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[PBE 16/06] New Animations for Brand & Corki, Changes to Braum, Ekko, Galio, Gragas, Jarvan, Jax, Malphite and Trundle, Pool Party Splash Art

June 16th, 2015


16 06 PBE Banner


PBE 16/06





PBE 09 06 Reference Banner

Check out the Pool Party skins for Draven, Dr. Mundo, Lulu, Rek’Sai and Zac!


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.



Brand VFX Update

Brand’s got brand new animations for his W and R:


Brand W 1

Brand W 2

Pillar of Flame [ W ]


Brand R 1

Brand R 2

Pyroclasm [ R ]


Cryocore Brand’s W and R have received the respective recolor:

Cryocore Brand W 1

Cryocore Brand R 1

Cryocore Brand R 2



Corki VFX Update

Corki’s received new animations & particles on his spells:


Corki Q 1

Corki Q 2

Phosphorus Bomb [ Q ]


Corki W 1

Corki W 2

Valkyrie [ W ]


Corki E 1

Gatling Gun [ E ]


Corki R 1

Corki R 2

Missile Barrage [ R ]



Pool Party Skins Splash Art

The upcoming pool party skins all share this splash art:



DravenLoadScreen_4 DrMundoLoadScreen_8 LuluLoadScreen_5

RekSaiLoadScreen_2 ZacLoadScreen_2



New Summoner Icons


This icon will be gifted to player for free for completing the Tier 3 part of the Pool Party community event:



No idea how you can get this fella, but it will likely involve your wallet:




Champion Changes


Braum Final Portrait


Buff BoxWinters Bite Final IconWinter’s Bite [ Q ]

  • Base damage increased from 60/105/150/195/240 to 70/115/160/205/250
  • Mana cost decreased from 55/60/65/70/75 to 45/50/55/60/65



Ekko Final Portrait

Change BoxGeneral

  • Base mana pool decreased from 300 to 280
  • Attack Speed-per-level increased from 3% to 3.3%


Nerf BoxTimewinder Final IconTimewinder [ Q ]

  • AP Ratio on initial hit decreased from 0.15 to 0.1 (live value is 0.2)
  • AP Ratio on return hit has been reverted to 0.6 (0.55 in this PBE update)




Elise Final Portrait

[ Note ] Looks like these are just tooltip updates. Sorry folks!


Quality of Life BoxSpider Swarm Final IconSpider Swarm [ Passive ]

  • In Human form, Elise gains a dormant (i.e can’t attack) spiderling when she hits a spell
  • In Spider form, Elise’s basic attack deal X bonus magic damage and restore X health

Quality of Life BoxSpider Form Final IconSpider Form [ R ]

  • When in Spider form, Elise once again gains 25 bonus Movement Speed. She also awakens all dormant spiderlings, who can attack nearby foes



Galio Final Portrait


Buff BoxIdol of Durand Final IconIdol of Durand [ R ]

  • Base damage decreased from 220/330/440 to 200/300/400
  • Each basic attack Galio receives during the taunt now increases the damage of Idol of Durand by 10%, up from 5%, and caps at 80%, up for 40%
  • Maximum damage has been increased from 308/462/616 [+0.84 AP] to 360/540/720 [+1.08 AP]



Gragas Final Portrait


Nerf BoxGeneral

  • Health-per-5 decreased from 8.7 [+0.85 per level] to 5.5 [+0.5 per level]


Nerf BoxBarrel Roll Final IconBarrel Roll [ Q ]

  • The duration of the slow if the barrel explodes immediately has been decreased from 2 seconds to 1.3
  • The slow duration now ramps up as the barrel is charging, up to a maximum of 2 seconds



Jarvan IV Final Portrait


Buff BoxDemacian Standard Final IconDemacian Standard [ E ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 13 seconds at all ranks to 12/11.5/11/10.5/10




Jax Final Portrait


Buff BoxGrandmasters Might Final IconGrandmaster’s Might [ R ]

  • Bonus armor from active increased from 20/35/50 to 30/50/70




Malphite Final Portrait

Change BoxBrutal Strikes Final IconBrutal Strikes [ W ]

  • Damage on active decreased from 25/40/55/70/85 [+0.15 AP] to 15/30/45/60/75 [+0.1 AP] [+0.1 Armor]

[ Note ] Malphite’s W was reworked in Patch 5.11.



Trundle Final Portrait


Buff BoxSubjugate Final IconSubjugate [ R ]

  • Health drain increased from 20/24/28% to 20/27.5/35%



Item Changes

The changes to Face of the Mountain, Sweeping Lens and Warding Totem from the 12/06 PBE update have all been reverted. [Note, these were only tooltip, not functional changes, and they went out prematurely before the actual changes].



Upcoming Pathfinding Changes

Reinboom Final PortraitHey everyone! Riot Reinboom here with context on an upcoming change to pathfinding.

The short of it: We’re rewriting a lot of the “stuck pathing” rules the game has in order to make the system more predictable and, when ‘stuck’, more forgiving. Ideally, helping alleviate a lot of the creep blocking pains.

This change will be on the PBE but will not be going out with next patch. Changing anything with pathfinding could have some serious feels unknowns that we would like to capture and understand first.

There are three major areas this change should touch.
1. What happens when a unit is actively on top of and sticking with another unit. If you’ve seen someone get stuck by Krugs or a ward this is a major part of it. The new rules should detect for overlaps better and let the champion walk away freely from their overlaps (effectively, a pseuo-ghost effect if your directly on top of something).
2. How units path between packs of units, like a large minion wave. The goal here is to make this more predictable. It should be more obvious why your champion may try to move through a group of minions or why they won’t try.
3. How units predict where they can go towards. For pathing, there’s some amount of look-ahead needed in order to make sure a unit isn’t moving towards an area they will soon be stuck in. Ideally, your character (and minions!) should be avoiding areas that will soon block them more so than on live.

We’re extra interested in any reports where you get stuck by a single unit anywhere on the map. Screenshots and videos super super useful if you do find any.

Any feedback about last hitting as a melee champion is also highly encouraged. 🙂

[ Link to Post ]



Gatekeeper Galio VFX Update

Gatekeeper Galio’s green animations are back!


Gatekeeper Galio Q 1

Gatekeeper Galio Q 2

Resolute Smite [ Q ]


Gatekeeper Galio W

Bulwark [ W ]


Gatekeeper Galio E

Righteous Gust [ E ]


Gatekeeper Galio R 1

Gatekeeper Galio R 2

Idol of Durand [ R ]



Headhunter Yi Chroma Pack

The store assets for the new Headhunter Yi chroma packs are in, though the actual chroma pack is still unavailable in the store.


Masteryi_6 Masteryi_7 Masteryi_8



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]