banner

Kalista Championship Recall



Kalista Championship Q 1



Championship Kalista W 1



New Summoner Icons

Icons for this year’s Worlds teams will be available in store for 250 RP each. As always, a portion of the profits from these icons will go to the respective teams:


profileIcon915 profileIcon916 profileIcon917 profileIcon918 profileIcon919

profileIcon920 profileIcon921 profileIcon924 profileIcon925 profileIcon927

profileIcon928 profileIcon929 profileIcon931 WC_Emblem_Team_paIN WC_Emblem_Team_ktrolster

WC_Emblem_Team_Invictus WC_Emblem_Team_EDG


Also, four jungle-themed icons have made their way on the PBE. No clue how you can get these yet:

profileIcon932 profileIcon933 profileIcon934 profileIcon935



Champion Changes


Braum Final Portrait


Nerf BoxWinters Bite Final IconWinter’s Bite [ Q ]

  • Mana cost increased from 45/50/55/60/65 to 55/60/65/70/75




Caitlyn Final Portrait


Buff BoxYordle Snap Trap Final IconYordle Snap Trap [ W ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 50 to 30
  • Cooldown decreased from 20/17/14/11/8 seconds to 16/14/12/10/8



Darius Final Portrait


Change BoxDecimate Final IconDecimate [ Q ]

  • Health per target decreased from 15% to 12%
  • Maximum heal increased from 30% to 36% (Decimate can now heal from 3 targets)
  • Mana cost increased from 30 at all ranks to 30/35/40/45/50



Elise Final Portrait


Nerf BoxSpider Form Final IconSpider Form [ R ]

  • Base damage on spiderlings decreased from 10/20/30/40 to 10/15/20/25
  • AoE damage resist on spiderlings increased from 20% to 25%



Ezreal Final Portrait


Buff Box Arcane Shift Final IconArcane Shift [ E ]

  • Now additionally has a 0.5 AD ratio




Fiora Final Champion Portrait

General Box

  • Health decreased from 662 [+92 per level] to 635 [+85 per level]
  • Base armor decreased from 30.5 to 27.5



Gangplank Final Champion Portrait


Nerf BoxPowder Keg Final IconPowder Keg [ E ]

  • Bonus damage to Champions decreased from 80/110/140/170/200 to 60/90/120/150/180
  • Armor penetrate decreased from 50% to 40%



Garen Final Portrait


Nerf BoxDemacian Justice Final IconDemacian Justice [ R ]

  • Enemies that kill Garen aren’t marked as “villains”




Jarvan IV Final Portrait

General Box

  • Base Armor increased from 27 to 29



Lulu Final Portrait

General Box

  • Health per level decreased from 82 to 74



Buff BoxPix, Faerie Companion [ Passive ]Pix Faerie Companion Final Icon

  • Pix can now trigger Tribute (passive from Spellthief’s Edge/Frostfang/Frost Queen’s Claim) once per basic attack from Lulu



Mordekaiser Final Portrait

General Box

  • Armor changed from 28 [+3.5 per level] to 26 [+3.75 per level]
  • Base Armor decreased from 22 to 20


Change BoxHarvester of Sorrow Final IconHarvester of Sorrow [ W ]

  • Can now be self-cast (can’t do double aura damage but can still be reactivated)
  • Can no longer do double damage from two allies standing near each other with the aura
  • Reactivate base damage increased from 50/70/90/110/130 to 70/95/120/145/170
    • Health cost increased from from 0 to 25/35/45/55/65
  • Reactive now heals for 25% of the damage dealt to minions, decreased from 33%
  • Maximum number of drained units decreased from 3 to 2



Morgana Final Portrait


Buff BoxDark Binding Final IconDark Binding [ Q ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 50/60/70/80/90 to 50/55/60/65/70




Skarner Final Portrait


Nerf BoxFracture Final IconFracture [ E ]

  • Slow strength decreased from 45/50/55/60/65% to 30/35/40/45/50%



Syndra Final Portrait

General Box

  • Mana-per-level increased from 50 to 63



Twitch Final Portrait


Buff BoxAmbush Final IconAmbush [ Q ]

  • Delay until Twitch can stealth while taking damage has been decreased from 6 seconds at all ranks to 4.5



Veigar Final Portrait


Buff BoxBaleful_StrikeBaleful Strike [ Q ]

  • Now additionally grants AP for Champion assists (gives AP for kills only on live)



Buff BoxDark_MatterDark Matter [ W ]

  • Cooldown now starts at the beginning of the cast, not the end




Zilean Final Portrait


Rewind [ W ]Buff Box   Rewind Final Icon

  • Mana cost decreased from 35 at all ranks to 0




Item Changes


Nerf BoxDead Mans Plate Final IconDead Man’s Plate

  • Active can no longer trigger while the user is silenced or blinded


Nerf BoxDevourer Final IconDevourer Enchantment

  • Now grants 0.67 magic damage on-hit per stack, decreased from 1


Nerf BoxSated Devourer Final IconSated Devourer

  • Base magic damage on-hit decreased from 60 to 50


Quality of Life Box FinalSterak’s Gage
Steraks Gage Final Icon

  • Tooltip now displays the exact shield value for the user’s current level


Buff BoxWarrior Enchantment Final IconWarrior Enchantment

  • AD increased from 40 to 45


Nerf BoxZekes Harbinger Final IconZeke’s Harbinger 

  • Armor decreased from 35 to 30




If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]

Patch 5.15 Notes

August 4th, 2015


Patch 5 15 Official Notes Banner

Patch 5.15 will hit live in a few hours. Here are the official notes:


Champion Updates


Store Content



Don’t know when the patch will hit live for your region? Here’s the schedule:



Scarizard Final PortraitGreetings, summoners.

Welcome to Patch 5.15, the small one where we sit back and let the game catch its breath for a sec. What with all the updates recently to jungle items, game balance and burning tides (thanks, Miss Fortune), we figured it best to enjoy a lighter patch where we focus on some pro-play outliers and watch the ever-evolving metagame take shape. So kick your feet up, this one’s on the house.

Diving a level deeper, we do have some sizable changes for Teemo to give him more control of his destiny in fights rather than setting up minefields and hoping folks’d walk into it. If you’re someone that wishes we’d delete him instead, we suggest you try out Fiora, who’s got a set of updated Demacian duds and slick new moves to help you take out the furry little monster in style. Random aside: did you know Teemo’s last buff was 3 years ago? We thought you’d like some trivia dressing with your foreword-salad. We’ve never really thought of the foreword as food before, but salads are healthy (and so is context).

That’s about everything for 5.15. Check out our HUD update post to read up on the juicy feedback-driven changes being made (or head to the patch notes below), as well as our new ward-skin selection tech, and we’ll see you next time!

[ Link to Post ]



Fiora_0-1 Fiora_Splash_0-2-1024x604



Fiora-Updated-Model-3-1024x640 Fiora-Updated-Model-4-1024x640


Fiora Champion Portrait Final

General Box

  • Health decreased from 593 [+85 per level] to 570 [+80 per level]
  • Base mana pool increased from 287 to 302
  • Attack Damage-per-level decreased from 3.2 to 3
  • Auto Attack range increased from 125 to 150
  • Movement Speed decreased from 350 to 345
  • Health-per-second increased from 1.37 [+0.16 per level] to 1.65 [+0.11 per level]
  • Mana-per-second increased from 1.52 [+0.1 per level] to 1.6 [+0.14 per level]



Duelists Dance Final IconFiora identifies the weak spots – or vitals – in the defenses of all enemy champions she comes close to. If she manages to attack her enemy’s weak spot, Fiora deals 3 [+0.27-0.45 AD]% of the target’s maximum Health as bonus true damage for that attack, receives a 20% [30/40/50% with ranks in R] bonus Movement Speed and restores 20 [+6 per level] Health. Fiora reveals a new weak spot whenever she attacks one, or when a moderate period of time passes without it being attacked.





Lunge Final IconCost: 25/30/35/40/45 mana || Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10 seconds || Range: 400

Fiora lunges in a target direction before striking a nearby enemy, dealing 65/75/85/95/105 [+0.55/0.7/0.85/1.0/1.15 bonus AD] physical damage and applying on-hit effects. Lunge prioritizes enemy champions, and tries to hit enemy weak spots. Finally, 60% of Lunge’s cooldown is refreshed when the ability strikes an enemy.





Riposte Final IconCost: 50 mana at all ranks || Cooldown: X seconds || Range: 750

Fiora enters a defensive stance, parrying all damage and hard crowd control abilities for a fraction of a second. After she’s done parrying, Fiora attacks in a target direction, dealing 90/130/170/210/250 [+0.6 AP] magic damage and slowing the movespeed and Attack  Speed of the first Champion she hits by 50% for 1.5 seconds. If she parries any hard crowd control abilities, Riposte stuns instead of slows.


Fiora W 1



Bladework Final IconCost: 40/45/50/55/60 mana || Cooldown: 15/13/11/9/7 seconds || Range: 150 [melee]

Fiora gains 50% increased attack speed on her next two basic attacks. The first cannot crit but slows her target by 40/45/50/55/60% for 1 second, while the second is guaranteed to crit for 140/155/170/185/200% damage.


Fiora E 3 Fiora E 1

Fiora E 2



Grand Challenge Final IconCost: 100 mana at all ranks || Cooldown: 110/90/70 seconds || Range: 500

Fiora targets an enemy champion, gaining speed and full knowledge of their vitals. Each time she destroys a weak spot, she deals damage equal to a maximum of 4 times the true damage from her passive [15% of Max HP]. If she’s able to destroy all four weak spots in 8 seconds, or if she destroys at least one before her target dies, Fiora creates a large and long-lasting zone under her enemy that heals Fiora and her allied champions for 80/110/140 [+0.6 AD] each second for 5 seconds.


Fiora R 1 Fiora R 2

Fiora R 3



To complement her gameplay & visual rework, Fiora’s received a new short client entry:


”I have come to kill you for the sake of honor. And though you possess none, you will die just the same.” The most feared duelist in all of Valoran, Fiora is as renowned for her indomitable will and haughty pride as she is for her skill with the blade. She was born to Demacia’s House Laurent, a once-proud family whose reputation was tarnished by the actions of her father. In an unprecedented move, Fiora challenged him to single combat and, upon winning, took control of House Laurent. Defying the Demacian establishment, she has set about restoring the reputation and pride of her family name, one duel at a time.



Fiora Updated Model Royalguard 1 Fiora Updated Model Royalguard 2



Fiora Updated Model Nightraven 1 Fiora Updated Model Nightraven 2



Fiora Updated Model Headmistress 1 Fiora Updated Model Headmistress 2




Gangplank’s default model has been updated to reflect the events of the Bilgewater Tides storyline. You can get his older looks with the Captain Gangplank skin, which will be free to all players who finish a matchmade game with Gangplank by August 10th (otherwise it will cost 975 RP).


Gangplank_Splash_0 GangplankLoadScreen



MODEL Banner

Updated GP Model 1 Updated GP Model 2



Gangplank Updated E


Here is Gangplank’s new Champion Select quote:




”I was cutting throats and sinking Noxian war galleys when you were still pissing your britches, boy. You don’t want to take me on.” As unpredictable as he is brutal, the dethroned reaver king known as Gangplank is feared far and wide. Where he goes, death and ruin follow, and such is his infamy and reputation that the merest sight of his black sails on the horizon causes panic among even the hardiest crew.



“‘The bigger the risk, the bigger the bounty.” Beauty and danger: there are few who can match Miss Fortune in either. One of Bilgewater’s most infamous bounty hunters, she built her legend upon a swathe of bullet-riddled corpses and captured ne’er-do-wells. The booming echoes of her twin pistols in the port city’s reeking wharfs and scavenger shanties are sure signs of another warrant from the Bounty Board being settled.



Champion Changes


Ekko Final Champion Portrait


Change BoxZDrive Resonance Final IconZ-Drive Resonance [ Passive ]

  • Slow strength decreased from 40/50/60/70% to 30/40/50/60% [values for levels 1/6/11/16]
  • Movement Speed buff increased from 40/50/60/70% to 40/50/60/80%
  • AP ratio on third hit increased from 0.7 to 0.8


Change BoxParallel Convergence Final IconParallel Convergence [ W ]

Shield value changed from 150/195/240/285/330 [+0.8 AP] to 80/100/120/140/160 [+1.5 AP]


Change BoxChronobreak Final IconChronobreak [ R ]

  • Health strength changed from 20/25/30% [+3.33% per 100 AP] of the damage taken over the last 4 second to 20% [+6.66% per 100 AP]



Gangplank Final Champion Portrait

General Box

  • Gangplank now additionally gains one Silver Serpet every second [3v3, ARAM and Dominion only]


Quality of Life Box FinalCannon Barrage Final Icon Cannon Barrage [ R ]

  • [Tooltip Fix] Now mentions that ranks in Cannon Barrage increase Gangplank’s maximum planted Powder Kegs from 2 to 3/4/5



Nidalee Final Champion Portrait


Nerf BoxJavelin Toss Final IconJavelin Toss [ Q ]

  • Base minimum damage decreased from 50/75/100/125/150 to 50/70/90/110/130
  • Maximum base damage decreased from 150/225/300/375/450 to 150/210/270/330/390
  • Cast time has been increased from 0.125 seconds to 0.25



Sivir Final Champion Portrait


Nerf BoxOn the Hunt Final IconOn the Hunt [ R ]

  • Movement speed boost decreased from 60% at all ranks to 40/50/60%
  • If an ally walks within range of On the Hunt after it’s been cast, they’ll receive 20% bonus MS [tooltip fix]
  • If an ally walks into On the Hunt’s range after it’s been cast, they will gain bonus MS equal to Sivir’s bonus MS at the time [on live, they get the maximum value of the buff]. This value still decays to 20% over the duration



Teemo Final Champion Portrait


Change BoxCamouflage Final IconCamouflage [ Passive ]

  • Attack Speed when exiting stealth changed from 40% to 15% + 5% per level
  • Teemo now takes 1.5 seconds to stealth, down from 2
  • While in brush, Teemo will enter stealth twice as fast (0.75 secs) and moving through brush won’t break the stealth.


Buff BoxNoxious Trap Final IconNoxious Trap [ R ]

  • Mushrooms now last 5 minutes, decreased from 10
  • Cast range increased from 230 to 300/600/900
  • Internal cooldown decreased from 1 second to 0.25
  • Casting time increased from 1 second to 1.5
  • Now has an additional function: if Teemo throws a mushroom on top of another mushroom, it will bounce up to 3/4/5 Teemos before being planted.


Teemo R Bounce


Teemo also received new spell icons. From left to right: Passive, AS buff icon from Passive, Q, W, E and R.

Teemo_P Teemo_P_Buff Teemo_Q Teemo_W Teemo_E Teemo_R



Item Changes


Change BoxZekes Harbinger Zeke’s Harbinger 

  • Buff duration has been increased from 6 seconds to 8
  • Now grants 4 stacks per basic attack, decreased from 6
  • Stacks for spellcasts decreased from 12 to 8




You’ll be able to buy this insomnia fuel for 975 RP some time after Patch 5.15 hits live.


Fizz_Splash_8 (1) Fizz_8 (1)



Cotton-Fizz-Model-1-1024x640 Cotton-Fizz-Model-2-1024x640


Recall Banner








GP’s “old” looks will be available in store for 975 RP or for free to all players who finish a matchmade game with GP before August 10th.


Gangplank_Splash_0 (1) GangplankLoadScreen




Gangplank Model 1 Gangplank Model 2


Recall Banner

Gangplank Recall



New Chroma Packs

All chroma packs are available in store for 590 RP and can be found in the “Bundles” tab.



Cassiopeia_5 Cassiopeia_6 Cassiopeia_7

Cassiopeia Chroma Updated 1 Cassiopeia Chroma Updated 2

Cassiopeia Chroma Updated 3 Cassiopeia Chroma Updated 4

Cassiopeia Chroma Updated 5 Cassiopeia Chroma Updated 6



Vayne_7 Vayne_9 Vayne_8

Vayne Chroma Updated 3 Dragonslayer vayne Chroma Updated 3

Vayne Chroma Updated 1 Dragonslayer Vayne Chroma Updated 1

Vayne Chroma Updated 2 Dragonslayer Vayne Chroma Updated 2



Nami_4 Nami_5 Nami_6

Koi-Nami-Chroma-11 Koi Nami Chroma 4

Nami Updated Chroma 1 Nami Chroma Updated 1

Nami Updated Chroma 2 Nami Chroma Updated 2



New Summoner Icons

This tablet pen-wielding poro will likely be a reward for the recent art event on Riot Korea’s official page.






Here’s the official list of upcoming changes to the new HUD:


  • New font and styling
  • Larger team frames, meters, and ult timers
  • Full square cooldown indicator
  • New colors differentiating “on cooldown” and “out of mana”
  • Larger stat icons and text
  • Larger Ping and FPS displays
  • Scoreboard now has more padding, larger champ portraits, and larger fonts
  • Added drop shadow to chat
  • Brighter XP bar
  • Larger Summoner spell timers on the scoreboard
  • Active ability events have been changed to gold (level up, toggle, just off cd) to differentiate from unavailable (cooldown, OoM)

Animation and Audio

  • Shortened and pulled back on many animations including “level up”, “just off cooldown”, and toggles
  • Scaled back many audio cues


  • CS, KDA, and Team KDA has rejoined game time in the top right
  • Scoreboard improvements including larger and clearer summoner spell and respawn timers


  • Added colored bonus stats
  • Added cast bars for all abilities other than instant casts
  • Swapped Crit and Attack Range in player stats
  • Mute buttons on the Scoreboard are now always visible
  • Minimap can now be scaled smaller


The KDA score and minion kills are once again displayed in the top right corner of the screen. Also, stats that’re affected by runes, items, masteries, etc., are now listed with a yellow color with in the Champion Stats [C] box.

New Hud Yellow Text


Cooldowns on the new HUD now fill the entire icon, not just a circle inside it:


 [ Note ] The new HUD will also replace the old one for Ranked when Patch 5.15 hits live. You can read the announcement HERE.




You can now select the ward skins for the wards you won’t place from Champ Select:


Ward-Selection-1-1024x640 Ward-Selection-2-1024x640



As mentioned at launch, the Instant Feedback System was originally tuned conservatively to avoid false positives. Now that it’s been in place for a few months we’re ready to start taking the training wheels off. In particular, the system is now more likely to punish hate speech after just one incidence.



When Champion Mastery launched a while back, we decided we’d wait and see how the rank 4 and 5 emotes were being used before making them visible to the enemy team. Fast forward a few months and, after adding in a light safeguard to ensure players can opt out of emote spam, we’re ready to let you show your achievements off to everyone in your matches!

[ YOU CAN’T IGNORE MY BADGE ] The rank 4 and 5 Champion Mastery emotes are now visible to the enemy team

[ WAIT YES YOU CAN ] Muting a player now hides their Champion Mastery emote (both ally and enemy)



  • (Black Market Brawlers) Enchantment: Teleport‘s active effect can no longer be bugged to cast without a cooldown
  • Rift Scuttler now drops a soul
  • Upgrading a trinket no longer resets its cooldown (This was fixed in 5.14 but we forgot to document it. Sorry!)
  • Using a consumable item no longer temporarily disables Devourer’s effects
  • Galio now properly gets assists when shielding allies with W – Bulwark
  • Spirit Guard Udyr now plays VO when he kills a Rift Scuttler
  • Restored custom E – Shunpo VFX for Sandstorm and Slay Belle Katarina


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected].


PBE Roundup Patch 5 14 Banner

 Patch 5.14 will hit live in the early hours of July 22nd, assuming there are no delays. Here are all its contents:



Champion Updates


Store Content


Featured Game Modes





All HUD elements have received a visual and functional overhaul. Here’s how the new HUD functions:


The basic layout is similar, but positioning of certain elements has been tweaked. The item box now rests on the right side of your spells bar.

Hud Update 2


Stats have been relegated to a pop-in box on the right side of your Champion portrait. From left-to-right and top-to-bottom: Attack Damage, Ability Power, Armor, Magic Resistance, Attack Speed, Cooldown Reduction, Auto Attack Range, Movement Speed.

Hud Update 1


The menus follow a similar visual pattern. Note that their functionality is still the same. Here’s the visually updated shop & options menu:

Hud Update Options Hud Update Items Menu


Two buttons have been added next to the minimap – an Options menu shortcut and a toggleable lock/unlock camera feature.

Hud Update 5 Hud Update 6


Speaking of options, in Interface you can choose to have your minimap on the left. This will swap the positioning of the minimap and the chat:

Hud Update Map Left Hud Update Map Right


The scoreboard is again brought up with TAB and displays similar information as before. Items are now arranged by cost and you can drag-and-drop champions in the scoreboard in whatever ways you like (match up Support to Support and ADC to ADC, for example). Another new feature is a counter for how many towers each team has destroyed.

Hud Update 10


Note that you can still see Summoner Names and you can mute other players, but to do so you have to hover over the Champion’s portrait in the TAB bar. In regular view those aren’t displayed.

Mute Button


Your teammates’ portraits will appear above the minimap. A filled green dot means they have their ultimates up; a blue one signals an ult being channeled.

Hud Update 12


Leveling up spells is now followed up by a fancy animation:

Hud Update 9


When you can’t cast spells for some reason (CC, Teleport, etc.) the HUD will gray out your spell bar and it’ll also put crosses on spells / active items.

Hud Update TP Spells


While on cooldown, spells will have both a standard countdown and a circular dial that will show how close you are to having a spell off cooldown. If you don’t have the mana to cast a certain spell, it’ll be marked with a blue tear symbol:

Hud Update 11


Pressing “C” brings up the rest of your Champion’s statistics. From left-to-right and top-to-bottom: Health regen, Mana (Resource) regen, Armor Penetration, Magic Penetration, Life Steal, Spell Vamp, Critical Strike Chance and Tenacity. If you swap your map to the left, the stats panel will also shift to the left.

Hud Update 7 Hud Update 8


The recall bar has received streamlined visuals and now has a countdown timer:

Hud Update Recall


While dead, you’ll have a countdown meter both on your Champion’s portrait and on top of your minimap. All respawn timers are displayed above your minimap in realtime.

Hud Update Death


Lastly, CTRL + F will once again bring up your ping & FPS in the upper right corner:

FPS Counter




Gangplank has received a mini-gameplay rework, coupled with a complete visual overhaul.


Gangplank_Splash_0 (1) GangplankLoadScreen




Gangplank Model 1 Gangplank Model 2


Recall Banner

Gangplank Recall




Trial by Fire Final IconTrial by Fire [ New Passive ]

  • Every 15 seconds, Gangplank’s next melee attack ignites the target, dealing 20 [+10 * Champion level] [+1.2 bonus AD] true damage over the next 1.5 seconds and granting 30% bonus Movement Speed for the next 2 seconds. Destroying a Powder Keg instantly refreshes Trial by Fire and grants Gangplank the Movement Speed bonus. Parrrley cannot activate Trial by Fire.


Gangplank Passive




Parrrley Final IconParrley [ Q ]

Cost: 50 Mana || Cooldown: 5 seconds at all ranks

Gangplank fires his pistol at his target, dealing 20/45/70/95/120 [+1.0 Total AD] physical damage and applying on-hit effects. If Parrrley kills a unit, the shot plunders 4/5/6/7/8 bonus gold and refunds 50% of the mana cost. For each Gold plundered, Gangplank gains a Silver Serpent that he can use at the shop to upgrade Cannon Barrage.


Gangplank Q 1




Remove Scurvy Final IconRemove Scurvy [ W ]

Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 Mana || Cooldown: 22/20/18/16/14 seconds

Gangplank consumes a large quantity of citrus fruit, curing all disabling effects and healing him for 50/75/100/125/150 [+0.9 AP] [+15% of GP’s Missing Health]


Gangplank W




Powder Keg Final Icon

Powder Keg [ New E ]

Cost: Free || Cooldown: 18/17/16/15/14 seconds for a charge, maximum of 2 charges

Places a powder keg that can be attacked by Gangplank or his enemies. If Gangplank destroys a keg, it explodes in an AoE blast that slows enemies by 40/50/60/70/80% for 2 seconds and deals 80/110/140/170/200 bonus physical damage to Champions. This damage ignores 60% of armor. Other casks within the zone will chain explode, but will not deal additional damage.

If an enemy destroys the cask, it defuses the explosion and grants gold. The health of kegs decays every 2 seconds, and that rate is increased at levels 7 and 13.

Ranks in Cannon Barrage [ R ] increase the maximum amount of Powder Keg charges to 3/4/5.


Gangplank E




Cannon Barrage Final Icon

Cannon Barrage [ R ]

Cost: 100 Mana at all ranks || Cooldown: 140/130/120 seconds

Signals Gangplank’s ship to fire waves of cannonballs at an area. Each wave deals 50/70/90 [+0.1 AP] magic damage and slows enemies by 30% for 0.5 seconds. Ranks in Cannon Barrage increase the Powder Keg charges Gangplank can store from 2 to 3/4/5.

Cannon Barrage can be upgraded up to three times.

Death’s Daughter fires an initial mega-cannonball in the center of the area of effect.
Raise Morale gives allies within the area of effect additional move speed.
Fire at Will increases the rate of fire over the duration of Cannon Barrage.


Gangplank R




Sailor GP 4



Minuteman GP 1 Minuteman GP 2



Sailor GP 3 Sailor GP 4



Toy GP 1 Toy GP 2



Special GP 1 Special GP 2



Sultan GP 1 Sultan GP 2


Lastly, here is Gangplank’s new Champion Select quote:




Miss Fortune joins the pirate duo with completely new VFX on all her spells and minor gameplay changes.


mf MissFortune_0




Miss Fortune Model 1 Miss Fortune Model 2




Strut Final IconStrut [ Passive ]

[New] Strut now only falls off when Miss Fortune takes direct, non-periodic damage.


MF Strut 1




Double Up Final IconDouble Up [ Q ]

[New] If the first shot kills the target, the bounce damage increases to 150%.


MF Q 1




Impure Shots Final IconImpure Shots [ W ]

[New] Activating Impure Shots enables Strut.


MF W 1




Make it Rain Final IconMake it Rain [ E ]

[ Changes ] Slow changed from 25/35/45/55/65% to 40/45/50/55/60 and the duration of the AoE field has been reduced from 3 seconds to 2


MF E 1



Bullet Time Final IconBullet Time [ R ]

[ No Changes ] Miss Fortune plants her feet and unleashes a barrage of bullets in a cone in front of here over a few seconds that damage all enemies within the cone.


MF R 1



Cowgirl MF 1 Cowgirl MF 2



Waterloo MF 1 Waterloo MF 2



Secret Agent MF 1 Secret Agent MF 2



Candy Cane MF 1 Candy Cane MF 2


Mafia Miss Fortune

Mafia MF 1 Mafia MF 2



Road Warrior MF 1 Road Warrior MF 2



Champion Changes


Azir Final Portrait \


Nerf BoxShurimas Legacy Final Icon Shurima’s Legacy [ Passive ]

  • Second passive removed: no longer grants 1.25% bonus Attack Speed for every 1% of Cooldown Reduction


Buff BoxArise Final IconArise! [ W ]

  • Now passively grants 20/30/40/50/60% bonus Attack Speed


Nerf BoxShifting Sands Final IconShifting Sands [ E ]

  • No longer knocks enemies up on impact




Ekko Final Portrait


Buff BoxTimewinder Final IconTimewinder [ Q ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 60/70/80/90/100 to 50/60/70/80/90


Buff BoxPhase Dive Final IconPhase Dive [ E ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 15/13/11/9/7 seconds to 13/11.5/10/8.5/7




Elise Final Portrait

Buff BoxCocoon Final IconCocoon [ E ]

  • Stun duration changed from 1/1.3/1.5/1.8/2 seconds to 1.6/1.7/1.8/1.9/2


Buff BoxSpider Form Final IconSpider Form [ R ]

  • AP ratio on spiderlings’ basic attacks increased from 0.1 to 0.15
  • Spiderlings now deal magic damage, converted from physical



Evelynn Final Portrait


Nerf BoxHate Spike Final IconHate Spike [ Q ]

  • Base damage decreased from 40/55/70/85/100 to 40/50/60/70/80



Buff BoxAgonys Embrace Final IconAgony’s Embrace [ R ]

  • Slow strength increased from 30/50/70% to 40/60/80%




Gangplank Final Portrait

General Box

  • Health-per-level decreased from 81 to 79
  • Base Attack Damage decreased from 59 to 56
  • Attack Speed-per-level increased from 2.75% to 3.2%
  • Armor per level decreased from 3.3 to 3
  • Base Health-per-second increased from 1.1 to 1.2


New Item BoxTrial by Fire Final IconTrial by Fire [ New Passive ]

Every 15 seconds, Gangplank’s next melee attack ignites the target, dealing 20 [+10 * Champion level] [+1.2 bonus AD] true damage over the next 1.5 seconds and granting 30% bonus Movement Speed for the next 2 seconds. Destroying a Powder Keg instantly refreshes Trial by Fire and grants Gangplank the Movement Speed bonus. Parrrley cannot activate Trial by Fire.


Buff BoxParrrley Final IconParrrley [ Q ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 50/55/60/65/70 to 50 at all ranks
  • For each Gold plundered by Parrrley, Gangplank gains a Silver Serpent that he can use at the shop to upgrade Cannon Barrage.


Change BoxRemove Scurvy Final IconRemove Scurvy [ W ]

  • Heal value changed from 80/150/220/290/360 [+1.0 AP] to 50/75/100/125/150 [+0.9 AP] + 15% of Gangplank’s missing Health.
  • Cooldown decreased from 22/21/20/19/18 seconds to 22/20/18/16/14
  • Mana cost increased from 65 at all ranks to 60/70/80/90/100


New Item BoxPowder Keg Final IconPowder Keg [ New E ]

Cost: Free || Cooldown: 18/17/16/15/14 seconds for a charge, maximum of 2 charges

Places a powder keg that can be attacked by Gangplank or his enemies. If Gangplank destroys a keg, it explodes in an AoE blast that slows enemies by 40/50/60/70/80% for 2 seconds and deals 80/110/140/170/200 bonus physical damage to Champions. This damage ignores 60% of armor. Other casks within the zone will chain explode, but will not deal additional damage.

If an enemy destroys the cask, it defuses the explosion and grants gold. The health of kegs decays every 2 seconds, and that rate is increased at levels 7 and 13.

Ranks in Cannon Barrage [ R ] increase the maximum amount of Powder Keg charges to 3/4/5.


Change BoxCannon Barrage Final Icon

Cannon Barrage [ R ]

  • Magic damage changed from 75/120/165 [+0.2 AP] per second for a total of 7 seconds to 50/70/90 [+0.1 AP] per wave for a total of 12 waves over 8 seconds
  • Cooldown increased from 125/110/95 seconds to 140/130/120
  • Slow strength inside area increased from 25% to 30%

Additionally, Gangplank’s ultimate can now be upgraded at the store with Silver Serpents:

  • Death’s Daughter fires an initial mega-cannonball in the center of the area of effect, dealing 300% true damage and slowing targets by 60% for 1.5 seconds
  • Raise Morale gives allies within the area of effect 30% bonus Movement Speed.
  • Fire at Will increases the rate of fire over the duration of Cannon Barrage [additional 6 waves over the same duration]



Miss Fortune Final Portrait


Buff BoxDouble Up Final IconDouble Up [ Q ]

  • If Double Up kills its initial target, the damage to the secondary target is increased to 150%


Change BoxImpure Shots Final IconImpure Shots [ W ]

  • Active now grants Miss Fortune Strut [ Passive ] for the duration.
  • Cooldown decreased from 16 seconds at all ranks to 12
  • Active no longer applies Grievous Wounds


Change BoxMake it Rain Final IconMake It Rain [ E ]

  • Slow strength changed from 25/35/45/55/65% to 40/45/50/55/60
  • Duration of AoE slow field decreased from 3 seconds to 2



Ryze Final Portrait


Nerf BoxArcane Mastery Final IconArcane Mastery [ Passive ]

  • Stacks now last 6 seconds before disappearing, decreased from 10


Nerf BoxOverload Final IconOverload [ Q ]

  • Base damage decreased from 60/95/130/165/200 to 60/85/110/135/160


Nerf BoxSpell Flux Final IconSpell Flux [ E ]

  • Damage decreased from 50/66/82/98/114 [+0.3 AP] to 36/52/68/84/100 [+0.2 AP]




Tahm Kench Final Portrait


Buff BoxTung Lash Final IconTongue Lash [ Q ]

  • Base damage increased from 80/115/150/185/220 to 80/125/170/215/260


Buff BoxAbyssal Voyage Final IconAbyssal Voyage [ R ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 160/130/100 seconds to 120/110/100
  • Damage on passive increased from 4/5/6% of Tahm’s bonus Health to 4/6/8%



Xin Zhao Final Portrait


Buff BoxBattle Cry Final IconBattle Cry [ W ]

  • AP Ratio increased from 0.5 to 0.7




Item Changes


Buff BoxHunter's_Machete_itemHunter’s Machete

  • Now grants 4 mana-per-second while fighting monsters, increased from 3


Nerf BoxMagus Enchantment Final IconRuneglaive Enchantment

  • Spellblade AoE passive now only triggers for jungle monsters
  • Passive no longer converts the user’s basic attack damage to magic damage


New Item BoxZekes HarbingerZeke’s Harbinger [ Renamed from Zeke’s Herald ]

  • Replaces Zeke’s Herald
  • Recipe: Glacial Shroud [950 Gold] + Amplifying Tome [435 Gold] x2 + Recipe Cost [480 Gold] = 2300 Gold Total
  • Grants 250 Mana, 25 Armor, 50 Ability Power and 10% Cooldown Reduction
  • UNIQUE Active – Conduit: Bind to target ally. (60 second cooldown) [Note, you can only have one Conduit active at all times]
  • UNIQUE Passive: When within 1000 units of each other, you and your ally generate Charges. Attacking or casting spells generates extra Charges. At 100 Charges, causing damage consumes them, increasing you and your ally’s Ability Power by 20% and Critical Strike Chance by 50% for 6 seconds.

[ Note ] Zeke’s Harbinger grants 4 charges per basic attack and 10 per spell cast.


Zekes harbinger


Here’s how the Conduit effect looks in-game. Note that the arrows always point to each other.

Conduit Ingame




You can join Captain Fortune’s crew for a sailor’s fee of 975 RP.


MissFortune_Splash_8 Bf1RHyG



Miss Fortune Skin 1 Miss Fortune Skin 2


Recall Banner

Miss Fortune Recall




Corsair Quinn can fly to your aid for a price of 750 RP.


Quinn Splash Mirror Quinn Load Screen Mirrored



Corsair Quinn Updated 1 Corsair Quinn Updated 2



Corsair Quinn Q 



Valor Model




You can gamble on Cutpurse TF for 750 RP.


Graves_Splash_6 Cutpurse TF Load Screen



Cutpurse TF 1 Cutpurse TF 2

Cutpurse TF Update 2 Cutpurse TF Update 1



Cutpurse TF 3




Graves won’t cut your throat if you cough up 750 RP.


Graves_Splash_6 Cutthroat Graves Load Screen



Cutthroat Graves Updated 1 Cutthroat Graves Updated 2




Rogue Admiral Garen will let you join the ranks for 750 RP.


Quinn Splash Mirror Rogue Garen Load Screen



Rogue Garen Model 1 Rogue Garen Model 2



Rogue Garen W 2




You can have this uglier Witcher siren for 750 RP.


Aatrox_Splash_32 (3) Sea Hunter Aatrox Load Screen



Aatrox Model 1 Aatrox Model 2



New Chroma Packs

Shockblade Zed’s Chroma pack was reverted due to visual glitches, but now it’s back and will be available in store sometime during the Patch 5.15 PBE cycle.

Zed Skin 1

Zed Skin 2

Zed Skin 3


The two new pirate-themed wards will be available for 640 RP each.



Slaughter Fleet Ward Skin Model




Mother Serpent Ward 1




New Summoner Icons

profileIcon902 profileIcon903 profileIcon901 profileIcon900 profileIcon899 profileIcon898 profileIcon897




The new Bilgewater-themed ARAM map will replace the Howling Abyss for a limited time after Patch 5.14 hits live.


Bilgewater 1     Bilgewater 2

Bilgewater 7     Bilgewater 3

Bilgewater 5     Bilgewater 4

Bilgewater 9     Bilgewater 8

Bilgewater 6



Mark now throws an orange instead of a snowball. Dash will crash a pirate ship into your target with you on board.


Mark Dash Bilgewater 


The Spellblade passive effect now has different color effects, depending on the item used.



Hecarim Passive 4



Hecarim Passive 3



Hecarim Passive 2



Hecarim Passive 1




Two new banners have been added for Summoner’s Rift, presumably for the upcoming pirate event.







L4T3NCY Final PortraitYo! ^o^/

It’s that time again. 😀 We’ve been hard at work on this one and can’t wait for you guys to get crackin’ in the next featured game mode, “Black Market Brawlers”. This is one of our most complex FGMs to date, with multiple mechanics and a treasure trove of new content to absorb. So buckle in and let’s break it down.


Black Market Brawlers

TL;DR: Purchase illegal Black Market items and use golden Krakens to recruit new brawler minions as you vie for dominance on Summoner’s Rift!

Players: 5v5
Map: Summoner’s Rift
Pick type: Blind Draft



Golden Krakens are a new currency you’ll earn to spend on hiring and upgrading your brawler minion.

Earn and spend Krakens to hire the brawler minion of your choice, then upgrade them however you want.

Krakens are acquired by:

  • Every 60sec = 1 Kraken
  • 1 kill = 2 Krakens
  • 1 assist = 1 Kraken
  • Baron/Dragon = 1 Kraken per team member (5 total)
  • Counter jungling a large monster = 1 Kraken

Destroying an inhibitor won’t summon a Siege Minion but instead, dramatically buff all the Brawlers in that lane.




There are four types of brawler minions. Each game you will spend Krakens you’ve earned to hire one brawler minion type of your choice, then upgrade him as you see fit throughout the game. Once hired, your brawler will replace a regular minion and spawn in every wave of all 3 lanes for the rest of the game. Each brawler minion has 3 upgrade paths (Abilities, Attack & Defense) you can pursue to customise them how you want. Upgrades can be purchased from the new “Brawlers” tab in the item shop at fountain using Krakens.



Melee: Tanky siege

Initial hire: Your Ironback takes 25% reduced dmg from enemy turrets.

  • Lv 1: Your Ironback deals 175% dmg to enemy structures. Gains a shield that blocks the next basic attack from a champion or a turret. (Shield CD 10sec)
  • Lv 2: Your Ironback deals 250% dmg to enemy structures. While the shield is active, it takes 35% reduced dmg from minions.
  • Lv 3: Your Ironback deals 325% dmg to enemy structures. The shield CD is reduced to 3sec and it now takes 60% reduced dmg from minions.



Melee: Champion pursuer

Initial hire: Your Razorfin has 100% bonus attack speed.

  • Lv 1: Upon aggroing an enemy champion, it will pursue them endlessly. While attacking enemy champions your Razorfin has 100% increased movement speed and ignores unit collision.
  • Lv 2: Each time your Razorfin hits an enemy champion, it applies a mark. On the 3rd mark, Razorfins deal 300% damage to the target.
  • Lv 3: Two Razorfins will spawn for you in each wave.



Ranged: Champion harass

Initial hire: Your Plundercrab shoots an additional shot at a nearby champion with +150 attack range but 50% damage.

  • Lv 1: Your Plundercrab has +50 attack range. Gains a stacking 20% attack speed buff (up to 150%) for 3sec every time they hit an enemy champion.
  • Lv 2: Your Plundercrab has +100 attack range. Deals 150% dmg on hitting enemy champions.
  • Lv 3: Your Plundercrab has +150 attack range. On-hit bonus now also applies when hitting enemy minions, and shoots an additional shot at ALL nearby enemy champions.



Ranged: Support utility

Initial hire: Your Ocklepod casts a magic shield on allied minions every 10sec, blocking 100 + (2 x Ocklepod AD). The shield lasts 10sec.

  • Lv 1: Your Ocklepod has 10 MR. Spawns a moving Clairvoyance every 30sec. After a 4sec reveal delay, it grants vision to a nearby area for 4sec.
  • Lv 2: Your Ocklepod has 20 MR. Shield now blocks 250 + (2 x Ocklepod’s AD) damage and is cast every 4sec.
  • Lv 3: Your Ocklepod has 30 MR. Clairvoyance is now cast every 10sec, and the reveal delay is reduced to 2sec. Duration and distance travelled of the Clairvoyance is increased by 50%.




Adds an ability to your brawler. Each brawler minion has different abilities unique to them (Total 3). See above for detailed descriptions of each brawler’s unique ability upgrades.
Initial hire (5 Krakens): See above

  • Lv 1 (5 Krakens): See above.
  • Lv 2 (10 Krakens): See above.
  • Lv 3 (20 Krakens): See above.



Adds AD to your Brawler (Total 3).

  • Lv 1 (5 Krakens): +10 AD (Total +10 AD)
  • Lv 2 (10 Krakens): +20 AD (Total +30 AD)
  • Lv 3 (20 Krakens): +30 AD (Total +60 AD)



Adds extra HP to your Brawler (Total 3)

  • Lv 1 (5 Krakens): +100 HP (Total +100 HP)
  • Lv 2 (10 Krakens): +200 HP (Total +300 HP)
  • Lv 3 (20 Krakens): +300 HP (Total +600 HP)




As well as the new brawler minions, there’s also a cache of new illicit Black Market items in the mix on this featured game mode. NOTE: “Morellonomicon” will be disabled in this mode. 🙂


Typhoon Claws

  • Recipe: Pickaxe [875 Gold] + Dagger [ 450 Gold]
  • Total Cost: 2000 Gold
  • Grants 30 AD, 20% Attack Speed and 4% Movemeent Speed
  • UNIQUE Passive – Furious Swipes: Basic Attacks grant Malice Charges upon hitting an enemy. After 3 stacks, your next 3 attacks will be at maximum attack speed, but deal -50% damage. Charges expire after 3sec.


Flesheater (Melee Only)

  • Recipe: Vampiric Scepter [800 Gold] + Long Sword [360 Gold]
  • Total Cost: 1460 Gold
  • Grants 20 AD and 10% Life Steal
  • UNIQUE Passive – Basic attacks build Flesh charges. After 5 basic attacks, the Flesheater active will be ready.
  • UNIQUE Active – Flesheater: Rip the flesh from target enemy minion dealing 200 (+75% AD) true damage to the target, healing the user for 50 (+75% AD) HP and adding 1 Flesh stack to the item.
  • UNIQUE Passive – Each stack on Flesheater adds +1 AD to the wielder.


Mirage Blade

  • Recipe: Vampiric Scepter [800 Gold] + Pickaxe [875 Gold] + Cloak of Agility [ 730 Gold]
  • Total Cost: 3200 Gold
  • Grants 60 AD, 15% Critical Chance and 12% Life Steal
  • UNIQUE Passive – Mark of the Sands: Basic Attacks apply a Sand Mark on the target revealing them for 3sec. Only one enemy can be Marked at any time.
  • UNIQUE Active – Mirage Step: Teleport 350 units directly away from the Sand Marked target (60sec CD.)


Lost Chapter

  • Recipe: Fiendish Codex [820 Gold] + Forbidden Idol [600 Gold]
  • Total Cost: 1800 Gold
  • Grants 50 AP, 100% Base Mana Regen
  • UNIQUE Passive: +20% CDR


Netherstride Grimoire

  • Recipe: Lost Chapter [1800 Gold] + Amplifying Tome [435 Gold]
  • Total Cost: 3000 Gold
  • Grants 100 AP, 100% Base Mana Regen and 20% Cooldown Reduction
  • UNIQUE Passive – Malice: Gain 20% movement speed for 2sec when hitting an enemy with a damaging spell.


Rite of Ruin

  • Recipe: Lost Chapter [1800 Gold] + Amplifying Tome [435 Gold]
  • Total Cost: 3000 Gold
  • Grants 100 AP, 100% Base Mana Regen and 20% Cooldown Reduction
  • UNIQUE Passive – Razing: Gains charges upon moving or killing enemies (200 charges max). Attacking a structure expends 50 charges to deal 100 (+15% AP) bonus true damage.


Pox Arcana

  • Recipe: Lost Chapter [1800 Gold] + Amplifying Tome [435 Gold]
  • Total Cost: 3000 Gold
  • Grants 100 AP, 100% Base Mana Regen and 20% Cooldown Reduction
  • UNIQUE Passive – Pox: Damaging spells apply a stack of Pox (max of 5) to enemy champions hit for 10sec.
  • UNIQUE Active – Disease Harvest: Deals 100 magic damage plus 20 (+5% of AP) per stack of Pox to all nearby enemies affected by Pox, and restores 5% of maximum mana to the caster per stack of Pox on enemies hit. (60sec CD)


Staff of Flowing Water

  • Recipe: Chalice of Harmony [900 Gold] + Amplifying Tome [435 Gold]
  • Total Cost: 1635 Gold
  • Grants 40 AP, 25 Magic Resist and 50% Base Mana Regen
  • UNIQUE Passive – Mana Font: Restores 2% of missing Mana every 5sec.
  • UNIQUE Passive: Gain 30% Movement Speed and 10 Mana Regen per 5sec while in the river.


Trickster’s Glass

  • Recipe: Haunting Guise [1485 Gold] + Ruby Crystal [400 Gold]
  • Total Cost: 2115 Gold
  • Grants 60 AP and 400 Health
  • UNIQUE Passive – Eyes of Pain: +15 Magic Penetration
  • UNIQUE Active – Disguise: Teleport to ally and take on their appearance for 30sec. Casting a spell or attacking breaks the deception. (90sec CD)


Dead Man’s Plate

  • Recipe: Chain Vest [750 Gold] + Giant’s Belt [1000 Gold] + Ruby Crystal [400 Gold]
  • Total Cost: 2800 Gold
  • Grants 580 Health and 50 Armor
  • UNIQUE Passive – Dreadnought: While moving, build stacks of Momentum, increasing movement speed by up to 60 at 100 stacks. Momentum quickly decays while not moving.
  • UNIQUE Passive – Crushing Blow: Basic attacks discharge all Momentum, dealing 1 physical damage per 2 stacks.


Martyr’s Gambit

  • Recipe: Crystalline Brace [600 Gold] +Kindlegem [850 Gold]
  • Total Cost: 1850 Gold
  • Grants 400 Health, 100% Base Health Regen and 10% Cooldown Reduction
  • UNIQUE Active: Binds yourself to target champion for the next 3sec, redirecting 60% of all damage dealt to them to yourself. (30sec CD).



  • Recipe: Chalice of Harmony [900 Gold] + Kindlegem [850 Gold]
  • Total Cost: 2200 Gold
  • Grants 250 Health, 25 Magic Resist, 50% Base Mana Regen and 20% Cooldown Reduction
  • UNIQUE Passive – Mana Font: Restores 2% of missing Mana every 5sec.
  • UNIQUE Passive: Basic attacks mark champions with a string for 6sec. Moving further than 1000 range away from marked champions will break the string.
  • UNIQUE Active: Pull all champions Marked by Puppeteer within 1000 range towards you. Units move a maximum of 250 distance (45sec CD).



  • Cost: 365 Gold
  • Grants 5% Cooldown Reduction and 25% Base Mana Regen
  • UNIQUE Active – Swindler’s Shield: Shield ally for 60 HP and generate gold equal to 25% of the damage absorbed (15sec CD). Self-cast shields will not generate gold from Monster damage.


Swindler’s Orb

  • Recipe: Murksphere [365 Gold]
  • Total Cost: 865 Gold
  • Grants 10% Cooldown Reduction and 50% Base Mana Regen
  • UNIQUE Active – Swindler’s Shield: Shield ally for 60 HP and generate gold equal to 25% of the damage absorbed (15sec CD). Self-cast shields will not generate gold from Monster damage.


Globe of Trust

  • Recipe: Swindler’s Orb [865 Gold] + Kindlegem [850 Gold]
  • Total Cost: 2100 Gold
  • Grants 20% Cooldown Reduction and 150% Base Mana Regen
  • UNIQUE Active – Safe Harbor: Lobs a bubble that shields nearby allies for 150 HP and generates gold equal to 25% of the damage absorbed (maximum of 100 gold per cast) (15sec CD). Self-cast shields will not generate gold from Monster damage.


Boot Enchant: Teleport

  • Recipe: Enchant for any Tier 2 boot.
  • Total Cost: 600 Gold
  • UNIQUE Active – Teleport: Teleport to target allied object.


Known issues:

— Some placeholder SFX

We’re looking forward to seeing the outcomes of a mode as deep as this one. Do you hire brawler minions that enhance your team’s strengths (“Let’s get some Ironbacks so we can siege down towers!”) or exploit the enemy team’s weaknesses (“they have terrible wave clear.. Razorfin rush!”). The Black Market items will also completely change champ viability for multiple roles. I’m sure you guys will find crazy new combos/synergy that we haven’t even thought of! o.O

Please report any bugs you find in here. As always, thanks for helping us test PBE guys. ^_^


[ Link to Post ]



Gangplank, Graves and Twisted have received new backsentences:

GANGPLANK Mini banner

“As unpredictable as he is brutal, the self-appointed reaver king known as Gangplank rules Bilgewater through a mix of fear, violence, and cunning. Where he goes, death and ruin follow, and such is his infamy and reputation that the merest sight of his black sails on the horizon causes panic among even the hardiest crew.”

GRAVES Mini Banner

“Malcolm Graves is a wanted man in every realm, city-state, and empire he has visited. Tough, strong-willed, and above all, relentless, through his life of crime he has amassed (then invariably lost) a small fortune.”


 “Twisted Fate is an infamous card sharp and swindler who has gambled and charmed his way across much of the known world, earning the enmity and admiration of the rich and foolish alike. He rarely takes things seriously, greeting each day with a mocking smile and an insouciant swagger. In every possible way, Twisted Fate always has an ace up his sleeve.”



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]