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The New Penalties For Queue Dodging

February 1st, 2013


Dodging has always been an issue in LoL. Finding a middle-ground where those forced to dodge by trolls do not get punished very hard, while those dodging for an easier match do, is a tall order. Since the removal of the Elo penalty for dodging there has been an increase in pre-game trolls. The reason for this is simple: people are more likely to not risk a bad match and give up their time with a dodge. Riot have just announced their new attempt at a system to combat this:


The upside of this system is that while the dodge does cost you time- LP is not Elo. As such it doesn’t alter matchmaking or your “position” in the system per se. All it means is that you have to play a little extra to reach your next important match (Promo/Div).

Only time will tell if this new system will be effective in lowering the number of problems players have before the game kicks off. Now if only they started banning people for how they behaved before “Welcome to summoner’s rift”…

Read the full Riot post with their explanation here.

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